Paper Embellished Clay Pendants

Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial These beautiful paper adorned clay pendants are simple to make, and easily customizable for special keepsakes.  Whip up several in an afternoon and use up your paper scraps and stray beads in the process.  Follow my step by step tutorial, adding you own twists!   Supplies:
  • Black Polymer Clay
  • Pasta machine or acrylic roller
  • Clay blade
  • Scrap decorative paper
  • Wire (I used 22 gauge silver)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Mod Podge (I used glossy)
  • Size 6 seed beads for wire wrapping over surface of pendant
  • Larger crystal or bead for bottom of pendant
  • Condition your clay and roll at a thickness of 2 (1 being thickest) in your pasta machine.  Cut sheet in half and place one half on top of the other.  This creates a thicker sheet, which I like for the pendant beads.  It makes a pretty pendant at this thickness, and is easy to pierce with a needle to create hole for looped wire hanging mechanism later on.
Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial
  • Cut rectangles out of your double stacked clay sheet.
  • Polymer Clay Pendant TutorialPierce each pendant from top to bottom along the length of the pendant.  I use these long needles that came with my bead baking tray.  I have seen them sold separate in the clay section at Michael's and other craft stores.  Be careful piercing the raw clay.  You can get fingerprints and other nicks in the clay, but imperfections are not to big of an issue with this project since the majority of the piece will be paper covered.
  • Polymer Clay Pendant TutorialBake per package; usually 275° for 25 min.
  • After baking and letting cool, you can wrap with paper strips.  I paint the back of the paper surface with mod podge using a foam brush.  Wrap the adhesive coated paper around pendant, smoothing out any wrinkles with fingers.
Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial
  • Print out a sheet of typed words to run along the length of the pendant.  Rip the word from the page if you like the torn edge look, or cut for a clean edge.  Adhere with Mod Podge.  Let dry.
Wire wrapped polymer clay pendant
  • To finish decorating your pendant, wrap a piece of small gauge silver wire around, adding a seed bead every other wrap.  I added three to mine.  Put wire through where your needle hole was made and loop the top end.  Place a bead or crystal at the bottom end, bending the leftover wire to keep the bead in place.  You could also solder the end or use and eye pin to hold the bead in place.
Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial
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