Coiled Newspaper Trivet

Upcycled Newspaper Crafts Beautiful addition to my growing upcycled newspaper/magazine decor projects... a trivet.  I must admit, it began as a place mat project, but stopped trivet sized once I realized it was going to take for  freaking ever to make four big ol' place mats out of coiled squares. Coiled Newspaper Projects Instructions: Coiling the paper is no different from my tutorial here, but after the first few coils from the center, bend the strips into corners to morph the circle into a square shape.  See in the pics how it starts as a circle coil, then gradually turns into a square?  Just play with it, and you will get the feel for how to do this. Join the squares using crochet thread, and or hot glue.  Seal with Matte gel medium, mod podge or polycrylic, which should stand up to heat if you use them as hot mats.  I would recommend wiping away any water/liquid that gets on them during use, to make sure none seeps into the paper coils. Upcycled Newspaper Crafts Recycled Newspaper Crafts Coiled Newspaper Trivet You could make these smaller and use them as table top coasters.  Or even make coasters out of one square, just making it bigger than the pictured individual square building blocks pictured here.  What other ideas come to your mind?  I have stacks of folded paper strips, just waiting for me to coil and construct.  I would love to hear your thoughts!
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