Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame Still coiling paper over here.  I went to the local fair trade store and found a picture frame made from coiled newspaper pages.  Here is my version.  It took about 3 hours total.  I reinforced the coil attachements using crochet thread.  For the hanging mechanism, I made beads from long, thin,  triangular shaped newspaper strips as shown in this tutorial.  Lining the inside of the coils is a rolled newspaper tube, to "frame" the picture, which is 3x5, but you can make it any size you want, using more coils. For instructions on making the coils, see my earlier tutorial, here.  The only difference is the newspaper page is longer than the magazine page.  Use the entire length of the unfolded newspaper page, cutting it in half width wise.  You get a bigger coil from each strip compared the the shorter magazine pages. Recycled Paper Art Recycled Paper Art Recycled Paper ArtCrafty Link ups: Today's Creative Blogs Photobucket
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