Anthropologie Wall Art Knock Off

Anthropologie Wall Decor I saw this on Anthropologie's wall decor product page, and wanted it for my mustard wall in the family room.  Then I looked at the price tag ($698) and knew I was going to have to recreate it if it were going to be on my wall.  This was so very simple you guys.  I opened up Photoshop,  used watercolor brushes to mimic the print, uploaded it to Snapfish, and picked it up at my local Miejer Store a couple of hours later! Anthropologie Decor Knock OffI ordered a 16x20 print cause that is the biggest I can get same day for the price ($6.98).  When I am not in a hurry, I use Short Run Posters for my large format printing, cause they rock (see this post).  I could go on and on about them, but that is a different topic.  Suffice it to say, SUPER cheap, great quality large format prints. Anthropologie Wall Decor After I picked up my print, I hit my local Goodwill and found a perfect square frame for $5.  I removed the pic that was in it, cut mine to fit and that is that. It looks as awesome as I thought it would against the yellow wall, and I spent very little time and money.  Mine is 16x16 versus the Anthropologie version, which is 29x29 in, but did you see the price difference???  16x16 inches is perfect for the space. Anthropologie Decor Knock Off Sometimes, I really must get messy with paints and gel medium, but digital art has its perks.  Instant gratification being my favorite!  There are debates on what is right and wrong in terms of copyright, something I have been pondering lately.  Here is why I have no problem knocking off this wall art; I am not selling it.  It is for my personal enjoyment, and to hopefully inspire others to decorate beautifully for less.  More importantly, giving credit where credit is due is just the only way to make being a copycat o.k.  All art is inspired by other art, or nature (God's art, in my opinion).  Very little is truly original  I in no way came up with this design.  It was all Paule Marrot, the artist of the original piece, and Anthropologie.  I full on copied it, adding some vibrancy, and going with a black instead of white frame.  So, what do you think? Anthropologie Decor Knock Off