Garage Sale Table Revamp

Garage Sale Table Revamp
I scored this three tiered plastic table at a garage sale for $2.  I knew it had great potential.  I always take a measuring tape with me when I am scavenging for thrifty pieces to beautify.  I measured the diameter of the inner circle on the tiers, and was thrilled to learn it was just under 12 inches in diameter – scrapbook paper and mod podge, you know it!
This project was easy, but I took my sweet time.  I spray painted the entire piece with krylon.  When that was dry I cut the scrapbook paper and adhered it with mod podge.   Next, I just started painting the in the colors and designs you see.  I used my cricut to cut a vinyl stencil for the scalloped border on the top tier.  For the triangles, stripes and checkerboard designs, I used artist tape.  I didn’t plan anything ahead.  I just went with it.
This will go great in my college student’s new apartment!








  1. this is fantastic! I want one :)

  2. Devonay says:

    That looks awesome! Such an improvement! I love it!

  3. Heather says:

    Love it! Good eye.

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