Bird Faux Oil Painting Frugal Wall Art DIY With Tutorial

I am obsessed with Mod Podge Brushstrokes these days.  My walls are slowly but surely filling up with what appear to be oil paints on canvas, but are actually art prints on MDF, painted over with the Mod Podge.  These are 12’x34′ and cost me about $10 each total.  I love how they turned out and especially the blue against the wheat colored walls!  You may have seen my earlier post featuring this technique using some Valentine’s Day prints I made in photoshop.  This is a great way to have awesome art for cheap.  You can use old photos, posters, thrifty store finds or any image to create a canvas painting.
I made these prints in photoshop, giving them a painterly effect since I knew I was going to use them in this project.
At Lowes, I picked up a discounted 1x12x72′ board and had them cut my 2 pieces of backing board from it.  The total cost was $8.47.  I even have a little piece of board left over, which I am sure will be used for something!
I sprayed both the board and the back of the print with Super 77, lined up the print with the board and pressed them together, using my hand to flatten the print down and make sure there were no air bubbles.  This stuff is crazy sticky, so make sure you are lined up before laying the print on the board.  No redo is going to happen without ripping the print.
Next, I flipped it over and cut off any excess print with an exact knife.
I lightly sanded the edges to blend and make the print flush with the board.
This is what it looked like after sanding.  Now I put on the Mod Podge Brushstroke.
After this was dry, I primered and painted the edges of the board white to give the canvas look to it.  I attache a wire for hanging on the back, as detailed in my previous post, here.  SImple and lovely!


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    No kidding! Isn't that cool! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    I love these! Question. What kind of paper did you use to get that long of a print?

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    They look fabulous.

  5. Those look awesome! I love them!!! I wanna know where you got the print…

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    I really like that!! Like a lot! I want them for my walls!! Thank you for the tutorial, following back from Bee Friendly!

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    I love your finished product…looks great hanging on your wall. You're very talented.

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  32. it really does look like a painting…love this idea…never heard of mod podge brushstrokes before…i'll have to go grab some! thanks for posting on fridays unfolded.


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