Polymer Clay Day 79: Strength Charm Retro Cross Pendant

It is Sunday, my favorite day. I am struck with the strength that comes from fellowship with others who have overcome difficulties and temptations. I use to think (when I was athiest - a whole other story altogether) that Christians were just good, so they obviously didn't know what it was like to have urges and desires to struggle against. I was way off. Here I was feeling sorry for myself, when I was actually the one who didn't understand the extent of temptation. I always just gave in to it, so I never got experience what it was like to stand firm, therefore I had no concept of its power. Now that I am trying to be a conduit for Christ's life through me, I realize how big the giants are, and that I desperately need a savior. Any strength I manage to muster is from Him. So that is what inspired this piece. Blessings...

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