Ink Distressed Trinket Box & a First Time Clay Baker…

I have been at it again. My new obsession is distressed trinket boxes. And Matte Gel medium (where I would normally use Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the boxes). It is thick and doesn't run, no air bubbles, and seamless adhesion. Box and paper become one. OK. Moving on. This box started out unfinished from Hobby Lobby. I painted the drawers with graphite spray paint, the frame with adirondack dauber acrylic. Cut paper to fit, and adhered with the gel.
The most exciting part for me... I made the knobs out of polymer clay from Sculpey. This was completely unexplored terrain for me. Me and clay... our first encounter. I baked my own round knobs. I feel really cool about now - sad, I know. Trying a new creative medium and loving the outcome... BLISS.
I wonder where my clay play will take me. Any suggestions? I foresee a you tube tutorial scavenge in my near future.

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