File Cabinet Before and After…

As promised, here is the result of my file cabinet makeover. I love her. She is perfect in my craft area. My embossing powders, stamp pads, acrylics and inks all have their own homes now.
I just cleaned her up with windex and an old rag. Removed drawer pulls, then sanded her lightly so the spray paint would have some roughness to latch onto. I used Krylon black gloss, 2 coats, dry in between. I cut scrapbook paper to fit and applied Matte Gel Medium (still my favorite) to cover the back before placing paper on the drawers. Smoothed out any air bubbles easily by hand. While this was drying, I painted the drawer pulls with Florentine Liquid Gold Leaf. I sealed the pulls with gold leaf sealant (3 coats), and the entire cabinet with high gloss decoupage sealant. Yippie. Thats it.
Here is a sneak peak at what is next. My craft storage hunt is complete. Just found this embellishment haven at a yard sale today. $3...
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