100 Mason Jar Projects to Make

The creative mason jar projects keep rolling in, so we have updated our orignal round-up of jar crafts to include our new favorites. Enjoy!!   Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden Easy Mason Jar Solar Lights Back to School Striped Mason Jars Holiday … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Jack O Lantern Tshirt

I had the chance to review the Silhouette Portrait, and am excited to share with you this pumpkin face shirt I made for Halloween.  This project was super easy with the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material and a design I downloaded from Silhouette Studio. I love that I didn't have to use a mat with … [Read more...]

50+ DIY Home Decor Projects to Make with a Jigsaw

The jigsaw is a super versatile tool, and a great place to start the power tool journey. It is handheld, can be fairly inexpensive (like this Corded : Skil Saw. Variable Speed 4290-02), and cuts shapes in a variety of materials, with the appropriate blade.  I did a number of projects with a the … [Read more...]

DIY Scrap Wood Halloween Pumpkins

These three pumpkins were made entirely with materials I had on hand, which is always a plus! With my huge pile of wood pieces from previous building projects, I am pretty excited when I can use up some of the leftovers. I used my table saw to rip scrap 2x4 into what are essentially wood shims.  You … [Read more...]

Over 50 Creative Scrap Wood Projects to Make

[pinit] [pinit] I was pondering what to do with the ever growing pile of scrap wood in my work room, when it occurred to me that you might have the same quandary.  I started searching and was amazed to find everything from toys, to storage to jewelry to home decor and more.  Lots of cool wall art … [Read more...]

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Door Bats & $100 Giveaway

[pinit][pinit] As you may know, Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to go for creative project supplies.  I love wandering through the aisles letting my imagination run wild with ideas.  Just recently, I discovered Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club, which is packed with crafts, recipes, décor, … [Read more...]

Best DIY #Halloween Projects to Make

[pinit][pinit] Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for decorating.  What's not to love... orange and black, painted pumpkins, ravens, spiders, bats and all things fall?!  Here are some of our favorite Halloween projects shared and featured at SBLC.  What are some of your favorites? … [Read more...]

Cutest DIY Pumpkin Decor

[pinit][pinit] Why are pumpkins so cute?  Fall is my favorite time of year for so many things... running, fashion and - most of all - decorating.  You combine pumpkins with a project that utilizes scrap wood and twigs to create adorable, stripy, polka-dot decor that also happens to be my favorite … [Read more...]

Make a Cute Crochet Pumpkin

[pinit][pinit] Fall makes me in the mood to crochet and knit, and that remains until the spring.  I am always on the lookout for unique decor to whip up from my gigantic yarn stash.  That is how I came across this precious crochet pumpkin pattern from The Chilly Dog.  Get your hook and make your … [Read more...]

Recycled Tin Can Halloween Treat Holders

[pinit][pinit]   If you need a Halloween party favor that is easy to make and eco-friendly, this recycled mummy can craft from HGTV is just the project.  What a cute use of what would become trash.  All you need are a few supplies and not much time! For more Recycled Tin Can Crafts: … [Read more...]