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DIY Wine Bottle Candles

How to make Wine Bottle Candles @savedbyloves

Scented with your favorite fragrance, these beeswax and soy candles are easy to make and great for all occasions!  We will be cutting wine bottles and using the bottom section as a container for pouring our candles.  Get started now and give these inexpensive, eco-friendly, handmade treasures as Christmas gifts that are sure to impress!



Wine Bottle Candles 1

Beeswax or Soy Wax

Scented Oil

Soy wicks on metal tabs

Double sided adhesive

Melting Pot and large sauce pan for boiling water

Cut wine bottles for candle containers (See How I Cut Wine Bottles)

Bamboo Skewer or pencil

Craft wire or rubberbands


Lint free cloth

Soap and water or glass cleaner


 1.  Melt wax per instructions.  I used an aluminum melting pot placed in a large sauce pan of boiling water.  Add scent if you are going to do that.

Wine Bottle Candles 2

2.  While that is melting, prepare container and wick. Clean container well and dry with a lint free cloth.  Adhere wick tab to double sided adhesive, and stick other side into container.

Wine Bottle Candles 3

  1. Wrap excess wick around dowel rod, centered so that wicks are straight up and down.  Use wire or rubber band to attach a second dowel rod to the first, sandwiching the wick in place.

Wine Bottle Candles 4

4.  Pour in wax until container is as full as you would like.  Let sit overnight, trim wicks and enjoy!

Wine Bottle Candles 5


○ Use printable labels to customize your candles for gifts and holidays.  Etch monograms and patterns like I showed you in the Monogram Tumblers project!

For more inspiration, visit our 50+ Glass Bottle Crafts:

Cut Wine Bottle Bracelets

Create Bracelet From Wine Bottle Glass

Your friends will be amazed when you tell them these bracelets use to be wine bottles!  This project involves cutting glass and firing in a kiln, but you could do a version without the kiln too.  Use rub on transfers and alcohol inks to create a piece of wearable art!


-glass bottle label removing and cleaning supplies (see techniques)

-glass bottle cutting supplies (see techniques)

-stainless steel measuring cup


-kiln wash

-glass drilling supplies

-jewelry chain

-jump rings

-toggle clasp

-two pairs of jewelry pliers; flat and or needle nosed

-alcohol inks and felt pad applicator

-non stick craft sheet

-rub on transfers

-beads and charms for embellishing as desired

-permanent marker


 1.  Cut a ring from your chosen bottle (See How to Cut Wine Bottles)

Make jewelry from wine bottles

Wine Bottle Bracelets 3

2.  Carefully score ring with glass cutter and tap to break score, leaving you with a half circle.  Score this to the size you would like your bracelet to be, about 2.5 inches.

 Wine Bottle Bracelets 4

3.  Place bracelet piece on kiln washed stainless steel mold or measuring cup as shown and fire to full fuse (see techniques).

Wine Bottle Bracelets 5

4.  Once the bracelet is cool, remove it from the kiln.  Mark for placement of holes where chain will be attached with a jump ring.

Wine Bottle Bracelets 6

5.  Drill the holes using small diamond bits (see How to Drill Holes in Glass).  I use this diamond tipped micro engraving drill bit kit for my small holes.

Wine Bottle Bracelets 7

6.  Begin drilling at the mark, coming in at an angle to start your hole, then moving to 90 degrees as described in the techiques.  Make sure to cool the drill bit in water every 30 seconds or so to prevent glass from shattering due to heat.

Wine Bottle Bracelets 10

7.  Apply rub on transfer per instructions to the front surface of the bracelet.

Wine Bottle Bracelets 12

8.  Use felt applicator or brush to apply alcohol inks to back surface of bracelet.

 Wine Bottle Bracelets 14

9.  Open jump ring using two sets of pliers to twist each end in opposite directions.  Do not pull ends apart to open, rather twist open as shown.

10.  Attach the appropriate length of chain to get desired bracelet length and close jump ring by twisting ends back together.  Keep in mind the closure will add about ½ inch to the length of the bracelet.

Wine Bottle Bracelets 15

11.  To finish, attach toggle clasp ring to one end and bar to the other, using a jump ring for each.

 Bracelet on Fire


○ Create custom bracelets, earrings and pendants using this technique.  Use blank rub on transfer paper made for inkjets to transfer your own designs to your recycled glass jewelry!

DIY Cut Wine Bottle Table Number Centerpiece

Cut wine bottle wedding centerpiece table numbers tutorial @savedbyloves

With just a few simple supplies, you can make this charming wedding reception table number centerpiece for that special day.  Not only that, this can be used for an eco-friendly centerpiece for any occasion!


DIY Wedding

-Three Green Wine Bottles with corks
-Burlap ribbon
-flower embellishments (die cut, hand cut or buy in the scrapbook section of your local craft store)
-18 gauge craft wire
-Antique finish metal chain
-Blingy metallic and other ribbons
-Wedding themed paper craft embellishments
-Adhesive crystal sheets
-Chalkboard tags
-Decorative brad
-Monogram sticker
-Photograph of couple
-Quick grab craft glue or hot glue
-Wire cutter


1. Cut your wine bottles to 3 different heights (See How to Cut Wine Bottles)
2. Smooth out any pointy edges with grinder or sand paper.
3. Clean the bottle with alcohol or glass cleaner. I like to wear gloves after cleaning the bottle to avoid fingerprints.
How to cut wine bottles

4. Tie burlap ribbon and lace around two of the bottles near the base.
5. Wrap sparkly twine or ribbon around neck of the remaining bottle and dangle a chalkboard tag with the couple’s monogram from it. Place a decorative brad at the top of the tag.
6. Embellish bottles by gluing on flowers, placing adhesive crystals and draping metal chain as shown.
Wedding Table Number Bottles5

7. Make the wire place card/photo holder. I picked up a picture display at a garage sale and cut the wire holders from that. You can easily make your own with 16-18 gauge wire. Cut a piece of wire about 5 inches and wrap one end around a cylinder shaped object a few times (Highlighter markers or small prescription bottles work well for this.). Bend wire at the base of the circle you just made. You can use round nose pliers to make the little loop on the circle part or just leave as is.
DIY Wedding Centerpiece

8. Insert wire into cork. Create a pilot hole in the cork with a needle tool, small nail or straight pin. Insert wire holder into pilot hole and add a dab of hot glue to secure.
Wedding Table Number Bottles7
9. Place table number, sentiments and photos as shown.


○ Use this concept for holiday centerpieces, photo displays, anniversaries and other occasions by changing embellishments to match the theme.

Washi Tape Wine Cork Keychain DIY

Corky Washi Keychain

Carry your keys in eco-friendly style with this washi covered wine cork keychain.  This project is simple and quick, and makes a great handmade last minute gift or party favor.  Decorate with ribbon, paint, stickers and stamps as a variation!


Corky Washi Keychain 1



-Eye screw

-washi tape


-keychain findings

-jump ring

-2 pairs of jewelry pliers


1.  Cover cork with strips of washi tape as desired.

Washi tape craft

2.  Place eye screw in center on one end of the cork.

Corky Washi Keychain 3

3.  Use both pairs of pliers to twist open jump ring as shown.

Corky Washi Keychain 4

4.  attach key ring finding to eye screw with jump ring then close jump ring, using both pairs of pliers to twist it back to the closed position.

Corky Washi Keychain 5

Corky Washi Keychain 6

That is it!

For more inspiration, visit our 50+ WINE CORK CRAFTS:

And our 50+ Washi Tape Crafts

DIY Washi Tape Wine Cork Keychain @savedbyloves

DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board

How to Upcycle Wine Corks into Home Decor

Stay organized, eco-chic style with this cork board made from… corks!  This project is simple, functional, stylish and can be super inexpensive with a thrifted frame.  Start saving those wine corks, ask your friends to save them, and hit your local recycle center to see if they can hook you up with some.  You are going to need quite a few, especially if you have a large frame.


Framed Cork Bulletin Board

-Wine Corks

-Utility Knife

-Hot glue gun and sticks

-Frame without glass 


1.  Remove glass from frame, leaving just the backing.

Framed Cork Bulletin Board2

2.  Decide on a pattern for your corks.  Simple and repeating looks best.

Framed Cork Bulletin Board3

Framed Cork Bulletin Board4

3.  Starting in the center, begin gluing corks in your chosen pattern directly onto the frame backing.

4.  When you come to the edges where full corks no longer fit, cut the corks where necessary to create the appropriate shape to fit the space.  Continue until the entire frame is full.

Framed Cork Bulletin Board5


Seal corks after they are all placed for a glossy finish if desired!  These would be great for displaying bride and groom photos for your wine themed wedding reception.

For more inspiration, visit our 50+ WINE CORK CRAFTS:

Easy Fried Green Tomato Recipe

Easy Fried Green Tomatoes

 This year my tomatoes are taking their own sweet time ripening to the red that we all know and love.  That, combined with the fried food theme at last week’s Bible study pitch in, prompted me to make fried green tomatoes for the first time ever.  I would make them everyday if eating fried food didn’t creep me out so much.  They were simply delicious.

How to make Fried Green Tomatoes

I bought a cheapo deep fryer a couple of years ago to Mr. SBLC his beloved chicken wings (See Amazing Hot Wings Recipe).

Here is the recipe I used (from My Recipes):  Fried Green Tomatoes

I followed it exactly except I dropped mine in the deep fryer for 2 minutes instead of frying on the stove.

They are sooooo yummy, I am hooked.  We have tons more green tomatoes out there, just waiting to be battered and fried!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover With Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan

How to Paint Wood Cabinets

So my sweet friend Krystal wanted to update her oak kitchen cabinets in a big way.  For like 10 years she wanted to update them.  A decade of cabinet dissatisfaction is enough. That is why I was super excited when the chance to use  Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan came my way.   Today I am sharing how we seized the opportunity, using the Chalk Paint® in colors Old White and Graphite, in addition to the Clear Soft Wax to create the look she was after!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie Sloan Unfolded sent us the paints and wax.  This paint is simply amazing.  More about that later.  For brushes, what to use depends on the look you are trying to achieve.  We wanted texture and messiness, and we knew we would be distressing with sandpaper after painting, so we went with the cheap chip brushes you can find in the dollar bin at your local craft store.  There is a wide variety of techniques to use and looks to achieve with these products.  A fantastic place to start is with Annie Sloan’s numerous books on the use of paint in decorating.

Kitchen Before Paint

Here you can see the oak cabinets before we got at them.

Not so great, right?  

We decided to go multicolor, Old white on top, Graphite on the bottom.

How to distress cabinets

 Kitchen Makeover

We just removed the doors and started painting them and the frames.


This paint is amazing.  It looks wonderful and takes no prep.  Um, yes please.

Distress Technique

It dried super fast.  We did 2 light layers, letting dry about 20 minutes between.  For a distressed look, we lightly sanded the edges and corners randomly on the cabinet doors.  A little bit of distressing goes a long way!

After distressing, we applied the wax with a polyurethane brush.  Super easy!

The coverage  of this paint is unbelievable, really.  I use a lot of different paints in my projects, and this is tops.  Granted it is more expensive than other options, but the difference in quality is significant.

Annie Sloan Paint Project

This entire project was about 24 hours in duration!

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

What a huge difference!  Remember the yellow above the cabinets…

Kitchen Cabinet Redo

We painted it Old White and added crown molding.  For more on how to install crown molding, see my first experience here!

I think the biggest surprise for all of us involved in the project is the countertops.  That’s right.  We were making plans to do a countertop transformation after painting the cabinets.  We were just certain the new cabinets were going to make that totally urgent.  We found the opposite!  Somehow, the pinkish/mauve looks adorable with the Graphite and Old White!  Did not see that coming at all.

Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade with Chalk Paint

If you want to transform your from outdated to rich and beautiful, this is a great option!

Find everything you need to get going here:

DIY Subway Tile Backsplash

[pinit]DIY Subway Tile Backsplash Tutorial[pinit]

Our kitchen renovation continues with this DIY subway tile installation.  It was easier than I thought it would be, but there are a few ways you can avoid heartache through learning from our mistakes and our victories!

Mussel Bound Adhesive Tile Mat

So this stuff falls under the “Victory” category of our first tiling experience.  We saw Mussel Bound Adhesive Tile Mat at our local big box hardware store and had to try it.  It is super sticky double sided tape, basically.

How to adhere tile

 You just stick remove the backing from one side and stick that to the wall.  It is easy to cut to go around your various outlets and corners.

Place Tile over adhesive

When you are ready to place the tile, you remove the backing from the other side and stick the tile in place!  I am not sure you are supposed to do this, but we removed tiles and repositioned them with no problem when we had to.

Blue Hawk Tile Cutter

This falls into the “mistake” category.  We saw this Blue Hawk Manual Tile Cutter and thought we would buy it for the $30 instead of renting or buying a tile saw.  It scores the tiles then snaps them at the score line.  Ideally it does that.  Lots of chipping took place.  Also, if you have to cut out a section of the tile, forget it.  It is fine for cutting straight through the height of the tile, but don’t even think about trying to cut out a rectangle section.  Nope.

We ended up renting a tile saw for one day.  That was $40.  Then we bought one for $89.  Should have just started there.  It is the Skil 3540 and it worked great for cutting these tiles.  Since we know we will be tiling again, this is a great option, costing just a little more than we wasted spent on the manual cutter and 1 day wet saw rental.

As far as grouting once all the tiles are placed, I used this video from Pretty Handy Girl to guide me.  Love her!

DIY Backsplash Ideas

What do you think?

I LOVE our new kitchen!

Kitchen Before

In case you missed it, here is the before.


Read about our DIY Countertop Revamp!

Take your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and get rid of the outdated oak with our DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade!

It is my favorite room.  Stay tuned for the final step in our Kitchen Makeover with Moen!!

DIY Budget Backsplash Idea with Subway Tile @savedbyloves

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Rainbow Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier

Make a rainbow chandelier from recycled wine bottles @savedbyloves Hi there, recycled wine bottle decor lovers!  Today I am sharing a project that will add color to and illuminate any space.  Get your rainbow on with this wine bottle chandelier or match it to your style. You can make this light to go with your home decor using your favorite Mod Podge Sheer color, or use as many as you can get your hands on, like I did.  The project involves cutting wine bottles, which is easier than you may think, so let’s get started!



Wine bottles cut to the size you want (I have showed you how to cut them HERE:  How to Cut Wine Bottles)

Mod Podge Sheer Colors

Mod Podge Sheer Colors

Wax paper or non stick craft mat

Craft Knife

Pendant light kits (I used these 12′ Hanging Lantern Cords I found on Amazon)


Coloring the cut wine bottles

Pour Tinted Mod Podge

Squeeze a generous amount of Mod Podge Sheer Colors into the cut end of your bottle.

Upcycle Home Decor Wine Bottle Crafts

Twirl Bottle to disperse color all over the inside of the bottle.

DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

If you are having a hard time getting it to flow, you can tap the bottle against your wrist as shown.

Let the excess Mod Podge drip into back into the product bottle to save as much as possible for your next project!

I placed my bottles on my kitchen table, on a non stick craft sheet, with the ceiling fan on.  Place them with the mouth down so they dry faster.  This will be an overnight process.

Wiring the lights

How to make a pendant lamp

For this project I used a standard E27 base pendant light kit available at almost any Walmart or big DIY store.  The one I used actually had an in-line switch between the plug and the socket base.  I didn’t have a need for the switch or the plug since I was going to be direct wiring it to an existing switched circuit.

Step 1

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamp tutorial

I cut the wire using wire cutters at the socket side of the switch.  I left about 2 ft. of wire to the socket base but you should test and see what distance looks best in your application.

Step 2

DIY Lights from wine bottles by saved by love creations

Run the cut end up through bottle and out the neck of each of the six colored bottle shades.  The sockets will fit snuggly up in the taper of the neck of the shade.

Step 3

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamp 6

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamp 7

Bare the ends of each of the wires using your wire cutters to peel away the plastic coating (there will be 12 wires, hot and a neutral for each lamp or 18 if the kit is wired for a ground).

Step 4

I chose a room that already had a simple ceiling light on a wall switch. This made it easy to take down and I just used the existing junction box and cover plate from the old light.

Step 5

With wall switch OFF ( throw the service breaker for extra safety) take down the old ceiling light and find the white(neutral), black(hot), and green (ground) wires.  Pull them down out of the box and make sure you have enough room to go back with the new wire bundle you’re going to create.

Step 6

DIY Rainbow Chandelier

Combine all the neutral wires from the lamp kits together into one pigtail. DO the same for the hot and the ground if present. Use some electrical tape to help hold them all together while you get ready to connect them to the junction box.

Step 7

Using an appropriately sized wire nut, connect the white pigtail of the lamp kit to the white (neutral) wire from the ceiling. DO the same with the Black (hot) and ground( green, if present).

Step 8

Carefully push the wires up into the junction box and allow the weight of the lamps to be carried by the bundled lamp cords over the junction box support bar.

Step 9

Slide the fixture cover you used from the old light up into place to cover everything.

DIY upcycled lighting tutorial

Step 10

DIY upcycled lighting

Flip the breaker and the switch on. Put bulbs in the lamps. Let there be light !!!

***Extra tip: Use Mod Podge Rocks Adhesive Stencils and Glitter Spouncers to add your favorite pattern for added sparkly goodness, like I did with this Upcycled Bottle Lamp:

Not up for electrical wiring?  Use your colored bottles to create Upcycled Rainbow Lanterns: