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Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame

Recycled Newspaper Picture Frame

Still coiling paper over here.  I went to the local fair trade store and found a picture frame made from coiled newspaper pages.  Here is my version.  It took about 3 hours total.  I reinforced the coil attachements using crochet thread.  For the hanging mechanism, I made beads from long, thin,  triangular shaped newspaper strips as shown in this tutorial.  Lining the inside of the coils is a rolled newspaper tube, to “frame” the picture, which is 3×5, but you can make it any size you want, using more coils. For instructions on making the coils, see my earlier tutorial, here.  The only difference is the newspaper page is longer than the magazine page.  Use the entire length of the unfolded newspaper page, cutting it in half width wise.  You get a bigger coil from each strip compared the the shorter magazine pages.

Recycled Paper Art

Recycled Paper Art

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Mini Recycled Paper Cross

Recycled Paper Art Cross

I guess my website being down gave me more time to entertain my recently acquired coiled paper addiction.  Many of my lovely readers were quite smitten by the cross wall art, here.  I have received a lot of positive feedback, including several of you pointing out what a great Christmas gifts this would make.  That is so very true.  It got me thinking about how much time I invested in that one piece and how if you’re planning to have several of these to give as gifts, get started yesterday!  That is when I decided to make a little cross, perfect for an ornament, and for all year around – way quicker to make.

Recycled Paper Art

See the above link for the tutorial on making the strips and coils.  Then just use the above pic as your guide for coil number and size.  Attach the coils to each other with a glue gun, then form the outline using strips, folding to crease at the cross corners!

Recycled Paper Cross

Magazine Page Jar Upcycle

Recycled Paper ArtIn case the wall art and rosette necklace didn’t quench your recycled paper craft thirst, here is a jar wrapped in magazine page strips.  How many jars do you go through feeding your family each month?  Think of all the precious handmade gifts you could be creating from them instead of tossing them in the recycling bin.   The process is simple and quick, and you most likely have everything you need to make one this instant!

Recycled Paper Crafts


  • Magazine pages
  • Hot glue gun
  • bone folder
  • Old jar
  • Mod Podge or other sealant


  • Fold the magazine pages into strips as I described here.
  • Your glue gun can be heating up as you fold.  Just put a dab of glue on the strip end and attach it to the bottom of the jar.  Go around, putting glue every couple of inches.  When You get to the end of your strip, grab another one and glue its tip where you left off.  Keep going til you have covered as much of the jar as you would like.
  • Seal with mod podge, 2 coats is best.
  • When dry, add embellishments, like twine, and maybe a coiled paper rosette.

You could select pinks and reds only from your magazine to make a cute Valentine’s Day gift, filled to the brim with chocolate, of course.  It would also make a wonderful vase.

Please share your recycled paper covered creations!

Recycled Paper Anthro Rosette Necklace

Anthropologie Inspired Rosette Necklace

I love paper, I love rosettes, and I love anthro knock offs.  Doing the happy crafter dance right now.  Yesterday I showed you a recycled magazine page cross I made from by folding the heck out of magazine pages and rolling them into coils.  Since then, I have thought of a ridiculous amount of things I want to do with these.  Today’s project is this  Anthropologie inspired rosette necklace, sure to dazzle and impress.  WAY cheaper than the real thing, wouldn’t you say?!

Recycled Paper Jewelry


  • To see how the coils are made, read this post.
  • Once you have your coils, figure out your design and glue them together accordingly using a hot glue gun, with a dab of glue where the coils contact one another.  I highly recommend glossy accents as your glue for making the coils, as I explain in the above link, but for joining them together, glue gun works best.
  • Now that the coils are connected,  it is time to seal the piece with Mod Podge or Minwax Polycrylic.  I apply two layers, allowing dry time in between.
  • Attach your favorite chain, then enjoy!

Anthro inspired rosette necklace

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Recycled Paper Wall Art

Recycled Magazine Page Crafts

Do you have stacks of old magazines lying around that you just can’t seem to trash?  Are you a fan of greener living?  Try your hand at making art from what would have been thrown away.  The possibilities are endless.  I have seen everything from picture frames to bowls to jewelry.  I will be showing you how to make the coils, and sharing what I found works best. This cross took me 2-3 hours total.  The duration will depend on how much of a perfectionist you are, and how many coils your project requires.


  • Magazines
  • Bone folder
  • Glossy accents or other quick dry glue
  • Scotch tape (optional)
  • Mod Podge or other sealant
  • A good movie or soundtrack to enjoy while you fold

Magazine Page Coiled


  • I like the folded strips making up the coil to be thin, so I cut the page in half lengthwise, then folding each half in half, and cutting along the folds, making 4 strips from each page.  It looks fine if you use a whole page per strip, just chunkier coils.  Start folding by bringing each long edge to the center and creasing to make 2 new edges (see pic).  Using the bone folder to crease makes much neater coils.  NOTE:  THE PICTURES SHOW STRIPS BEING MADE FROM ENTIRE PAGES; I HAVE SINCE LEARNED THAT STRIPS MADE FROM 1/4 OF A PAGE LOOK MUCH BETTER IN THE PROJECTS I SHARE HERE AT SBLC.
  • Recycled Paper CraftsContinue folding the edges to meet in the center until your strip looks like this…
  • Magazine Page CraftsNow coil your strips. When your come to the end of your strip, place a small dab of glue and hold pressure to secure it in place.  If you want the coil larger, begin another strip where your first one ended.  You can place a thin piece of scotch tape where the two strip ends meet, or just secure each end with glue leaving no gap between them.

Magazine Page Crafts


Magazine Page CraftsTo make the cross, I sketched out the design, made the coils I needed, attached them together with Glossy accents (I love using this on paper – dries clear and fast) and outlined the joined coils with strips to form the “+” shape.  You can make anything you imagine.  Google and you will find all kinds of ideas.  I coated the final piece with Mod Podge attached a wire to the back for hanging and that is that.

I would love to see what you create with your lovely coils.  Recruit friends and family to fold pages into strips for you if your project is big.  My nephew and grandmother were pleased to play along!

ADDENDUM:  I just found an wonderful tutorial with some other tips, here, at Craftstylish.  She used a glue gun and mentions you could use glue, but you have to hold the coil in place til the glue grabs.  With Glossy Accents, this happens in 5 seconds.  Easier and less burn potential than glue gun!

Old Window turned Jewlery Display

Old Window Crafts

Need to display your jewelry in an economic, yet affordable way?!  Necessity + creativity + old window + chicken wire + staple gun = a nifty display with giant functionality.


  • Old window
  • Chicken wire (available at hardware store – $5.99 for a big ol’ roll)
  • Sand paper (medium grit)
  • Spray paint in color of your choice for window frame
  • Staple Gun
  • Clothes pins decorated with scrapbook paper


old window art

  • I am blessed to have friends that save things like old windows for me, knowing I will put them to use somehow in a process usually involving spray paint and power tools!  This is a window from one of those friends.  Cost… $0.  Saweeeet!  I removed the hardware, knocked out the glass with a hammer (be extremely careful – I am not responsible for any lacerations that result from following these instructions)!  I must say, I quite enjoyed that part.  Sometimes one just needs to shatter glass.  Try it before you judge me!
  • Sand with medium grit sand paper (I used 150) and wipe away debris with damp rag.  I didn’t go crazy on this part.  I wanted the surface to look old and crackled after spray painting it, so if you are going for new and pristine, you probably want to put some more time into stripping off the old paint.
  • Using Krylon Fusion, I spray painted the window frame in a cream color.  This stuff is just the right paint for me.  It sticks to anything, and requires no primer.  It is marketed specifically for plastic.  I use it all the time on everything.
  • Cut chicken wire to fit window, and staple gun it to the back of your window.  Like magic, a perfect spot for your wares, bank account unharmed!

I would love to hear the creative ways you display your pieces.


Dr. Oz Homemade Exfoliant

Dr. Oz Homemade ExfolliantHi guys!  I am a self proclaimed Dr. Oz groupie.  He gives some amazing tips, and from the standpoint of a medical professional, I can vouch for the accuracy of the information he provides.  My favorite segment of the show is when Oz gives us “$5 home remedies”, for solutions to problems we throw excessive amounts of money at, often without getting our desired results.

Today I share with you Dr. Oz’s homemade facial exfoliant.  I have tried this one myself, and it feels wonderful.  I can’t say for sure what my skin would be like without regular use of this, and other home remedy treatments, but I do know that it seems to make a difference.  I feel better by simply taking the time to care for my skin, and my wallet doesn’t take a hit.  This particular remedy feels quite refreshing, and gives you an excuse to keep some brandy on hand.


Milk; 1 cup
Lemon juice; 2 tsp
Brandy; 1 tbsp
Mix it up and paint it onto your face. Let it dry completely, then rinse.

The acid of the lemon, the lactic acid of the milk and the alcohol in the brandy combine to exfoliate and brighten your face, naturally reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What home remedies do you use?

Thrifty Thursday Week 33

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  • Connie at Salvage Savvy crafted this lovely pillow

DIY throw pillow

  • Donna at Catch a Falling Star revamp old pasta jars into lovely lanterns.  I can’t wait to try this project.  Saving jars left and right.  Great job, Donna!

Mason Jar Crafts

Anthropologie Wall Art Knock Off

Anthropologie Wall Decor

I saw this on Anthropologie’s wall decor product page, and wanted it for my mustard wall in the family room.  Then I looked at the price tag ($698) and knew I was going to have to recreate it if it were going to be on my wall.  This was so very simple you guys.  I opened up Photoshop,  used watercolor brushes to mimic the print, uploaded it to Snapfish, and picked it up at my local Miejer Store a couple of hours later!

Anthropologie Decor Knock OffI ordered a 16×20 print cause that is the biggest I can get same day for the price ($6.98).  When I am not in a hurry, I use Short Run Posters for my large format printing, cause they rock (see this post).  I could go on and on about them, but that is a different topic.  Suffice it to say, SUPER cheap, great quality large format prints.

Anthropologie Wall Decor

After I picked up my print, I hit my local Goodwill and found a perfect square frame for $5.  I removed the pic that was in it, cut mine to fit and that is that. It looks as awesome as I thought it would against the yellow wall, and I spent very little time and money.  Mine is 16×16 versus the Anthropologie version, which is 29×29 in, but did you see the price difference???  16×16 inches is perfect for the space.

Anthropologie Decor Knock Off

Sometimes, I really must get messy with paints and gel medium, but digital art has its perks.  Instant gratification being my favorite!  There are debates on what is right and wrong in terms of copyright, something I have been pondering lately.  Here is why I have no problem knocking off this wall art; I am not selling it.  It is for my personal enjoyment, and to hopefully inspire others to decorate beautifully for less.  More importantly, giving credit where credit is due is just the only way to make being a copycat o.k.  All art is inspired by other art, or nature (God’s art, in my opinion).  Very little is truly original  I in no way came up with this design.  It was all Paule Marrot, the artist of the original piece, and Anthropologie.  I full on copied it, adding some vibrancy, and going with a black instead of white frame.  So, what do you think?

Anthropologie Decor Knock Off

Anthropologie Hairpin Knock-Off

Anthropologie accessories

I got the inspiration for these adorable hairpins from Anthropologie, here.  As soon as I saw them on the website, I knew I had found the perfect project for a pack of flower embellishments I picked up awhile back for $3.39 (18 flowers).  The Anthro version costs $28 for a set of 4.  You can make them for about $0.20 each using the Donna Downey flowers.    I also made a couple of hairpins from polymer clay flowers I created using a Makins mold for even less.  Grab some bobby pins and super glue and make your very own.

Anthropologie knock-off

  • Sculpture Flowers by Donna Downey (18 flowers for $3.39)
  • E6000 craft glue
  • Hairpin blanks

Flower EmbellishmentsInstructions:

  • Yeah, so this one is pretty darn easy.  Just put a dab of glue on the back of your flower and adhere it to the bobbie pin.  Brilliant, I know!

Anthropologie Copy CatAnthropologie Knock-OffAnthropologie DIY hair accessoriesAnthropologie Knock-OffAnthropologie Jewelry