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Laptop Tray Makeover!!

This thing was so boring, I decided to beautify it, and stick it above the oh so bare kitchen cabinets I have been mulling over lately.

I wiped it down with all purpose cleaner and dried it with a towel. I then spraypainted it black using Krylon fusion. When that was all dry, i adhered scrapbook paper using matte gel medium. I tried to line up the paper to be seamless since I needed to use 2 12×12 pieces, however I couldn’t get the designs to line up right. I decided to rip the edge of one sheet and run with the torn edge effect. I also sprinkled seed beads, gold microbeads and glitter over the paper before adding a thin layer of dimensional mod podge for the glassy surface effect. From the side, the surface with the scrapbook paper looks bumpy due to the beads, but with the top of the tray above the cabinets in the vertical plane, it looks pretty cool.
I used a small amount of gold glaze over the top to of the scrapbook paper before the sparklies and mod podge to tie the 2 sheets of scrapbook paper together.
For a border, I lined the inner top with garden twine, and adhered it with the dimensional magic mod podge. Love how it turned out. Don’t forget to use a brayer to get rid of air bubbles in the paper as you adhere it to the tray top. Ugly tray, now cute using products on hand, cabinets less bare… SCORE!


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Addendum to Kitchen Cabinet Post From Yesterday:

It was brought to my attention by a lovely follower that it would be easier to help me with my barren cabinet tops if you all could see mine. I am going to show you now. Ready?

Definitely lighting. Yes, lighting. Most of the pics I have looked to for inspiration have far less space between the cabinet tops and ceilings, so I am wondering if that is going to make me need to figure out really tall decor solutions, or if your standard vase/picture frame type accents will suffice.

Thanks for your tips, pics, and for entertaining my decor dilemmas!

Monday Musings; Above the Cabinet Decor Inspiration!

I have never really known what to do with that space between the tops of my kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. I still don’t really know what I am going to do, but here are some things I came across today…

It all started when I came across this post, over at Thrifty Decor Chick. It is really about lighting, which she details step by step, and you can see her take on decorating this space;

She used a framed picture, some black vinyl lettering, some vases, and other items I bet I either have around the house, or could pick up for a great price at a thrift store. I also really like the lighting.
Here are some more pics I encountered. I like the plate idea, I just don’t know for sure where I am going to go with it.
This is a great kitchen from Country Living. These colors do it for me! I wish my cabinets were white, but that is a project I am not committed enough to this house to tackle.
Found the above cool array of trays over at Our Suburban Cottage.
What have you put in that space begging to be utilized and made beautiful? I need your help. I am floundering here. Teach me, teach me please!

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Perfect Love; My New Ankle Tattoo!

For several years, I have wanted to cover a tattoo on my ankle with something more… me. I got a lil flower put there on a whim when I was too young to even legally get a tattoo. I was always pushing the limits – that is a whole other story. So… a few years back I decided to have the flower lasered off, a multi step process of which I only complete one treatment. The process was painful both financially and physically, to the point that I never went back, leaving me with an undefined blob of random color where the flower once lived.

Through a series of events and thanks to facebook, I have recently reconnected with a lovely friend (see above), whose husband happens to be a tattoo artist. Our reunion was permanently recorded in the shape of the cross you see above. I knew I wanted a cross, since nothing is so important as what Christ did upon the cross. The text came to me as I was working on the design. I love it. I love the reminder. Jake did a wonderful job. Seeing Angel was a blessing. Check out more of his work here, on his facebook page. Blessings…

"Joy to the World" Altered Tissue Holder

My momma gave me a plane ol’ ceramic tissue holder, knowing I would have something to add to it to make it wonderful. This is a combo of various papers, Ranger distress inks, Tattered Angels glimmer mist, glossy accents, gold metallic glaze all topped off with a coat of Krylon triple thick glaze. I love love love it because it boasts the music sheet for “Joy to the World”, and that splendid.

Scatter joy!

Fabric Wall Art DIY; My Retro Kitchen

Remember my retro kitchen chair/table set? Well, since that project, I have painted the walls a lovely robin egg blue that has been begging for decor to wear. Nothing is quicker and easier as far as adding color to a room then fabric panels. I literally wrapped the canvases with the fabric sheet like I would wrap a gift, then stapled the edges on the back using my staple gun. I am digging the look with the chairs and the bird canvas prints.

There are tons of cool tutorials on fabric wall art, and with the amazing prints available, possibilities abound. Frugal, fabric, fabulous…


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A Run and a CUTE Calf With a Heart on its Head

I am out of town and away from my creative station, so here is a cute baby cow… with a heart on its head. I passed him and his siblings for 2 days on my morning run and had to bring my camera. I want to steal this calf. And I want him to be an indoor pet. I will let you know how that goes.

Obviously MARvelous

Fall Front Porch Finale: Gratitude Sign With Tutorial

This is it. I am done with the porch for now. This project was completed using the materials pictured; Scrapbook paper
Board I picked up at yard sale for $0.25
Sand paper
Hardware for hanging (I used a 2ft black link chain attached with black U shaped tacks)
Black vinyl cutout “gratitude” and swirlies using cricut machine

First, measure and cut your paper to fit the front of the board. I used a paper cutter to slice (can’t cut a straight line to save my life). Make sure you cut appropriate size sections that line up if your board is bigger than your scrapbook paper…
Yay. I get to talk about Matte Gel Medium. I LOVE this stuff. I was a dedicated mod podger for adhering paper to other surfaces, until this magical product was revealed to me (I am not getting paid for this, it is how I feel…). I find it much neater and easier to use. It produces fewer air bubbles and the paper becomes one with the surface. Superb. On with it…

I spread a thin, even-ish layer over the board using a sponge brush. I then apply a thin layer to the back of the paper (don’t worry about completely covering every inch), lay the paper on the board, lining up the pieces so the pattern is seamless, letting the excess hang over the edge for now…

Smooth out the paper with the palm of your hand to remove air bubbles, then again with the brayer – this is the mac daddy of air bubble eliminators. It is essential.

Next, trim the excess paper as close to the edge as you can…

I like to sand the edges of the paper to make them blend into the board and to even things out. I also like the distressed look that results…
Here you can see the edge where I sanded and light brushed a Ranger Ink Distressed Ink pad in Antique Linen over the white of the paper created by sanding. Cool worn look.
Last thing is to seal the piece; I used Mod Podge for paper, 2 layers allowing dry time between. Attach hardware and hang! Sadly, the sun had gone down before I completed this, so icky flash pictures, but you get the idea. Happy crafting. Scatter joy!


Fall Front Porch Decor Part 2; The Pumpkins



I have never had so much fun decorating a porch… ever. I love our new home, and what better motivation to spruce it up than brilliant midwestern days of fall. It also helps that I am having a group of Bible study women over for fellowship soon 🙂

The antique white spray painted pumpkin has been on my mind since I saw a tutorial last year. That, combined with black vinyl lettering I cut myself using my cricut made up this project in its entirety. The big orange guy was initially going to have hearts going all around, randomly, but as I began placing them, I realized a face and went with it. Now it is a face made of all hearts. He looks goofy. I love him. Go get yourself a cricut!!

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial; Dollar Tree Supplies Only!

FallWreathDIY8I spent $9 at the Dollar Tree and made this harvest wreath for my front door. I got the inspiration after googling “fall decor ideas” and running across this post over at House of Hepworths. I put my own lil’ spin on it. Here is what i did…

Materials: 6 assorted floral leaf packs
1 18 inch garland wreath
1 package fall centerpiece decor variety (three pictured here, but only used one for
wreath – you will see the other 2 soon enough)
Add it up – $9!!
I used some organza I had on hand to tame down the green garland, which i wasn’t real fond of, but it was all I had to choose from at Dollar Tree. I just wrapped it all the way around the wreath, cut it, and secured it with a dot of hot glue.

Next, I began tearing apart my florals and hot gluing them around my wreath, onto the organza fabric. I cut small holes in the fabric to stick stems in for extra security, but I am pretty sure the hot glue would have sufficed.

Once I was satisfied with the fullness and balance, I hung it from a hook with a piece of lovely orange ribbon I had on hand.

I love how this turned out. It was easy and cheap, just the way I like it. Yep, I just typed that sentence. Wow. Anyway, it was a perfectly beautiful fall day, as I put this together on my front porch, belly full of homemade turkey chili. I am dying to show you the rest of the porch. I am going to reveal it one project at a time however, then wow you with the oh so drab “before” pics. Stay tuned, wonderful readers. Give thanks, scatter joy!