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Polymer Clay Day #10: Freedom Bracelet

My clever husband suggested I use this day of clay to honor those who have sacrificed their lives on the altar of freedom.

This freedom bracelet is what came of his input.
Now I have a million ideas for inspiring word jewelry. Couldn’t find a cuff bracelet form at the craft store, but I did run into this tutorial online, which gave me the idea to use a soda can instead. Perfect because it is bake-able, and has the right diameter for a bracelet. Hubby was able to slide it on over his hand as well.

Polymer Clay Day #9: Trinket Box ASK and Receive

Day 9 down. Another Goodwill find, converted to a God box. I love this scripture, ask and you shall receive.

This project was more time consuming than I anticipated, but very fun. I got to mix graphic design with clay-ing. I created the image with the Matthew 7:7 verse, glue it onto a rectangle piece of clay, took that and placed on a larger piece of marbled clay I had textured with a doily. Covered the image and gold rectangle with translucent liquid sculpey and baked the stack in the oven. After it cooled, I antiqued the larger marbled clay piece with dark brown acrylic paint. Glued this to the box top using Ranger Glossy Accents. Oh yeah, before attaching the clay to the box top, I sanded the box and painted it with Renaissance Gold Leaf paint. Then sprayed 3 coats of Mod Podge acrylic sealer over the painted box (drying 15 min between coats). I got the inspiration from this tutorial on the Sculpey website.

Polymer Clay Day #8: Storage Caddy Makeover!

Alas, I got to these storage caddies I nabbed at a yard sale for $2. I showed the before pic in this file cabinet makeover post, here. I have been in need of small stuff storage now that I am venturing into jewelry. The clay comes in with the numbers and the circles on the drawers. Some of the numbers are chipboard, some clay. They are framed by polymer clay circles I textured then baked. This was a fun project. Scrapbook paper, ink, clay, cricut… bliss. My big plan is to get organized. So not my style. But necessary. Going to make a chart to keep track of what goes in each numbered drawer. I think I could get into this filing thing. Check some inspiring craft room organizing ideas from HGTV, here.

Polymer Clay Day #7; Tissue box cover



I found this brushed aluminum looking tissue box cover at a garage sale for a buck. Immediately I knew it longed for clay. I envisioned covering it entirely in clay, but this is what became of my thrifty find. Some scrapbook paper, clay, a little distressing, and some inking… I kinda love it. I just can’t figure out which room to keep it in, which soon won’t matter, cuz we are moving. I think that is why my husband keeps giving me the stink eye every time I drag in another home decor project. I think my crafts will have to be the last thing I pack.

Busy weekend. More to come!

Polymer Clay Day #6, Wall Plaque


Woohoo. It is day 6 and I am posting my first non jewelry clay project. If you remember from day 1 when I set out the rules, I stated 100 consecutive days of creations at least involving clay. While this wall plaque is mostly… not clay, the cross and heart are indeed. It counts.

I am bursting at the seams to take a crack at this mosaic clay piece I have in my head. No time today. Photo collage projects for clients have my attention right now. But soon. The inspiration for this piece came from Things With Wings. Check out their amazing work. Easily in my top fav creators category! Their story is cool too. Mom and sisters, all artists. Whimsical, inspirational, lovely…



Polymer Clay Day #5

I know I thought I would delve into home decor for my day’s clay adventure, but my mind was elsewhere. Today was hectic, and this reminds me to take life a day at a time. I learned this concept through addiction recovery, and it has been essential in my spiritual journey. I am better at it some days than others. God, grant me the serenity…

Day 4, Polymer Clay Faux Ivory Heart Necklace

I bet you were expecting a circle triangle necklace. Not today. Nope. This is my 3D heart faux ivory clay creation. I love the number 3. Trinity. Father, Spirit, Son. 3rd time’s charm. 3rd year sober. Training for 3rd full marathon. And things just look good grouped in 3s.

Thanks for looking! Only 96 more days of clay. I am thinking home decor project for tomorrow. Any ideas?

Day O’ Clay 3: Faux Ivory AA Circle Triangle Pendant

I love the faux ivory look I got by combining transparent sculpey clay with sculpey ecru. I am so excited about all the the faux looks achievable with polymer clay. An amazing resource for everything polymer clay that I have stumbled upon recently is Diane’s Glass Attic, here. There are tons of projects to try, as well and in depth coverage of terms and basics of working with this medium. 3 days down. I am such a task person. This and more will be in my Etsy store

Today’s Clay – Day 2

Here is day 2’s clay project – AA’s circle triangle (representing the 3 legacies; Unity, Service, Recovery). I have a blast making these. To see more, visit my Etsy store, here. Loving the matching earrings, although I don’t normally wear jewelry on my ears. These work for me.


Wooden Monogram Shabby Chic Polymer Clay

JALLI can’t stand that I haven’t posted for a few days. Good to know my type A personality is alive and well. This is a monogram project for a friend’s daughter, who is graduating next week. I used scrapbook paper and embellishments to beautify an all white wooden “J” I got at Michael’s. Used Adirondack paint dauber for the purple sides. I made the tag out of clay, yes out of clay – which inspired my new blog theme for the next few months… 100 days of polymer clay. Everyday will be a post with a project that uses polymer clay in some fashion. I hope to learn a lot, and to post with greater regularity. Clay is quickly becoming my favorite medium. Day 1 down (the tag). I will have to take a break June 5-11, as I will be on a trip, and my husband won’t let me drag along the toaster oven. Boo.