DIY Upcycled Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Easy Upcycle Cookie into Copper Patina Magnet Board @savedbyloves @petscribbles

Hi everyone! I’m Laura from Pet
, and I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Johnnie

I’ve got a fun DIY project to share: a copper patina magnet
board from an upcycled cookie sheet!

After seeing so many cookie sheet makeovers on Pinterest, I began
collecting some of our older ones. I also bought this new round one at
the dollar store:

Copper Patina Magnet Board

As regular readers of my blog know, I love the look of copper and
patina. I’ve made over quite a few pieces using this technique, from
made to look like copper pipes to large wooden planter boxes made to look
like metal. In each DIY, the steps are the same but the patina effect is
always different – just like real patina on aging copper.

Step One: Apply one coat of Modern Masters Copper Reactive
Metallic Paint to both sides of the cookie sheet.
Let dry.

For many surfaces, I use the Metal Effects Primer (also by Modern
Masters) as the first coat. On metal, it isn’t necessary as the first
step. However, as you’ll see in the image below, the first coat of paint
did go on a bit more streaky than I would have liked. (Using a primer
always provides some tooth for any subsequent coats of paint to adhere to.)

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Two: Apply a second coat of the copper paint to the back
side of the cookie sheet only.
Let dry.

Isn’t the paint gorgeous? There’s real metallic particles in the paint,
which is what reacts with the patina solution that will be added in the
next steps.

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Three: Apply a new coat of the copper metallic paint to the
front of the cookie sheet, then immediately spray the patina solution
onto the cookie sheet right over the wet paint.
The patina
solution comes in blue and green. I used the green shade:

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Using a sea sponge, I then played around pouncing the solution on the
cookie sheet, just making random patterns. It isn’t necessary to do
this, but it sure is fun!

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Four: Add a bit more of the copper paint, if
After everything dried overnight, I used the same sea
sponge and pounced a bit more copper paint here and there onto the front
of the cookie sheet. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just play
with the look until you love it.

Here’s a close-up of the gorgeous patina finish:

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Five: Drill two holes into the cookie sheet. These
holes will be where you thread your ribbon through, to make the hanger
for your magnet board.

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Six: Cut two pieces of thin velvet ribbon (or a ribbon of
your choice), which will become small bows on the front of the magnet
Cut two longer pieces of the same ribbon, which will be
used to create the hanger. (I didn’t measure my pieces, instead I just
eyeballed it.)

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Seven: Create the velvet ribbon hanger. Make a
loop with the smaller piece of ribbon (A), then thread
it (B) through the drilled hole, with both ends coming
through to the front. (C) Turn the tray over and slide
one end of the longer ribbon through the loop of the smaller piece.
(D) Tie the longer piece onto that loop with a simple knot.

Repeat this step for the other drilled hole.

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Step Eight: Pull the ends of the smaller pieces of ribbon all
the way through the drilled holes.
(They will be stopped by the
knots underneath that you made in Step Seven.

Step Nine: Tie the ends of each ribbon together with a simple
knot, then trim the edges to a length you like.
I trimmed mine
so each looks like a very basic bow shape and covers the holes
completely. (See image below.)

Step Ten: Tie the long ends together and make a large, floppy
Hang up on the wall and enjoy!

Copper Patina Magnet Board

Since it’s Christmas time, I decorated my magnet board with some of my
favorite vintage Christmas postcards. (I also made the glitter marble
magnets, and you can find that tutorial here.)

Copper Patina Magnet Board

I added a sprig of a faux pine branch too.


And when the Christmas season is over, my magnet board will be ready to
take on the new year and hopefully keep us more organized! (Unless I
decide to decorate it with more vintage postcards!)

Copper Patina Magnet Board

I’ve been a long-time admirer of Johnnie. Whether she’s crafting
bracelets or building furniture, her creativity knows no bounds!

Thanks Johnnie for having me guest post today, and thank you Saved By
Love readers too!

Happy crafting!


Mosaic Frame From Recycled Gift Cards + Free Printable

How to Make a recycled gift card Mosaic frame, + cool free Psalm 56:3 scripture verse printable from @savedbyloves


Hi Saved By Lovies!  Today I am sharing with you a fun project you can make for next to nothing using recycled gift cards/credit cards.  It has all my favorite components, and if I know you at all, yours too.  It is a great upcycled craft project, lending to a unique piece of home decor that will leave your friends saying “You made that from what?”.  Oh yeah, and since I created a printable to go inside of my new frame, you get that too.

Are you ready?  Let’s do this.

Recycled gift card mosaic picture frame tutorial #upcycled #recycledcrafts


Sizzix home decor project #Sizzix #recycled

Old Gift/Credit Cards (I have had everyone under the sun keeping these for me for months and months)

I used my Sizzix machine and the Squares #3 Die (which is on sale over there for $8.79), but you can use cut squares from your credit cards with hefty scissors, like Tonic Studios Tim Holts Scissors

Craft Glue like Crafter’s Pick, which I use for just about everything.  It is non toxic, strong as can be and is great for metal, paper and more

Frame to mosaic

Acrylic paint for tiles if you don’t want to use them as they are (I used Tim Holtz Distress Paint because I am head over heels in love with it)

Free Scripture verse Printable Psalm 56:3

If you want to use the printable I created from Psalm 56:3, just right click the above thumbnail and the full res version will magically appear.  Save it and have it printed your preferred way, or print from your computer.

This verse is coming up all over the place for me, and I use it whenever life hits to remind me that I am held.  I created the printable in Photoshop specifically for this frame, so I went simple black and white since the credit cards have lots of color.  I used Gill Sans, one of my go to fonts.  The lovely crown and design element at the bottom come from Karen at The Graphics Fairy.  What would I do without her library of images??!

Find them at the following links to use in your own creations:

Free Vintage Crown Graphic

Free Ornamental Graphic Separators



Cut and paint squares from gift cards into the size you want for your mosaic surface.  I used the small and next up size from the Sizzix Square Die.

How to Mosaic a Frame

Lay out your “tiles” to get the design you want before you begin gluing.  Trust me.  Do that.

How to glue on Mosaic Tiles

Once your tiles are dry, adhere them to the surface of your frame using craft glue.  I put some craft glue in a cupcake wrapper and applied it to my tiles with a scrap piece of plastic.  You can use a popsicle stick, paintbrush or whatever.  Use a thin layer of glue so that if you move your nudge your tiles to get the spacing you want, you won’t have bleeding out from the edges.

How to make upcycled home decor; DIY mosaic picture frame from recycled credit cards

Let the glue dry so the tiles are secure and add a photo, mirror, or even leave empty as a design element all in itself!

Upcycled gift card home decor; How to Make a Faux Mosaic Picture frame

If you like this project, check out the 20+ Gift Card Projects to Make at Totally Green Crafts

20 Ways to Upcycle Gift Cards

Repurpose Fan Blades to Dragonflies

#DIY #Repurpose fan blades to Dragonflies @savedbyloves

Since the first time I saw Lucy’s fan blade/table leg dragonflies, I have been dying to make my own.  Today, I will show you how I used ceiling fan blades and spindles for this fun, cheap, and easy to create upcycled decor project.


Make #upcycled dragonflies from fan blades #tutorial @savedbyloves




Fan blades (I found some at Goodwill and Habitat Restore for just a few dollars)

Table leg or spindles for body (I found a box of these at Habitat Restore and snatched them up, knowing I would find a use for them)


Lint free cloth

2 hinges per dragonfly

Hardware for eyes and antennae

Paint in colors desired for wings and body

DIY #upcycledDecor


How to repurpose fan blades

Lightly sand your fan blades and body (table leg, spindles or whatever you find).  Use a permanent marker to draw the shape you want on your wings.


Scroll Saw DIY project

Cut along line with scroll saw or jig saw.  Clamp 2 or more fan blades together to cut more than one wing at a time if you want them all exactly the same.


#Recycledcrafts, upcycle project idea

Wipe the debris and dust away from blades with damp cloth.  Let dry and apply coat of gesso or primer.


Martha Stewart Craft Paint project

After gesso dried, I painted Martha Stewart Craft Paint satin finish, color Carrot.

I painted haphazardly to let the gesso show through on purpose.  This dragonfly was going for a distressed look.


Color Box pigment ink

Using Color Box pigment ink, color sweet melon, I stamped over The Crafter’s Workshop Cosmic Bubbles template to create the design on the wings.

I went around the wing edges with the sweet melon ink pad and blended the stamped design into the edges with my finger.

I used my heat tool to dry the pigment ink, then sealed the wings with Mod Podge Clear acrylic sealer.


DIY upcycle crafts

I used Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint in raw umber for the base
coat on one body, dry brushing lime green acrylic paint and aqua acrylic paint randomly for  a distressed feel.   The other body was sprayed with Rustoleum in metallic silver.


Make #upcycled dragonflies from fan blades #tutorial @savedbyloves2

I used a hinge to join the wings to each other, and to the body.



Make #upcycled dragonflies from fan blades #tutorial @savedbyloves


 The eyes are drawer pulls on the orange dragonfly, and washers with screws on the blue one.  Leftover antenna strap from my hubby’s stash and craft wire were used for the antennae.


DIY #outdoordecor repurposed dragonflies

 Hang them inside or outside!

#Upcycle #repurpose

What do you think?  Do you have any fan blade repurpose ideas?

Mason Jar To Go Cup

Mason Jar Repurpose Idea from Fine and Feathered featured at

It is no secret that I love a good mason jar repurpose.  Here is a new one to me.  Josie at Fine and Feathered went ahead and transformed her mason jar into a to go cup, straw and everything!  Go see how she did it with her detailed photo tutorial.  It is genius, I tell you.

For more mason jar crafts:

Find it, Cut it, Put a Candle in it



This is another project made from materials I found while running.  Someone had discarded a perfectly good 4×4, and when I saw it, I immediately drew to mind this DIY votive holder from Jen at Tatertots and Jello.  I made my own version, decorated with scrapbook paper and flowers, embossed and cut with my Sizzix.  I didn’t have access to a drill press, so mine are more than imperfect.  Still, they look great.  I am gifting them to my stepdaughters.


DIY Votive Candle Holder From 4x4

Getting rid of the leftover hole was not easy.  It look pretty bad, and was uneven, so I poured resin in to level the surface for the candle.  After doing this project, I learned about spade drill bits.  I have since purchased one from Lowes that is 1.5 in, and have not yet used it.  I will update this post when I do.  It seems like it would be way easier for this type of project, since it gets rid of the middle circle area.

To decorate the candle holders, I used Mod Podge to adhere paper that I had embossed with Sizzix.  I attached paper flowers I made with my Cricut.

Picture courtesy of

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