Found Object to Upcycled Lighting

DIY Upcycled Light from @savedbylovesI say “found object” because I am 98.9% unsure what it is. I went through a phase where I scooped up anything that I could picture as a light fixture or hanging pendant lamp and that was cheap. This one I was particularly excited about since I got it for $5 and it was just waiting to house a lightbulb. I finally got around to making it happen as the final step in our laundry room renovation. At the thrift shop where I purchased it, I was told it is an old cow milk filter. Don’t worry, I cleaned it well before mounting it on my ceiling!

Old Cow Milk Filter to Light Fixture

Found object lighting

Here it was to start. I cleaned it with baby wipes and sprayed Mod Podge matte finish on it to seal it.

Update old lighting

I removed this brass fixture that I was dying to replace. It dangled there until my husband got home from work since I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t feel like being electrocuted.

How to update lighting

This milk filter was perfect to wire and hang because of all the holes. We just removed the socket from the old fixture and thread the wires through the top of the filter.

DIY Found Object Light FixtureWe used screws with washers to reattach to the ceiling and that was it!

Upcycled Lighting

We love it! So unique and such an improvement from the brass.  Oh yeah, and it cost $5, let’s not forget!

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50+ Things to Make From Wine Corks

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves


This week’s 50+ is all about wine bottle corks.  Did you know there are a ton of ways to repurpose corks?  I was surprised at all the different projects I encountered while compiling this round-up.  Between this and the wine bottle repurpose round-up from awhile back, no part of your wine purchase will go to waste!

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves

My friend Vivienne at The V Spot created a super cool piece of artwork, with a wine cork mat.  Go check out her detailed tutorial, and you are sure to see why her site is one of my very favorite places to be inspired.

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves

This trivet and coaster set from horizontally sliced wine corks would make a great Christmas gift set for the wine lover in your life.  Or anyone really.  I am not a wine person, and I would love to get this for Christmas.  Eco friendly, handmade and functional… yes please.

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves

Grab the kiddos and create some whimsical wine cork mushroom ornaments at Red Ted Art’s Blog.  These would be adorable on the Christmas tree, or as decor for a woodland creature themed party, don’t you think?  Anytime is a good time for cute mushrooms, I always say.

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves

Bespangled Jewelry put a unique twist on the DIY stamp, using wine corks for this mustache stamp tutorial.  I’ve seen potatoes, erasers and foam for DIY stamps, but this is a first for wine corks.  What a clever repurpose!

50 plus #Crafts #DIY to make from #Upcycled #Recycled Wine Bottle Corks @savedbyloves

At Simple City Style, I spied this wine cork placeholder.  I love the look, and while there is no tutorial, I think even the least crafty among us can crack this code.  Looks like you just cut what you want to be the bottom to create a flat surface.  Then make a slit across the top for the place card.

Check out these and several more cork upcycle projects and start hoarding those corks!

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