How to Make T-shirt yarn and 30 Plus Projects to Make

How to Make tshirt yarn and 30 Plus projects to make @savedbyloves

I have been a busy girl creating yarn from old t-shirts. Did you know you can make a continuous strand of yarn and create a sizable roll of yarn from just shirt? Once you have created your yarn, the potential projects you can create are unlimited.

I used the exact process shown in this video DIY from Releve Design. I have a couple of tips to contribute to this excellent tutorial. Try to find the cheap cotton t-shirts without side seams. They are best so you won’t have bumps where the seams would be. If you want specific colors like I did, you can stock up on white t-shirts from you local thrift store and die them. I created a gradient in blues this way, using the same dye and process I showed you in this ombre Father’s Day gift post
I plan to make a rug, but you can pretty much make any crochet or knitting pattern with this upcycled t-shirt yarn. Here are 30+ t-shirt yarn projects to get you going. Enjoy!


Stamped T-Shirt By WhimseyBox

#DIY T-shirt craft with Stamping by WhimseyBox featured @savedbyloves

I am in love with this stamped t-shirt project spotted at WhimseyBox.  They used oil based block printing ink, available in their inclusive kit.  I am wondering if fabric medium and acrylic paint would look this good?   The arrow tail stamp pattern is sweet!

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Tutorial: Upcycled T-shirt Bracelets

How to Make TShirt Bracelets

Summer has brought a serious bracelet obsession, worldwide.  Here is a fun, eco-friendly project using old t-shirts to create stack-able wrist decor for little or no cost.

You will need:

Old T-shirts


Old T-shirt Crafts


Recycled T-Shirt Crafts

T-Shirt Upcycle

The cuff made from the collar is optional.  The above pic shows it without.

For the other 2 T-shirt bracelets, I did macrame knotting.  Just start out like I showed you above, making a loop at one end .  Then follow the macrame instructions I linked in this macrame bracelet DIY.

TShirt Bracelets

T-Shirt Bracelets

Want some more T-Shirt Crafts?  Check out my round-up of over 50 projects you can make from old t-shirts!

DIY Neon Striped T-Shirts

Neon T-shirt DIY

When I saw these fantastic neon t-shirts made with duct tape and spray paint, I just had to share them with you.  I must make a chevron version.  The 80’s would be so proud.  You will find the full tutorial at Go Radio.

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