Upcycle Coffee Sleeves into Gorgeous Jewelry

How to Make Gorgeous Jewelry From Coffee Sleeves @savedbyloves

Today I am sharing with you this great coffee sleeve upcycle. With the amount of coffee I drink, the sleeves were starting to pile up. I saved them, knowing one day, inspiration would strike and I would repurpose them. The idea to create jewelry from them came to me over the weekend as I was sorting through my Sizzix dies. These are easily customizable to coordinate with any style. Follow along and make your very own!


upcycled jewelry tutorial

Coffee Sleeves

Acrylic Paint (I used Distress Paint)

Asymmetric Rings Sizzix Die

Butterfly and Rings Sizzix Die

Mod Podge Antique

Non-Stick Craft Mat

Markers to coordinate with paint(I used Distress Marker – Vintage Photo)

Jump rings

Toggle clasp

Ear wires

2 pairs of jewelry pliers


2 Repurpose jewelry

Unfold coffee sleeve.

3 Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial

Randomly apply your favorite acrylic paint colors.

4 Jewelry Making Tutorial

I went for a warm and cool color range.

5 DIY Jewelry

Once paint is dry, cut out rings with sizzix as shown. If you don’t have a sizzix, you can cut by hand, or use paper punches.

6 How to Seal Paper Jewelry

Seal pieces for durability. I dipped them in Mod Podge antique finish.

7 Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

Brush away excess Mod Podge and let dry.

Distress Paper Edges

Mark around the inner and outer edges of the rings. On the left is before marking, the two on the right have been marked around the edges.

9 Attach rings with jump rings

Use various jump rings to attach rings for earrings and bracelets as shown.

Upcycled Earrings from Coffee Sleeves

How to Make Cardboard Jewelry

Jewelry from Coffee Sleeves

I am in love with these pieces! Super easy and cheap to make. You could also use the die cut coffee sleeve shapes in your mixed media art.

DIY Alcohol Ink Aluminum Can Christmas Wreath

Aluminum Can Poinsettia Wreath by @savedbyloves

If you are anything like me, you love Ranger Ink products.  I am particularly obsessed with alcohol inks, which paint vivid color on non-porous surfaces such as aluminum and glass.  How excited was I to be invited to share a Christmas project on the Ranger Ink Blgo?! Very. Come see how I created this Recycled Pop Can Poinsettia Wreath for less than $3 with cans, dollar store supplies and alcohol inks! With tons of other projects to inspire you, you will want to make sure to look around while you are there!

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Aluminum Can Angel DIY

50+ Aluminum Can Crafts

DIY Patriotic Paint Chip Paper Hydrangeas

[pinit]Make Patriotic Paint Chip Craft Paper Hydrangeas @savedbyloves[pinit]

Show your American, upcycling spirit with this patriotic paint chip hydrangea craft!  These make a lovely centerpiece for your summer festivities and Fourth of July party tablescape.  This is a craft the kids can help with for some creative family time during school break.

Patriotic Paper Hydrangea Paint Chip Craft


Make Roses From Leaves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

This project was awhile in the making, as there was some trial and error involved.  I have been dying to cut leaves with my Sizzix since they started changing into the warm autumn hues.  The part I couldn’t figure out about how to do this was preserving the leaves.  If I pressed them, they would be brittle and fall apart when I rolled them into the rose shape.  What to do?

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

The solution turned out to be beeswax.  The idea came to me when I saw this post at Artsy Ants on preserving autumn leaves with beeswax.  I thought just maybe I could dip the leaves, then die cut and roll the spirals into the 3D rose.  There were some things to learn along the way, but in the end, it worked.  I used my roses to embellish an oval frame containing autumn themed subway art.   See how I did it…


Colorful Autumn leaves


Melting pot

Bamboo skewer or toothpick

Heat tool

Oval frame ($1 at Michaels)

Craft glue

Mod Podge rub on transfers Holidays/Seasons

Masking tape

Sizzix 3D rose die

Sizzix die cut machine (I used Vagabond here)


Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Melt beeswax in melting pot

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Dip leaf into melted beeswax and set on wax paper to cool for 30 seconds or so.  You can do several leaves at once, but you want to move on to the die cutting and rolling quickly, as the wax becomes brittle if it cools too much and you will be annoyed.  Seriously annoyed.  I would dip about 20 leaves and move on to die cutting right after that.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

I used the smaller rose to cut my leaves, since most of them were too small to completely cover the large rose shape.  Place the wax coated leave over the shape and tape in place with masking tape so it doesn’t shift.  You can stack up to 4 coated leaves at a time to run through the machine.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Use your bamboo skewer to roll the die cut leaf into the spiral rose.  I showed you this in the aluminum can rose video below.  The process is the same for the leaf rose.  Be careful, as they are fragile and will tear.  If you have a stack of the shapes because you cut 4 at once, carefully separate them and roll each shape.  Use a paintbrush to add beeswax as a glue at a couple of points throughout the spiral.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

This shows me painting on the beeswax as “glue”

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Glue the bottom tab to secure as shown in the video, using beeswax instead of glue.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Once your leaf is formed, remelt the wax that cracked during the rolling process with the heat tool.  This makes sure the entire piece is sealed and gets rid of the cracks.  Hold rose in place with tooth pick while heating.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Use your leaf roses to embellish your next project.  I glued mine to an oval wood frame I found at Michael’s for $1.  I used Mod Podge fall themed rub on transfers to create subway art on cardstock to put inside the frame.  LOVE.

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

Make roses from leaves #sizzix #DIY #Fall @savedbyloves

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