Go prAna or Go Home

I was e-l-a-t-e-d when I was asked to try out some PrAna gear and share with you, my lovely readers, an exclusive discount code!

Let’s start with the good stuff, your 15% off discount code! WPJCF18

Now, about me and my relationship with PrAna! I moved to Colorado 3 years ago and became an avid rock climber. Obsessed. What that has to do with prAna is that it quickly became the most prominent brand in my closet, not only because of it’s aesthetics, but because it is the best brand I have found to stand up to the demands of body vs. rock!

PrAna is not just for women, either. John loves his Woodman Flannel, and I can’t take off my Diva Long Jacket. It is extremely warm and the perfect length! It is lined by clouds, I am pretty sure.

The hood is perfect at keeping my ears from freezing off too.

Also, you get to look good while preparing to pelt your photographer with a snow ball. I mean, come on, priorities people!

The pants are prAna as well, my favorite for rock climbing. Unfortunately I don’t do a ton of that outside when it’s cold since feeling one’s fingers is important in that particular sport, but they are great for hiking and being active in general. I love them for rock because they don’t get picked and have snags in them after climbing sharp granite or limestone walls.

The are also fantastic for tree napping.

The stitching is solid and I’m digging the sweater ribbing on the sides of the Diva Jacket…

Their logo is subtle and well placed, and the stitching, again, solid on the Woodman’s Flannel.

John is also sporting one of his favorite pair of prAna pants in addition to the flannel.

Since we couldn’t show you outdoor climbing, we took our prAna to the indoor gym! These pants are the best! I wear them almost every time I climb

And John in his favorite climbing pants, which just happen to be… you guessed it, prAna!

The are so flexible yet strong.

If you ever see me climbing and I am not in prAna gear, I may need a neurologic exam. Just saying. 

The quality is outstanding, but more importantly, prAna is a sustainable brand and uses organic cotton and recycled fabrics as they aim to help the planet. Read all about that here!

Full Disclosure: I did receive the Diva Jacket and Woodman’s Flannel to add to my already huge, self purchased prAna collection in exchange for sharing this information with you. All opinions are 100% honest and mine! This also has been the perfect segue into migrating a little away from DIY to more outdoor adventures and rock climbing. So HUGE thanks to prAna for what you do to help our planet and for being my go to outdoor gear! I love you!!

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