Cupcake Liner Rosette Frame

Make a cupcake liner rosette frame with #DIY from @savedbyloves


I was browsing the swoon worthy pages of one of my favorite publications, Somerset Life, when I came across their call for cupcake liner crafts.  Oh how awesome it would be to make it onto one of those pages!  I decided to make roses from the liners, and adhere them to a plain wood frame for this rosette wreath.  It took awhile to roll all those little flowers, but the project was easy, and well worth the time.

Cupcake liner craft DIY from @savedbyloves


White cupcake liners (a few packs, depending on the size of your frame)

Craft glue (I used Glossy Accents)

Sizzix 3D flower Die

Sizzix Machine

If you don’t have a die cut machine, you can cut the spirals by hand with a spiral rose template, like I showed you here

Wreath form or unfinished frame/garage sale frame

Bamboo Skewer or toothpick


Stack cupcake liners over die cut shape, tape into place with masking tape and run through Sizzix

How to make paper roses

Roll spiral into rose using bamboo skewer.  I showed you a video demonstrating this part in this Decorative Paper Rose Sphere post.

Sizzix Die Cut Paper rose cupcake liner craft

Glue roses to frame or wreath form with a small dab of glue on the back of the flower


Frame revamp with paper roses

Simple as that!  I decided to leave the picture out of the frame, since it is a piece of art in and of itself.  I think I want to do a matching lampshade.

Make a cupcake liner rosette frame with #DIY from @savedbyloves

What do you think?  Have you done or seen any cupcake liner crafts?  The contest submission deadline is Feb. 15th.  The issue is linked above and contains all the details!

Make a cupcake liner rosette frame with #DIY from @savedbyloves

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