Halloween Party Decor with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam

[pinit]Decorative Mesh Halloween Wreath[pinit]

*NOTE:  I recieved product and compensation for this project.  All opinions are mine and honest.

With just a month until Halloween, it is time to get down with some creepy decor.  Today I am going to show you how to do just that with a little help from Make it Fun: Crafts.  Using Design It:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh and Burlap with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam we will create a festive orange rosette wreath, perfect for your Halloween festivities!

Decorative Mesh Halloween Wreath DIY


Make it Fun Burlap Garland

 Design It:® Simple Style® Decorative Mesh

 Design It:® Simple Style® Burlap Garland

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Sheet

FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Cutter

Black wired ribbon or burlap

Hot glue gun



I cut my wreath form from a sheet of foam using the foam cutter (which you can find on the Make it Fun website linked above).  You could also just use a precut wreath form.

How to cut foam

Trace the donut shape onto the foam sheet.  I used two foam circles, one small and one big, for my “donut”.  You could use a plate or other round object.

Styrocutter Tutorial

Cut along the outlines with your Styro Cutter Plus®, like I showed you in my faux pallet flag post.

Deco Mesh Wreath

Wrap your wreath with the burlap garland.  This is to have brown instead of stark white showing through in any gaps that may remain after rosettes are added, as well as to give hot glue something to adhere to.

Make a rosette wreath

Once entirely wrapped, cut burlap from roll and hot glue in place on back of wreath.

How to make a spiral rosette

Cut a 1.5 inch strip of orange Deco Mesh about 10 inches long.  Twist into spiral shape from center towards the outside to make the rosette.

How to make fabric rosettes

Hot glue rosettes onto wreath form until it is covered.

DIY Halloween Wreath

Hot glue black wire ribbon or burlap to the back and secure on nail to hang.

There are tons of ways to use these products in y0ur fall decor.  Make sure to visit Crafts n’ Coffee to stay up to date on products and project ideas!

Black Licorice Wreath DIY

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

This project began as an idea I had to create a Halloween wreath from black jelly beans.  I couldn’t find any of those, and ust when I was about to abandon the plan, I spotted these little black licorice bites at the dollar store.  The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory.  I cut a wreath form from cardboard like I showed you in this fall wreath tutorial.

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

To adhere the licorice, I began, admittedly, with a hot glue gun.  Um…no.  That was not my smartest moment.  As you can imagine, the glue melted the candy, and no adherence occurred.  I then tried tacky glue, which also reacted with the candy and didn’t stick.  Finally, I went for super glue.  That did the trick!

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

The flower I made from orange paint chips, using the Sizzix Create a Bow Die.  I used super glue to adhere it to the wreath.  The hanging mechanism is a fabric scrap I had left over from another project.

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

I’m happy with my wreath, and at $4 total, it’s completely affordable.  What do you think?  Are there black jelly beans where you live?  I think those would have been easier to glue.

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