DIY Farmhouse Table and Bench Using Free Plans from Ana White

Farmhouse bench plan
How to build a farmhouse table and benches rustic decor woodworking plans @savedbylovesI have wanted to build a farmhouse table since I first started building a couple of years ago. Our new house I showed you in the recent Home Tour has just the spot for one, so we got busy woodworking and today I am sharing the fruit of our labor. Using free plans from Ana White, we built a lovely table and matching benches.  I have seen similar sets going for around $1200.  Ours cost under $200!  Building saves so much money, and is super gratifying.  If you are intimidated by power tools, I am here to tell you that you can overcome the fear, just like I did!

Minwax Wood Conditioner Gel Stain and Polyurethane

I built my table using Ana White’s free DIY Farmhouse Table Updated Pocket Hole Plan, and the benches using her Farmhouse Bench Plan.  As always her plans are amazing, and free!  This site is my go to for all things woodworking.  It is where I went to begin this journey, and as you can see in my Woodworking Project Gallery, I have built several of her lovely pieces!  Our house is becoming a hand-built home, one plan at a time.

We decided to stain the top and paint the base white.  Finishing each before attaching them together made things easier.  We did this for the benches too.

I used Minwax Pre Stain Wood Conditioner on the table tops before staining.  This evens out the surface of the wood and makes the stain take more evenly.  I kinda feel like a pro when I stain after conditioning!  The conditioner is easy to apply and one can is enough for several projects.  You just apply with a lint free cloth, let it soak in for about 5 minutes and wipe away any excess conditioner.  After 30 minutes, apply stain.

I used Minwax Gel Stain in Aged Oak.  This is my first time using it, and it is gorgeous!

Staining with Gel Stain

This is my first time using the Gel Stain.  I applied it with Minwax’s Staining Brush.  It is definitely less drippy/runny than the regular stain, but not as mess free as the Wood Finishing Cloths.  Those are still my favorite, and if I didn’t want to try the Aged Oak so badly, I would have used the cloths!  I am hooked and you will be too.  Find out why they are so magical here: DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard.

After Staining

After the stain dried overnight, it was time to seal.  I used Minwax Polyurethane in Clear Satin.  I applied two coats, drying 4 hours between and sanding with 220 grit paper between coats as well.

For the legs, I primed and painted with white glossy latex paint we had leftover from painting out trim.  It took 2 coats.

DIY Farmhouse Table woodworking plan

I am completely in love with this set.  It took a couple of weeks to build all three pieces and finish them, but I was busy with several other projects at the same time.  If you were determined, you could do this in a weekend.

Have you braved power tools?  If not, I hope you are a little closer to taking the leap now.  It is so worth it!!

New Home Tour + Renovation Plans and Exciting News

Saved By Love Creatiaans New Home TourWe jumped into our new place with immediate renovations, no time wasted.  It has been just about 2 months since we took possession and already, you have seen our DIY Countertop Makeover with Rustoleum’s Countertop Transformation Kit, as well as our DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade.  We wanted to take the time today to show you around the house before continuing with our updating plans.  While house hunting, the biggest must haves on our list were land, wood shop space, studio space, and a couple of rooms for guests.  It will be easy to see how we landed where we did, provided you bring with you a DIY remodel vision.  Come with us as we go from a 1990’s country house to a vintage farmhouse style home, one budget minded project at a time!

Ariel View

Here is the aerial view.  You can see the large front and back yard, pond, outbuilding (yay for workshop with 60 Amp service, and ample wood storage).  There is even a running trail in the wooded area!

DIY Farmhouse Inspiration

Here we are from the back of the house.  That pond is delightful with a fountain feature and fully stocked.  Not that I plan to fish, but several friends and family members are excited about that aspect.  You wouldn’t believe the number of frogs hopping around there right now!


The tools are in the right half of the outbuilding, which has a concrete floor and windows in the back.  The left hand side holds the tractor and all of the reclaimed wood I hoard!

Let’s go inside now…


Here we have the foyer.  The first thing we did, even before the kitchen, was paint the walls and trim.  Bye bye wood trim!!  Some of you will want to vomit at the thought of that.  I am a white trim girl, so white it is.

Living room and Dormers

Here is the living room from the sliding doors that go out onto the back deck.  The walls are no longer country blue.  We went Moderate White by Sherwinn Williams.

Living room ceiling

I loved the wood ceiling and window trim in the living room, so it stayed as is.  That light will be replaced with something less shiny brass and more awesome/vintage/farmhousey.

Living room to deck

Here is the view of the double deck doors from the living room.  I showed you a DIY Window Treatment for them no long ago.  You can also see the new paint on the walls and trim:

Living room

Like I said, I left the wood on the big window above the double doors, and on the ceiling.  No more deer head, if you were curious.


You have seen the kitchen in the DIY countertops and DIY kitchen Cabinet Upgrade posts.


DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade

It is now much brighter, fresher and along the lines of the farmhouse feel we want.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the farmhouse table and bench we built!

Master Bedroom

Here is the master bedroom.  Again, we have painted walls and trim, which you have yet to see!

Master Bath

Here is the master bathroom.  If the picture extended right, you would see a shower, toilet and walk-in closet.  It is a great space, but we have a lot of updating to do!  I would like to rip out the vanity and drawers to it’s left and go with something junkier.  Also, faux wood ceramic tiles are on my list!  That mirror and those lights are never going to make the cut either.

Living room and Dormers

Here you see the upper level from the living room.  I love the open concept and cathedral ceilings.  There are two mirror image bedroom dormers on either side of the upstairs, with a full bath in between them.Right Bedroom Guest bedroom left

As you can imagine, we will be painting our style all over these canvases!

Downstairs familyroom

DownstairsYou may be wondering where I will have my art and craft supplies!  This finished basement is huge!  There are three rooms for storage, two of which are office like, or potential extra bedrooms.  I have such big plans for this space.  It is amazing, aside from the drop ceiling tiles.  That is on the top of my list of “must go” features!

Downstaris office

I am working on an exciting DIY custom built-in storage from bookshelves in this room.  You will see more about that in August.

And now for more exciting news!!!  You are going to get double the inspiration.


My very talented friend Karen, a.k.a The Graphics Fairy, has also recently purchased a new home!  Follow the two of us as we share our DIY projects and home decor ideas in turning these houses into homes.

Tour Karen’s house in the suburbs HERE.

Karen and I are going to Haven Conference, and will be coming back to you next week with the latest in DIY products, projects and inspiration.  I, for one, am super excited.  Are you?!


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