Make Fabric Scrap Bracelets


Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Bracelets


Today I am excited to share a simple scrap fabric project that leaves you with a gorgeous braided bracelet.  If you can braid and glue, you can make this!  I used leftover scraps and a white tea towel which I sprayed with Dylusions ink.  The great thing about these bracelets is you can use any fabric and go crazy with colors to fit your style.  T-shirts, old sheets, vintage hankies, lace, ribbons  would work great.  Make several for gifts.  They work up quickly and easily!

Let’s get started…



Fabric scraps

Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and mat

End caps or wire and cones (see link in tutorial for what to do if you don’t have end caps)

Industrial strength glue (pictured in tutorial is Fabri-Tac, which did not hold, so I ended up using E6000 which holds about anything to anything but is stinky)

Jewelry findings: Jump rings and toggle clasps

Sewing thread

Easy Scrap Fabric Bracelet DIY from @savedbyloves #DIY #Jewelry #Upcycle


Cut fabric into strips about 10 inches long and 1-3 inches wide (depending on how thick your fabric is and how chunky you want your bracelet).

Using three strips per bracelet  :Gather the strips and tie knot at one end with 15 inches of thread, leaving an inch tail of the fabric strands.

Wrap thread around several times at the top of the braid and double knot, then trim excess thread. (For a detailed photo tutorial of this part, see my kumihimo tutorial)

Braid the three strands until bracelet is about one inch shorter than you want the finished piece to be.

Wrap thread around 10-15 times like you did at the top, then knot and trim excess thread.

Put a dab of glue on the thread for added security and cut off each end of fabric braid right up to the thread. (NOTE:  if you want to use wire and cone beads instead of end caps, see the kumihimo tutorial I mentioned previously).

Put glue in end caps and insert each end of braided strand into an end cap.

Attach toggle clasp with jump rings.  You can add charms if you like.

The End!


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