100+ Ways to Decorate Your Place for Cheap

100+ Ways to decorate dorm rooms, or any room, creatively on a budget from savedbylovecreations.com #crafts #decorating #DIYAs a college student, I was always decorating my place with nice art and accessories that I could have made for way less than the purchase price. That was back when I thought only science mattered, and creativity was for those who didn’t know that. Can you imagine? Ask me how many of those expensive pieces I still have? Don’t let it happen to you. Why spend your precious resources on items you will move from place to place, lose or damage?  There are tons of ways to create amazing room designs with handmade, budget friendly home decor projects. Many of them use materials you will see in recycle bins everywhere. Go to your local recycling center and ask if you can raid their goods.  They may look at you funny, but probably won’t object.

Recycling Bin Craft Supplies

Stop the insanity. Save your cash and your planet. Impress your friends with decor you made by hand, from junk. Here are over 100 ways to do so!

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