Pottery Barn Knock Off $3 Sea Glass Votives

Pottery Barn Knock Off With Dollar Store Supplies @savedbylovesI have been out of the creative groove, dealing with some life stuff, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be sharing with you again! Punctuating the blog break is a super cheap, easy sea glass hanging votive holder tutorial. Why do you care? I will give you three reasons. First, they are awesome… duh. Second, they are a full blown dollar store craft, yay! Finally, I knocked them off from Pottery Barn’s Sea Glass Hanging Votives for a fraction of their cost. Mine… $3 plus stuff I had on hand. Theirs… $60 and no bragging rights. You can put that $57 you saved towards a backyard soiree, complete with stylish ambiance handmade by you!


Dollar Store Glasses

Grab glass holders like these. I got them at Dollar Tree.

Martha Stewart Glass Paint Frost:in sea glass colors (blues, aquas, white)

Rubbing Alcohol

Vinyl or latex gloves

Lint Free Towel

Cosmetics sponges


Mason Jar Hanging Lantern Wire

Jar Wire Hangers (I got mine at Joann’s, but here are some on Amazon)

*If your containers are spherical without a neck like one of mine pictured, you will need to drill holes in the glass, which I showed you here: How to Drill Holes in Glass

*In this case, or if your glass holders are too large for the wire hangers you can purchase, or if you want to save $, you will need to make your own wire hangers (I cover that below). For that you will need:

DIY Hanging Lanterns


Wire Cutters or Metal Snips if your hanger is to hard to cut with wire cutters

Wire clothes hanger or craft wire 16 gauge



How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns9

Clean the surface of the glass with rubbing alcohol and a lint free towel or paper towel. Make sure to wear gloves. You want to get rid of fingerprints and refrain from touching the glass with your bear hands after cleaning it. The glass paint needs a clean, oil free surface for maximum adherence.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns11

For this lantern, I mixed frosty white and glossy aqua. Apply several thin layers with a soft brush or cosmetic sponge, allowing 30 minutes of dry time between layers. I did two coats with the above mixture, then I used frosty “Surf” on the bottom third for layer three. I went over the entire piece with frosty white to blend and create the ombre effect.

*With glass paint, the key is patience and faith. It will look like crap until it dries…

martha stewart glass paint

I told you. Here I used a soft brush, then remembered why I prefer cosmetic sponges with glass paint. I switched to the sponge for the rest of the layers. It looks awful regardless of what you use, until it dries and evens.

*For more tips and details on glass paint technique:

 Recycled Wine Bottle Address Lantern DIY

Once you have painted your glass holders, let them dry overnight before moving on to the next step:


How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns8

For all of my hanging votive holders except for the spherical one and the white one, I used these purchased wire jar hangers. They are super handy and I had them in my stash.

As I said in the supplies section, you can make your own version to save cash, if your holder is too big for the mason jar version, or if you have a container with no “lip” to rest on the wire.

DIY Hanging Lanterns

This holder was to large in diameter for the mason jar sized wire hanger. To start, I cut the top off the hanger with metal snips. You can use craft wire and wire cutters just as well. The hanger wire was super hard and difficult to cut and shape, but I couldn’t resist the repurpose. Next time I will go with a thicker gauge craft wire.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns

Begin at one of the two “V” angles.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns2

Form a loop by pulling the right wire under the left wire as pictured.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns3

Bend the left wire just under the loop, and pull the under and back over it above the bend you made (see photo).

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns4

Use your glass to shape the wire. When you get to the side opposite your loop, trim the tails of your wire leaving 1.5 inches extra on one tail and about 0.5 inches on the other.

In retrospect, I should have made the wire for this before painting it, as I nicked it in a couple of places. Don’t make my same mistake. It’s easily avoidable.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns5

One the longer tail, bend the wire and wrap the end around a pen or dowel to create a loop as shown.

Bend the other tail so that it sticks up, perpendicular to the wire as shown.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns8

This diagram may help. The perpendicular tail you just made slides over the wire just under the loop from the previous step to secure the hanger around the neck of the container.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns6
Make a handle with a piece of wire by forming a “U” shape with a loop at each end. Leave the handle loops open enough to slide into the neck piece loops.

How to Make Hanging Votive Lanterns7
Assemble as pictured and hang!

Make Dollar Store Sea Glass Votives

I love them! These are perfect for wedding receptions and festivities of all kinds. Best of all, they are charming and cheap.

Pottery Barn Knock Off Sea Glass Votives DIY

This is the Pottery Barn version. I went a little frostier because I like that look. You could use transparent gloss to achieve the look of the blue PB version pictured.

DIY Dollar Tree Sea Glass Votives

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DIY Dollar Store Eraser Valentine Earrings

Valentines Day Jewelry Tutorial

I heart creating with dollar store supplies. For one, it is cheap, and it challenges me creatively. When I saw these cute Valentine’s Day erasers over the weekend, I immediately thought they need some resin and ear wires! Follow along to see how I made earrings from dollar store erasers!

Dollar Store Craft Idea

At first I imagined making a pendant, but then I realized the erasers came in pairs, just perfect for earrings. This project is super cheap and easy to do. Don’t be intimidated by resin if you’ve never used it.

ICE Resin Jewelry Tutorial

Especially now that ICE resin has made mixing the two parts so simple.

Dollar Store Resin Craft Idea

When working with 2 part resin, it is crucial to mix equal parts A and B. If you are off even just a little, the resin may no cure properly. ICE resin comes in a plunger that extrudes equal parts automatically.

How to Use Resin

Use a craft stick and mix the 2 parts by stirring for at least 1 minute.

TIP:  After mixing, let resin sit for 5 minutes before applying it. This lets the mixture settle and decreases air bubbles.

How to apply resin

Apply a little bit of resin at a time, starting in the center using the craft stick. It can take awhile to get use to how much resin to use. Just don’t go overboard. You can always add more to create a dome effect after the first layer has dried, but you are in for a mess if you use to much and it spills over the edge.

Let resin cure for 12 hours.

Upcycled Jewelry

I picked up these screw eyes at Walmart for $0.97.

How to Make Earrings


Just screw the hardware into the top center of your resin eraser.

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Add ear wire and you are set!

Valentines Day Craft

Do you love them as much as I do? You can make 6 pairs with the pack of $1 erasers!

Make Adorable Valentine's Day Earrings Dollar Store Craft @savedbyloves

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Recycled Wine Bottle Tiered Veggie Stand

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiered Display[pinit]

Do you love Dollar Store Crafts?  How about making things from recycled materials?  Make an all occasion display in just a few simple steps, using dollar store dishes and cut wine bottles!  This project is perfect for displaying your garden harvest, letting tomatoes ripen in a window sill, filling with holiday themed candies and filler, or  for storing your favorite jewelry in a fashionable way.


Dollar store supplies and recycled wine bottles

-2 wine bottles and bottle cutting supplies – See How I Cut Wine Bottles

-E6000 or other industrial adhesive

-3 plates or dishes in varying sizes



Tiered Candy Display 2

1. Place largest plate or dish on a flat surface and glue a wine bottle top to it as shown.

Tiered Candy Display 3

2. Glue the top of the same bottle and place middle sized dish on top of that. Continue in this fashion until your stand is constructed.

Tiered Candy Display 4

3. Let dry 24 hours before using!

Recycled Glass Art CG

Do you love it?

What are your favorite wine bottle crafts?

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Dollar Tree Pallet Wood Bathroom Organizer Tutorial

[pinit]$3 Dollar Store Craft Idea Reclaimed Wood Organizer @savedbyloves[pinit]

Could you stand to be a little more organized in your bathroom?  I know I could.  I find organizing rather boring, unless I can combine it with creating a cool home decor accent.  Today I am sharing a project fitting that bill- a rustic, chalkboard reclaimed pallet wood bathroom organizer using cute little jars I scored at the Dollar Tree recently!  For only $3 and some supplies I had on hand, this project packs a big punch on the cheap.  You can totally make this.  Give it to Mom for Mother’s Day!


How to make wood pallet bathroom organizer

Pallet wood plank about 15 inches

Amazing Goop or E6000

Saw tooth hanger


3 Dollar Tree Jars

Chalkboard Paint

Small Paint Brush

Tape Measurer

Marker or pencil


Begin by hammering the sawtooth hanger in the middle upper back of the wood.  You want to do this before gluing the jars in place.

How to attach jars to wood with Amazing Goop

Measure placement for the jars and mark three evenly space dots on the front of your board with pencil or marker.  This board already had 3 evenly space holes drilled for a project that never happened.  Apply a generous dot of Amazing Goop on the board on the marked spots and on the jars in the middle back.  Let this sit for 2-10 minutes, then place jars, holding gentle pressure on each for about 1 minute.  Let this cure for a couple of hours before the next step.

How to make wood pallet art

Paint the indented area with Chalkboard paint.  This took several light coats, drying 15 minutes between each.

DIY Wood Pallet Dollar Store Craft

Label with chalk and hang on wall!

Do you love it?  I do!

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Easy Dollar Store Craft – Rosette Framed Dry Erase Board

[pinit]Easy Dollar Store Rose Soap Framed DIY @savedbyloves

Last week I showed you a wreath and bouquet made from these pretty Dollar Tree rose soaps.  You get 9 in a package, and at the store where I live the packs are 2 for $1!  I am having a blast gluing these soaps to various things.  Today I will show you how I made this rosette framed dry erase board with them and a few basic supplies.  Wake up your sweetheart with a personalized message and breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day!

How to Make a Dollar Store Rose Frame


Dollar Store Craft Idea

Dry Erase Board from Dollar Store

Scrap foam board or cardboard large enough to frame the dry erase board

Utility knife

Straight edge and marker

Glue Gun

Dollar Tree rose soaps


DIY Dry Erase Board

Measure and and mark frame dimensions on foam board using straight edge and marker.  I made mine 2 inches wide and the opening to fit the dry erase board (in this case 6×8 inches).  Cut out with utility knife.

DIY Dollar Store Craft

Apply a thin strip of hot glue around the dry erase board foam frame and place your new frame on top of that.

Make a Rosette Frame From Dollar Store Soaps

Simply glue the rosettes in place with a dot of hot glue.  I went with all white this time.  That way I can use it all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day.

How to Make a Dry Erase Board

The roses made the piece to heavy to hang on the fridge with the 2 magnets that came on the back.  I didn’t really mind since I plan to display mine on a shelf.  If you want to have it on your fridge, add more magnet strips to the back.  You can get rolls of adhesive backed magnet at most craft stores.

Make a Dollar Store Valentine's Day Dry Erase Board

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DIY Dollar Store Paint Chip Spring Mirror


Paint Chip Dollar Store Spring Mirror #Sizzix @savedbyloves


Today I am excited to share with you a project I came up with while playing with my new Sizzix dies.  This spring themed mirror is made using a dollar store mirror, an old photo mat and paint swatches.  Add a little die cut magic and it doesn’t take expensive materials to easily create your own stylish spring accent piece!

Paint Chip Dollar Store Spring Mirror #Sizzix @savedbyloves


Cheap dollar store mirror

Mat board with opening big enough to cover mirror

Sizzix Dies:  Tim Holtz Word Play Alphabet, Banners and Keys Sets, Squares #3, Flower Layers and Leaves

Glossy Accents or your favorite craft glue


Crepe Paper in color you want for flower

Paint chips – (Don’t steal them from a store!  Ask your friends and family and gather a stash.)  I used yellow shades for an ombre effect, and green for the flower leaves.

Embellishments for flower center (I used Dew Drops)

Crop a dile or other hole punch

Jute or other string for banner


Sizzix Squares Die

Sizzix square die


I used the second smalles square size for my paint chip “tiles”.  You can cut about 4 paint chips at once.  That is one of the reasons I love Sizzix so much.  The steel rules die cut through several layers of card stock at once, which comes in handy when you need lots of the same die cut shapes for your project.  They also cut leather, fabric, felt, aluminum and thinner gauge metal sheets.

I started out cutting greens, yellows and blues, but then decided to go with shades of yellow.  The blue masking tape holds the material to be cut in place so that it doesn’t shift and run off the edge.  This helps me cut in precise spots on the material so I can get as many shapes as possible from it.

Paint Chip Dollar Store Spring Mirror9

Attaching tiles

You can use a tape runner or craft glue to adhere your tiles to the mat.  Start at the outside and create a border around the entire mat.  Lay them out before adhering so you can get the spacing right.  Work your way in towards the opening in the center of the mat.


It is unlikely that your tiles will fit perfectly on the mat area.  Use scissors to cut excess tile like in the picture.  I brushed on a coat of Glossy Accents for shine and to seal.  Mod Podge would work great too.  Let dry before moving onto next step.


Apply a generous amount of Crafter’s Pick or other strong adhesive around the frame of the dollar store mirror.

Glue mosaic frame to mirror

Place your tiled mat on the adhesive and center the mirror in the opening.

Wax paper and books to add weight for adhesion

Place a piece of wax paper on top of the mosiac frame and then some books or something heavy for weight to aid in adhesion.

Sizzix Banners and Keys Die

I cut triangle banner using the Banners and Keys die (linked in supplies above).  You can cut these from paint chips or any paper you like.  I used All Chalked Up by DCWV.  Punch a hole in the top corners of the flags and thread jute or string of your choice to drape on frame.

Word Play Sizzix Die Tim Holtz

Cut out letters from heavy white cardstock or chipboard using Word Play die (linked in supplies above).  Adhere in place with tape runner or craft glue.


You can see in the final piece, I used the leftover shape after cutting for the letter “n”.


Flower Layers and Leaves Sizzix Die

To create the flower, cut crepe paper (several layers thick) using the 8 skinny petal shape on the Flower Layers & Leaves die (linked above in supplies).  Separate the layers and stack them with petals alternating, gluing each layer to the next with Glossy Accents or other craft glue.  I love Glossy Accents for paper to paper because it dries super fast.  Fluff the petals with your fingers until you are happy with the shape.

Using the same die, cut leaves from paint chips or cardstock.  Crease them lenthwise by pinching them with fingers.  Glue leaves into place, then flower on top, then jewels or beads in flower center.

Paint Chip Dollar Store Spring Mirror #Sizzix @savedbyloves

Embellished Heart Lights

Hey there SBLC friends!  Amy from Plucking Daisies here to share a quick and easy Valentine’s Day decor project.  Today I’m going to show you how to update a set  of string lights and turn them into ribbon wrapped heart lights.  You probably have all the supplies you need to create this project and if not a quick trip to the dollar store will have you “Lighting the way to LOVE” in no time!

I’m in the midst of a MAJOR studio purge and found this beat up set of heart lights (among other things) squirreled away in my stash.  These heart lights were looking less than “lovely” so I decided to give them a makeover.


How to make Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights

If you don’t have a set of Heart lights in need of an update regular white string lights will work just fine!
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 1:  Start by cutting a length of thin ribbon.  Don’t worry about measurements, you can always cut more if you run short.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 2:  Attach one end of your ribbon (as close as possible to the light) with a drop of hot glue.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 3:  Wrap ribbon around wire allowing some of the white to show through as you go.  Be sure to hold it tight to prevent unraveling.  Keep wrapping until you get to the end and secure with Hot Glue.
*If you run out of ribbon simply cut another piece and attach with hot glue wherever you left off.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 4:  Trim off any excess ribbon so it is flush with the wire.

Embellishing Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights

Now for the fun part, embellishments!  You can use whatever your little “heart” desires to embellish your lights.  Use your imagination and especially your stash!  Anything goes here so put a pom-pom, a bird or whatever you want ON IT!
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
For my lights I used Heart Table Scatter, Glitter Heart Stickers, and Felt Heart Stickers from Dollar Tree.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 1:  Count the spaces between each light and select the items to embellish your lights.  Lay them out creating a pattern if you wish.  Cut a 7 in piece of thin wired ribbon to hang a large embellishment between each light.  *I used felt heart stickers from Dollar Tree.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 2:  Attach ribbon to back of embellishment (Felt Sticker) and place a matching piece on top to secure.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 3:  Curl your ribbon around a dowel or paint brush handle.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
STEP 4:  Find the center between the lights and wrap the end of your curled ribbon around it.  Secure with Hot Glue.

Adding Floating Hearts

The last time I was here at SBLC I showed you how to create floating stars using Monofilament (Winter Tree project) .  Monofilament makes it easy to create a whimsical “floating” effect on almost any project.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
I used the same technique for the felt hearts only this time with monofilament.  By layering Glitter stickers from Dollar Tree onto a 3-4 in piece of monofilament I was able to create floating hearts on either side of the felt hearts.
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
To attach floating hearts just add a dab of hot glue to the back of your light string (preferably on the ribbon wrapped part).  *Remember a “Dab’ll do ya!”
Ribbon Wrapped Heart Lights | @PluckingDaisy #DIY #ValentinesDay #DollarStoreCraft
That’s all there is to it folks!  Now simply hang and enjoy your new and improved heart lights.   Kick back with a box of Russell Stovers (in a heart-shaped box) and let your “Love” lights shine!
Have a Lovely day!

Find me at Pluckingdaisies.com | Pinterest | Facebook | and Twitter for more creative ideas and tutorials.

60 Projects to Make with Dollar Store Supplies

50+ Dollar Store Crafts to Make @savedbyloves


One of my very favorite activities is going to the dollar store and thinking of things to make from the products there.  It forces me to be thrifty, and to think outside of the box.  Does this always yield a stunning outcome?  Nope.  But the times that I do love what I end up with make the failures absolutely worth it.  Not only that, but when it turns out the idea looked better in my head than in reality, I only spent a few bucks.  No biggie.

The projects I found for this compilation are pretty impressive.  Great decor doesn’t have to break the bank.  Neither do great accessories.  Keep an open mind on your next visit to your local dollar store!  Before the full round-up, I just have to talk about a few of my favorites…

Dollar store craft to make

Salvage Dior took a black rubber door mat from the dollar store and made this faux vintage iron wall piece.  I am an outside of the box thinker, but I don’t know that I would have thought to paint rubber for faux iron.  I mean, come on.  Gotta love spray paint, right?

Dollar store pantry reorganization at Social home

Need some organizing inspiration?  Jen at The Social Home gave her pantry a makeover with dollar store supplies.  Does your pantry look like this?  If so, did you get it there for $48?  I know.

Craft supply storage with dollar store supplies

Remember when I made marker storage from a garage sale frame and some dollar store buckets?

Infarrantly Creative dollar store plate to garden art

When I first saw this, I thought it was beautiful.  When I saw that it was made from dollar store dishes, it became genius.  Who else but Beckie of Infarrantly Creative makes gorgeous garden art from some plates and paint?

Now for the top 60 dollar store projects

Are you excited about this round-up?  Want more ideas?  You will love one of my favorite sites, Dollar Store Crafts.  It is full of inspiration and projects to get your budget craft wheels spinning.


Tiered Planter from Dollar Store Bowls

uMake a tiered planter from Dollar Store Bowls with Craftberry Bush, featured @savedbyloves


My creative friend Lucy at Craftberry Bush looked at these dollar store bowls and saw  a would be DIY succulent planter!  She was inspired by terrariums, but wanted to do something different.  How lovely!

If you like dollar store crafts, check out some of ours:


 Framed dollar store Valentine’s Day gift bag decor


Dollar Store Stenciled Gift Mugs



Z Gallerie inspired dollar store wreath



Dollar store wrapped bangle bracelet



DIY Dollar store stamped rugs



Dollar store tiered organizer



Dollar store heart garland

Dollar Store Valentine’s Decor

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Decor EASY and Cheap @savedbyloves


If you are looking to get festive for Valentine’s Day, and decorate quickly for little cost, this is the project for you!  I made it to the dollar store yesterday for the first time in way too long (ok, since Christmas), and found myself in a wonderland of pink, red, LOVE and hearts.  I noticed some fun Valentine’s Day gift bags, and the wheels started turning.  It occurred to me that I could frame them for a lovely mantel, cupid style.  I grabbed three bags, 2 frames.  For that $5 + some items I already had, and about 10 minutes of my time, I created a lovetastic scene.  So can you!


Frames (one I had on hand, the other 2 are from Dollar Tree), bags from dollar store, scissors

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Decor EASY and Cheap @savedbyloves


Cut area of bag to fit frame and insert.  The end!

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Decor EASY and Cheap @savedbyloves

For the smaller frame, I removed the 3D heart that was on one side of the gift bag and placed it on the outside of the frame for depth and interest.

The little pink and red heart scatter are from Dollar Tree too.

Dollar Store Valentine's Day Decor EASY and Cheap @savedbyloves

Not bad for under $10, huh?  I have the other sides of the bags to create with too!

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