DIY Cut Wine Bottle Table Number Centerpiece

Cut wine bottle wedding centerpiece table numbers tutorial @savedbyloves

With just a few simple supplies, you can make this charming wedding reception table number centerpiece for that special day.  Not only that, this can be used for an eco-friendly centerpiece for any occasion!


DIY Wedding

-Three Green Wine Bottles with corks
-Burlap ribbon
-flower embellishments (die cut, hand cut or buy in the scrapbook section of your local craft store)
-18 gauge craft wire
-Antique finish metal chain
-Blingy metallic and other ribbons
-Wedding themed paper craft embellishments
-Adhesive crystal sheets
-Chalkboard tags
-Decorative brad
-Monogram sticker
-Photograph of couple
-Quick grab craft glue or hot glue
-Wire cutter


1. Cut your wine bottles to 3 different heights (See How to Cut Wine Bottles)
2. Smooth out any pointy edges with grinder or sand paper.
3. Clean the bottle with alcohol or glass cleaner. I like to wear gloves after cleaning the bottle to avoid fingerprints.
How to cut wine bottles

4. Tie burlap ribbon and lace around two of the bottles near the base.
5. Wrap sparkly twine or ribbon around neck of the remaining bottle and dangle a chalkboard tag with the couple’s monogram from it. Place a decorative brad at the top of the tag.
6. Embellish bottles by gluing on flowers, placing adhesive crystals and draping metal chain as shown.
Wedding Table Number Bottles5

7. Make the wire place card/photo holder. I picked up a picture display at a garage sale and cut the wire holders from that. You can easily make your own with 16-18 gauge wire. Cut a piece of wire about 5 inches and wrap one end around a cylinder shaped object a few times (Highlighter markers or small prescription bottles work well for this.). Bend wire at the base of the circle you just made. You can use round nose pliers to make the little loop on the circle part or just leave as is.
DIY Wedding Centerpiece

8. Insert wire into cork. Create a pilot hole in the cork with a needle tool, small nail or straight pin. Insert wire holder into pilot hole and add a dab of hot glue to secure.
Wedding Table Number Bottles7
9. Place table number, sentiments and photos as shown.


○ Use this concept for holiday centerpieces, photo displays, anniversaries and other occasions by changing embellishments to match the theme.

DIY Wedding Gift Art

Hello friends! It’s Barbara from Chase the Star, as always elated to be here!

It’s wedding season! Whether you’re planning a wedding or going as a guest, you can’t deny that new nuptials are all around us.




Although I’m already happily married, I am about to celebrate a milestone anniversary, 10 wonderful years! So many weddings are DIY these days, and they look amazing! For all of the brides to be, I have a pretty and easy to make craft for your wedding decor, that can even be used in your home later on!

DIY Wedding Art

Here’s what you’ll need:

Wood plaque

Wood applique

Wood letters and ampersand

{I picked all of these up at Michael’s}

Glue gun/glue stick

Silver and white craft paint {or any color combination you like}

Make DIY Wedding Art or Gift 550px

DIY Wedding Art 550px

How to Make DIY Wedding Art:

Step 1:

Paint the wood pieces. I used silver on the plaque and letters, and white on the applique.

550px DIY Wedding Art

Step 2:

After all of the pieces have dried, glue the applique to the plaque with the glue gun. Then, glue the letters to the applique in the pattern you like.

Step 3 {Optional}:

Glue a 2 inch strand of jute or heavy string to the back of the plaque, or a saw-tooth hanger for easy hanging!

I bet this would be gorgeous in gold too! Any combination of colors to go with your wedding or home decor makes sense. I also love this idea to use as a family crest, or to give as a gift, there are tons of possibilities.

DIY Wedding Art via Chase the Star for Saved By Love Creations #wedding #diyArt #DIYcraft #silver

This will be up on my bedroom wall just in time for our big anniversary!

Check out my DIY Wedding round up for more ideas. For more crafts, recipes and home decor visit me at Chase the Star, and on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Until next time friends!

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Repurposes Mattress Spring to Wedding Polaroid Display


repurposed vintage wedding decor


Repurposed vintage pieces are add a beautiful element to wedding decor. A little outside of the box thinking goes a long way towards achieving elegance and charm. This rusty old mattress spring my friend used in her son’s wedding does just that. Guests were given Polaroid cameras to snap photos of the event, which they then clipped to the spring with clothespins!  Easy, interactive, unique, lovely and personal… what is better than that?!

The 50 Plus Best DIY Summer Centerpiece Ideas

50 plus Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces FB

UPDATED!! A great centerpiece is really all you need for your decor to look fabulous. Whether for your wedding, summer parties, or other special occasion, having gorgeous centerpieces doesn’t have to break the bank.  Getting creative with recycled cans, bottles jars and crates can keep the budget low.  Making your own flowers from paper saves cost and lends to a piece that lasts forever!

#diywedding #centerpiece

This stack planter centerpiece adorned the tables at SNAP! 2013.  It makes me think of other objects to stack for an interesting, upcycled centerpiece.  You will find a tutorial in the roundup below if you want to take a crack at making your own.


Here are the best DIY centerpieces on the planet! Enjoy.

50 plus Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces

Over 50 Crepe Paper Crafts to Make


Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts


This is the perfect time of year to gather up some crepe paper and create lovely DIY wedding decor, Mother’s Day gifts, paper bouquets, and  countless accessories for celebrations of all sorts.  The paper comes in wonderfully vibrant colors, and is inexpensive to boot.

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves

I showed you these crepe paper roses I made last week.  If you missed it, go check out the easy DIY and free template for your petals and leaves.  You will have a gorgeous bouquet that your friends will have to get super close to to see that they aren’t real roses.  Best part?  They don’t wither!  What a perfect Mother’s Day gift for those with moms that love to get roses.

Beautiful hand made card with crepe paper fringe
What a festive, simple to create, one of a kind birthday card!  See what I mean about the vibrant colors?  At Paper Crafts Connection, you can check out how this card evolved.  Make several at the same time to have on hand for those birthdays that sneak up on you.
#weddingDIY crepe paper flower aisle markers
Add that special touch to your ceremony with this crepe paper aisle marker from Hello Lucky.
Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts
Martha Stewart shows you how to make a variety of crepe paper flowers, including peony, tulip, lily and rose varieties.  You would swear they are real flowers.  Sturdier, cheaper and available in any color, any time of year, crepe paper flowers are the way to go for your DIY wedding!
Over 50+ crepe paper crafts to make @savedbyloves #DIY #Wedding #crafts
Make your own photo backdrop easily and for just a few bucks with this DIY Crepe Fringe Party Backdrop at Somewhere Splendid.

Those are a few of my faves.


Now for the 50+ collection!


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