DIY Wine Bottle Craft Rainbow Lanterns

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Who doesn’t love a good rainbow theme decorated space?  This project is that, and so much more.  For little to no cost, you can create gorgeous rainbow lanterns for your next party, or for every day spring and summer decor!  Upcycle wine bottles by cutting them, pouring in some tinted Mod Podge, letting them dry and putting them over tea light candles.  I am just the DIY blogger to show you how to pull it off, so lets go!

Recycled Wine Bottle Crafts


Wine bottles cut to the size you want (I have showed you how to cut theme HERE:  How to Cut Wine Bottles)

Tea light candles (I used flammable, but battery operated will work as well)

Mod Podge Sheer Colors

Mod Podge Sheer Colors

Wax paper or non stick craft mat


Pour Tinted Mod Podge

Squeeze a generous amount of Mod Podge Sheer Colors into the cut end of your bottle.

Upcycle Home Decor Wine Bottle Crafts

Twirl Bottle to disperse color all over the inside of the bottle.

DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

If you are having a hard time getting it to flow, you can tap the bottle against your wrist as shown.

Let the excess Mod Podge drip into back into the product bottle to save as much as possible for your next project!

I placed my bottles on my kitchen table, on a non stick craft sheet, with the ceiling fan on.  Place them with the mouth down so they dry faster.

Rainbow Themed Decor Craft With Wine Bottles

The color will be opaque in spots, and you may get discouraged, but fear not.  They will dry beautifully.  Once they do, you can cut any of color over the mouth of the bottle with a craft knife to open the bottle top.

Place over your tea lights and enjoy your gorgeous rainbow!

DIY Party Pom Poms

Hey lovelies! It’s Barbara from Chase the Star and in case you don’t know, I love simple and cheap projects! We recently celebrated my son’s birthday with a fun, yet very ‘DIY’ party at our house. One of the easiest decorations I made was party poms, we skipped the balloons and went with poms throughout and they were a hit!

DIY Party Poms


DIY Party Poms via Chase the Star for Saved By Love Creations #party #handmade #birthdayparty


Sure you can buy party poms at the store, but they are not budget friendly! For a fraction of the cost and just a few minutes you can make your own party poms!

Want to liven up your next party? Here’s how to DIY Party Poms:


Pack of gift tissue

Pipe Cleaner


Make Your Own Party Pom! via Chase the Star for Saved By Love Creations #party #handmade #birthdayparty


Step 1:

Lay the tissue on a flat surface, and smooth the sheets out. Start folding the tissue accordion style from the short side of the batch, until the entire pack is folded.


Step 2: Tightly wrap the pipe cleaner around the center.

Step 3: Snip the ends of the folded tissue in either a rounded or pointed shape (you can get really creative here!)

Party Poms via Chase the Star for Saved By Love Creations

Step 4: Peel each tissue back towards the center, until you have the shape you like!


Repeat, repeat, repeat! You can make these larger or smaller by adjusting the amount of tissue sheets you use. I also love the look of these to decorate a fun space in the house like a kid’s room or nursery, playroom, or a modern living room!

Our son thought these were ‘way cool’, and so do I!

What do you think? Would you substitute balloons for DIY Party Poms?

Stop by and see the rest of the party and even more DIY projects, crafts, and recipes at Chase the Star! Don’t forget to follow Chase the Star on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram!

See you next time!

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