DIY Window Treatment for Double Deck Doors

[pinit]Window Treatment for Double Deck Doors[pinit]

If you have double deck glass doors, you may be wondering what kind of window treatment works and looks best with them.  I ran into the same dilemma in the living room of our new residence.  Hanging a rod above the door frame would leave me with curtains hanging in the way every time I opened the door.  That is why I decided whatever went up there needed to be contained within each door.  I ended up altering regular 84 inch curtains and using tension rods for the perfect solution.   Want to see how?


Farmhouse Decor Window Treatments

Curtains about 2 times wider than the glass in  the door at least 3 inches longer than the glass

Tension rods that fit inside the window (I got 22-36 inch rods at Target for my 24.5 inch wide glass)

Sewing machine or liquid stitch or stitch witchery

Fabric scissors

Iron and ironing board

Measuring tape

Pencil or chalk for marking fabric


Measure the length of the window and cut curtains to 3 inches longer than that length.

DIY Window Treatment

Fold 3 inches  from the bottom of the curtains back and iron to make a hem (the hem will be at the length of the glass).

Pin in place and sew all the way across the width of the curtain.  This doesn’t need to be perfect, or even close, since the curtains will be bunched up around the rod and the seam won’t be visible.

Ruffle Curtains

Hang with tension rods in the top and bottom and you are done!


If you don’t want to or can’t use a sewing machine, follow the instructions but use Liquid Stitch or Stitch Witchery to secure.

You can do this with a piece of fabric at least six inches longer than your glass by sewing a 3 inch seam at the top and bottom, instead of using curtains.  I just happened to have the curtains on hand.

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