Guest Post: Paper Ball Ornament

Make a #DIY paper ball #Christmas ornament @savedbyloves

Irina from Irina’s Cute Box is back today to share another great project.  Paper ornaments like this are so fun to make and super inexpensive.  I love the festivity and uniqueness they bring to holiday decor.  Irina made hers large, for a table accent instead of Christmas tree ornament size.  The silver holographic paper she chose is just my kind of glitzy, sparkly awesomeness.

How to make a Christmas paper ball ornament

Hello SBLC readers!  I am excited to share this paper ball ornaments from my childhood with you today.  It was a fun project in kindergarten when we made them out of old post cards.  I don’t have any post cards to recycle, so I simply got in Michaels scrapbooking heavy paper with holographic finish.
This ball actually not a Christmas tree ornament, unless you have a really tall Christmas tree.   I simply used it as a home decoration.


First, you need flower templates. You can download them there in JPG file. Print the page and cut off one or all flowers. This particular home decoration ball was made using template 1 (the big one).

How to make a paper ball ornament

You’ll need 12 flowers. Make slots along the dashed lines.

How to make a paper ball ornament
How to make a paper ball ornament

Use the slits to join flower petals together. Keep adding more flowers. So all petals will be connected tho the neighbors.

How to make a paper ball ornament
How to make a paper ball ornament

First six flowers connected will look like a bowl 🙂

How to make a paper ball ornament

Keep adding flowers until the ornament will be a ball shaped.

How to make a paper ball ornament

And… your Christmas home decoration is ready!  Place it on a table or book shelf… or any other place. Add a garland or other decorations.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Martha Stewart Holiday; Turn Glasses to Trees


#MarthaHolidayPaint #Upcycle Thrift Store Glasses to Whimsical #ChristmasDecor @savedbyloves


I had the fantastic opportunity to try out Plaid’s line of Martha Stewart paint and stencils to create a holiday project.  It wouldn’t be very me if I didn’t come up with an upcycle of some sort.  While out junkin’ with my girls, I spied some thrift store fluted champagne glasses for $0.50 each, and I saw whimsical Christmas trees.  See how Martha Stewart glass paint, stencils and supplies helped me in the transformation, and how to create your own holiday vignette.

#MarthaHolidayPaint #Upcycle Thrift Store Glasses to Whimsical #ChristmasDecor @savedbyloves


#MarthaHolidayPaint #Upcycle Thrift Store Glasses to Whimsical #ChristmasDecor @savedbyloves

Martha Stewart Glass Paint; Holly Berry Red, Silver, Frost

Paint Daubers

Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencils Holiday Icons II

Rubbing alcohol and lint free cloth

Hack Saw or Acetone/Yarn


Hot water

Martha Stewart Crystal Ice


Safety Glasses


Clean the glasses and cut with either hacksaw, or using the acetone/yarn technique I showed you in this video.

If you go the hacksaw route, you will just score the glasses all the way around at the level you want the cut, then submerge in alternating hot and ice water until break occurs (as shown in the acetone glass cutting video)

#MarthaHolidayPaint #Upcycle Thrift Store Glasses to Whimsical #ChristmasDecor @savedbyloves

*I found the adhesive stencils to be super easy to use and to get a clean, crisp image with the paint daubers and glass paint.  If you are going to use the same stencil repeatedly, make sure to clean and dry the stencil between each use to avoid stray paint marks.

*The Crystal Ice Spray… awesome.  It is temporary, so you can spray it on windows for an icy look.  It is quite simple to use.  Sprays on clear, then starts to crystalize.  I ripped masking tape for a jagged edge, then sprayed over the masking tape stripes.  After about 5 minutes, I removed the masking tape and watched the crystals form.  This could be addictive.

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