25 DIY Mountain Crafts and Decor Tutorials

DIY Mountain Craft Roundup @savedbylovesIt’s been way too long since I created and shared with you, my lovies! The reason for that is a move across the country from Indiana to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I’ve wanted to take this leap for years, and now that I have, my only regret is that I waited as long as I did!

Sky Pond Rocky Mountain National Park Estes Park Colorado

Mountain National Park Estes Park Colorado

In honor of the new residence, I bring you 25 DIY mountain themed craft and decor tutorials from my fellow creatives!  You’ll find everything from advent calendars, to wall art to printable coloring pages and more. As soon as we find a permanent home, we will be able to bring the tools and supplies out of storage to begin creating again. While I am looking forward the unleashing my inner maker, exploring the new surroundings has been a gift! If you can’t get to the mountains where you are, you can bring them to you with this fun round-up! Enjoy and as always, if I left out your project, email me the link!


Easy Workbench DIY

[pinit]How to Make a Workbench @savedbyloves #woodworking #DIY


After my first woodworking project, it became obvious that this was going to be a thing for me.  Since I was already knee deep in woodworking project #2 (which you previewed if you follow Saved By Love Creations on Instagram), dear sweet husband stepped up and built me a workbench using this woodworking plan from Ana White.

How to Make a Workbench @savedbyloves #woodworking #DIY

 One thing he notices was that he only needed 7 of the 9 2×4 pieces called for in the plan’s materials list.   He even used extra on the shelf down below to increase storage space.  We couldn’t see anything we were missing.  I will let you know how it holds up!  So far so good.  I love having the mitre saw on the left and the table saw on the right, all flush with the workbench top.



We cut 4×4 scraps to elevate the table on the left so that the mitre saw would be flush (see on the bottom left of the pic).  The table came from Habitat Restore and was $8!  The total cost of the work area was under $50 (not including the saws; table saw was given to us and mitre saw I snagged from a garage sale for $25).  You don’t need to invest a ton of money to begin building your own awesomeness!

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