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I am knee deep in hand lettering classes as part of my 2013 resolution.   My hand hurts from practicing, so I took a break from inspiration and thought I would share with you this fun digital art journal tutorial from Nancie Rowe Janitz.  She has several tutorials that will teach you to make some amazing pieces by scanning in backgrounds, photos, doodles and whatever you can think of to incorporate into your digital art.  Sometimes messy is fun, other times you just want to play in a way that doesn’t involve a ton of supplies and cleanup!  If I am unsure of where to go with a mixed media piece, I often scan in my background to play with text and elements to figure out a layout that I then do by hand.

hand lettering, doodlingHere is a doodle I did with the lettering workshop Letter Lab with Lori Vliegen.  It is a great class and I am looking forward to developing my own handwritten alphabet.

art journal page, doodling, mixed media

This was part of a journal page I learned from techniques in Lori’s class.  It is water color on mixed media paper, Pitt pen and graphite pencil.  I scanned it and applied the Topaz Affects Grunge filter in Photoshop.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are inspired to create!

Make Vibrant Artwork in A Snap (+ Love Printable)

Corinthians 16:14 Dylusions ink background art print by @savedbyloves


This post was originally shared at Fox Hollow Cottage.

 I have been playing with Dylusions spray inks lately, and am in love.  Why?  Because you can create gorgeous art with the spray of a bottle.  Using a background I created in about 1 minute with this dye, I made you a Corinthians love verse printable to download and frame.  Want to make your own? Scroll down for the video and get creating.


Free Love Verse Printable by @savedbyloves #Dylusions #Valentine'sDay



Right click the image to pull up the full res 8×10, download and print!

Maybe you wish it were a different color, or had a specific saying.  That is why I am going to show you how to create your own vibrant, watercolor background using spray inks, and how to get your custom text/designs on there.


Dylusions spray ink (Bubble Gum pink and Post Box red used here)

Watercolor paper

Water spritzer

Paper towels

Stencils of your choice (I used hearts to go with my love theme)

Hair dryer or heat tool

Transfer paper, design to transfer, and pencil (or just pencil if you want to freehand your design)

Micron artist pen in black or other permanent black pen (size 03 used here)

Here is a quick video showing you the simple process:

If you scan the background, the editing possibilities are unending.  Use it as the base for subway art with my DIY subway art tutorial.

Change the hues, add text and images, digital scrapbooking, even use it as your blog background.  Here is an example of a Dylusions background that I hand stamped, scanned, and altered the color of the butterfly:


Digital scrapbooking, dylusions ink background, art journaling


Mixed Media “Believe”

Mixed Media flower art by @savedbyloves


Maybe you read in an earlier post that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get messy in my studio and create art daily.  Part of that for me has been taking some classes.  This piece is from the first project I did in Doodle Too, a class by Stephanie Ackerman of Homegrown Hospitality.  I loved the process of creating the acrylic paint sky background, and Mod Podging paper scraps to it to create the scene.  I scanned the finished piece and printed/framed it.  The original is part of my art journal.  I have taken the novel approach of just enjoying the process of putting color on paper and letting go of the final outcome.  Way too fun.  Highly recommended.

Mixed Media flower art by @savedbyloves


Marker Art Fun

AlwaysHaveFaith2New Year’s Resolution time always makes me pause and reflect.  I realized I have put off some things I have wanted to do for awhile, and have decided to aim for more balance (same resolution every year… balance).  I am going to draw/art journal everyday in 2013, even if only for a minute.

Here is a piece I did this week for a Christmas gift.  I used bristol smooth paper, papermate flair pen for the outline in black, and prismacolor markers for the coloring.  Super fun.  Doodling is addictive.  I took a cool class for $25 called A Whole New Doodle from Stephanie Ackerman, and it has my pen moving.  It is kinda meditative, and perfect for this blizzard that hit today.  Plenty of time for artwork!

Prismacolor marker doodle art @savedbyloves

 What are you working on these days?  New Year’s resolutions?

Leaving you with my back porch…


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