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Bead Addict After First Try; Some Polymer Clay Pendant Tips

Seriously.  It is absurd.  All I do is bead.  And today, I discovered some exciting patterns (FREE) that incorporate crochet (to which I am a long time addicted) and bead stringing.  Do you know how cool that is?!?!

Once I can stop beading long enough to take some photos, you will see what I have been working on.  Below are some things I plan to tackle ideally today, but I know things will end up taking longer than I anticipate.  Craft ADD.  It is real.

I found all of these here, under the free patterns link on Interweave’s Beading Daily  website.  I googled “How to finish peyote stitch bracelet” and stumble upon this gold mine of everything beading.  There are literally hundreds of free beading patterns.  Here a just a few I must try…

Beaded Crochet Rope Bracelets

Polymer Clay Pendant “Chirp”

I am particularly excited about the polymer clay pendant, since during my “100 Days of Polymer Clay”, I made a truckload of pendants.  Unfortunately I didn’t make a hole for passing string through (I usually just use Aanraku pendant bails to attach my pendants, or a jumpring).  However, a cool thing about clay is that you can re-bake it repeatedly.  So I can make a small rectangle from raw clay and glue it to the back of an already made pendant, leaving a “hump” in the center for the string to pass through.  Then I can bake the already baked pendant with the raw clay “bail” glued on back.  Don’t forget to use bake-able polymer clay adhesive when attaching raw to baked clay.  Raw to raw polymer clay requires no glue.

Beautiful peyote stitch bracelet

Peyote stitch Pearl Centered Circle Necklace

I am hopping here…

BWS tips button

Beginner Bead Stringing Resources and Free Projects

I am finding that there are many forms of beadwork.  When I look at my pile of supplies, I kinda go blank and am not sure where to start.  I am using my bottle cap pendants and scrabble tiles as focal points, which helps me decide on a color scheme, but from there, the techniques and design options are endless.  I have been scouring the web for tips and tutorials.  Here are some things that have grabbed my attention:

*  Witty Living; There are tons of free beading patterns for everything from bracelets to rings to prom jewelry.  I book marked this cute little rainbow necklace and earring set.  It is perfect to showcase one of my pendants as the focal point.
Find the link, here

beaded necklaces american cane glass
Here is another simple piece, good for showcasing a pendant:
beaded necklace project cheery heart
I love this wire wrap project, a technique that I have am excited to dive into:
wire wrap beaded necklace
*Jewelry Making Resource  Tons of free patterns/tutorials divided into Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced.  Some of the patterns are available only to subscribers, but subscription is free.
Here is a gorgeous and simple crystal bracelet, great for a Mother’s Day gift!
How to Make Bracelets
I am thrilled to combine what I learned during 100 Days of Polymer Clay (here) with bead stringing and wire wrapping!!!  I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner.  Ok, yeah I can.  There are soooo many things I want to try!  That is what I love about this blog world.  Countless inspiring women and ideas.  Makes this ADD crafter’s brain go wild.  

*Beading Gem has a great Steampunk Tutorial Roundup, here.  I wouldn’t be being true to self if I didn’t mention steampunk!  Check out this beautiful gear necklace…

I hope this inspires you to go grab some wire and beads.  It is a super inexpensive way to get your creative fix!
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