My Blogger to WordPress Transfer Experience

Transferring from blogger to wordpress

Deciding to move is a big deal.  Especially if you have been blogging for awhile, and are a bit obsessive.  I am not going to lie, I have been known to be high maintenance at times.  I am huge into DIY and take pride in that fact that there is not much I can’t figure out, with a little diligence and a lot of google.  I had contemplated moving from Blogger to WP for some time, and figured I would just do it myself.  That is until I began researching the process and all of the issues that can arise, such as loss of followers, posts, pictures, permalinks… oh my. About the time the process of tackling this myself began to seem overwhelming, I ran across Blogelina’s transfer service.  She happened to be hosting a twitter chat that very evening on the topic of transferring from Blogger to WP.  How timely!

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Announcing: The Blogger Networking Twitter Party!

Blogelina had such great success with our Blogger to WordPress Transfer Twitter Party, that we’ve decided to host another party!  The party is scheduled forThursday, June 23rd, from 9-10pm EST – and you’re invited!  We’ve got a lot of great prizes and a lot of fun lined upkeep reading for more details:

I am honored to be featuring, as my co-host for this Twitter Party, Angie , the blogger behind Many Little Blessings and creator of the Connections Network!

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SBLC Moving to WordPress

I almost feel I would rather move to a different home than move to WordPress.  I am a wee bit scared.  Mainly because I am not a fan of change, and… oh yeah, I have no idea what I am doing.  So, I have that going for me.  Yikes.

Why am I moving from Blogger to WordPress?  I am delighted that you asked.  The short answer is that a very successful blog mentor of mine told me to.  I have learned that if you want what someone else has, you have the best chance of getting it if you do what they did.  Brilliant, I know.  Considering her advice (after I got past the “No way, not ever” phase), I dug in and educated myself on the advantages of packing up and moving.  I have read several posts on this topic, and I attended a twitter chat last evening by Blogelina. While I have not experience with WP as of yet, here are the factors that convinced me:

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