Make Easy Earrings From Upcycled Fabric

How to make earrings

Not only are these earrings easy to make and cute, they are upcycled from some super meaningful fabric.  I created them from one of my beloved grandpa’s many handkerchiefs, soon after his passing. Whipping the cloth out of his pocket, he gently wiped away the tears from his loved ones eyes, and eliminated runny noses with joy. A single hanky is big enough to fashion several pairs, so the women in our family all have a wearable reminder of the best man to ever live (yes, I am biased, but also, he was the best)! Today I am going to show you how to make your own version in just a few simple steps. They would be cute fashioned from old jeans, your favorite shirt, your grandpa’s hanky, or just about any fabric you want. Let’s do this!!

How to Make Easy Upcycled Hanky Earrings @savedbyloves


How to Make Memory Earrings

White handkerchief or fabric of your choice

Organza or Tulle

Metal Eyelets


Metal chain small enough to fit through eyelet

Metal washer from hardware store that eyelet will fit in and not slide through when set

Ear Wire from Vintaj

Tonic Scissors

Jewelry pliers (2 pairs)

-side note: I gave my grandpa the book Between Me and You GRANDPA, he filled it out completely, and it is a blessing beyond words. My most valued possession, for sure.


Use Spray Inks to Color Hanky

Spray fabric if desired. I went with a fall color palate using the spray inks shown. Let air dry for a couple of hours, then set by drying in machine on high heat for 5 minutes.

Make a Square Template From Cardstock

Make a square template from card stock about 1.5 inches wide and long (yeah, a square).

Cut Squares from fabric and organza

Cut several squares from your fabric of choice using the template as a guide. I cut some from tulle in addition to the hanky.

Hole Punch Center of Template

Hole punch center of template with Crop-a-Dile

Hole Punch Center of Fabric

Hole punch center of fabric using template as a guide. You can hole punch several squares at the same time, depending on the thickness of your fabric.
Make a Sandwich from Fabric Squares with Washer in the MiddleMake a sandwich from fabric squares with washer in the middle. I used 3-4 squares on each side of the washer. The purpose of the washer is stability and weight.
Use Crop a Dile to Set EyeletUse Crop-a-Dile to set eyelet.

Insert chain about 3 inches long through eyelet.

Use Jewelry Pliers to Add Ear Wire

Make a loop from the chain, using ear wire to join both the chain loops on each end. You are finished!

DIY Upcycled Fabric Earrings

DIY Upcycled Fabric Earrings from Hanky @savedbyloves

I love having something so reminiscient of my grandfather to wear, not that I need it to remember him. He is everywhere and I am blessed! I love you, Pa. And now the flood gates are open.

Here is to grandfathers everywhere! May you cherish every moment with yours.


Make Headbands from Old T-Shirts


Make braided headbands from #recycled #tshirts at, featured @savedbylovesWe are back at it today with another easy, inexpensive DIY gift idea.  Raid your old t-shirt pile or head to a local thrift store to pick out your favorite colors for these recycled t-shirt braided headbands at

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Stamped T-Shirt By WhimseyBox

#DIY T-shirt craft with Stamping by WhimseyBox featured @savedbyloves

I am in love with this stamped t-shirt project spotted at WhimseyBox.  They used oil based block printing ink, available in their inclusive kit.  I am wondering if fabric medium and acrylic paint would look this good?   The arrow tail stamp pattern is sweet!

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Make a Fall Infinity Scarf

Fall infinity scarf DIY By Desiree' featured @savedbyloves


I found a cool free infinity scarf pattern at Sweetest Keepsakes that I just had to share.  Go see how Desiree takes a couple of yards of knit fabric and creates this beautiful autumn accessory with just a few simple steps!

Washi Tape Neon Flower Wreath DIY

Neon Fabric Flower Washi Tape Wreath Tutorial at

Washi tape + flowers die cut from burlap, a neon t-shirt, neon posterboard and socks… now that is one super trendy wreath!  I found a pack of neon washi tape rolls at Target and snatched them up right away.  This project is super easy and cheap.  I love it on my front door, especially with the neon planters.  So cute.  Grab some Goodwill t-shirts and do what I did.


Washi tape

Beacon Fabri-Tac glue

Pearlized ball pins (optional)

Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine

Die cut or hand cut flowers from burlap and old t-shirts

Sizzix 3-D Flower Wrapped Die

Sizzix 3D Wrapped Flower Layers Die


To see how I put the die cut layers together to form the finished 3-D flower, see my quick video:

Cuttlebug Die Cut Daisy T-shirt Wreath

How to make Cricut Paper Daisies Embellishments; Video Tutorial from Saved By Love Creations

Make these fun paper daisies to adorn cards, wreaths, and more with a  Cricut Cuttlebug Daisy Die kit and a Sizzix Tim Holtz Vagabond.  These flowers are made from AstroBrights paper, warm variety.  The wreath is made by wrapping strips of old T-shirt around a wreath form.   Click to see the original “T-shirt Wreath Tutorial“. I used Mod Podge 3D adhesive mounts to stick the flowers to the wreath.  This video shows the making of the flowers.  Enjoy!

How to make Cricut Paper Daisies Embellishments; Video Tutorial from


DIY Olympic T-Shirts With Tulip Fabric Markers & Paint

Make your own Olympic T-Shirt with Tulip fabric markers/paint and contact paper stencils at savedbylovecreations.comWe are super into the track and field Olympic events.  Last weekend was the women’s Marathon, and I was glued to the T.V.  My husband’s favorite Olympic event is the men’s marathon.  His favorite runner, Ryan Hall.  The race takes place in just a few days, and I wanted to make us T-shirts to show our support for the amazing U.S. athletes.  These were simple to make, and I love the outcome I got from layering Tulip soft fabric paint in a neutral shade over Tulip neon fabric markers in various hues.

You will see in the video, I used my Cricut to cut out stencils from adhesive vinyl contact paper (which you can get at the dollar store for a buck).  I colored with bright Tulip fabric markers, then did an overlay with Tulip soft fabric paint, letting the bright layer show through in some areas.  The effect turned out pretty cool.  Check out the quick video to see the process.

Make your own Olympic T-Shirt with Tulip fabric markers/paint and contact paper stencils at

*** If you don’t have a cricut or other die cut, you can print off your design and cut out the letters to create a stencil from paper or card stock.  Then use stencil adhesive or masking tape to make the stencil stay in place on the shirt.

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Shirts to Bracelets

T-shirt Bracelets

Summer is the perfect time for these upcycled shirt bracelets I spied at Lana Red.  You may have noticed there is a lot of DIY bracelet and T-shirt love going on here at SBLC.  That is because these are quick, eco friendly crafts, and I am scouring for inspiration to come up with a craft project for upcoming girls night.  These braided bracelets are top in the running.  Go see the detailed tutorial at Lana Red, at the above link.

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Easy Patriotic Bleach Tee

Stencil T-shirts with Bleach

I have wanted to try stenciling on old T-shirts with bleach for awhile now.  It is so simple, and quick.  All I did was cut stars and words from contact paper using my Sizzix.  I placed them on the shirts where I wanted, made sure they were adhered well, put a trash bag inside the t-shirt to protect the back from bleach, and sprayed with a spray mister filled with bleach.  The effect was obvious in 1-2 minutes.

Stencil T-shirts with Bleach

Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and wear gloves and protective eye wear.

Stencil T-shirts with Bleach

You will love this project.  The customizations options are unlimited!

Stencil T-shirts with Bleach

50+ Recycled T-Shirt Craft Projects

50 Recycled T-shirt Crafts

This week’s 50+ round-up will give you some ways to recycle those shirts you never wear into lovely home decor, jewelry, ruffled tops and much more.  Don’t have any?  Hit the thrift stores and garage sales to snatch up shirts for next to nothing, in the color palate  perfect for you project.  Enjoy!


50+ projects to make using old t-shirts #recycletshirts #upcycle #repurpose

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