How to Make a Chevron Table from Reclaimed Wood Pallet


Chevron coffee table DIY from Reclaimed wood shipping pallets @savedbyloves[pinit]

I am a little smitten with today’s project, which is made from shipping pallets and a $5 table I picked up at Habitat Restore.  Reclaimed wood projects are here to stay, folks – at least for this DIYer.  This modern chevron wood plank table took an afternoon to create, but will be enjoyed indefinitely!

Make a Chevron Table


Pallet wood

Ryobi AirStrike Nailer

1 3/4 inch 18 gauge brad nails

Wood Glue

Circluar Saw

Mitre Saw

Wood Clamps

Random Orbital Sander

Rustoleum Wood Stain Dark Walnut

CeCe Caldwell Satin Finish

Lent free cloth

Paint brush

Tack cloth

Yard stick


How to Build Furniture for Beginners


How to make a reclaimed pallet wood table

Find a really awesome hairpin leg table for $5 at Habitat Restore and tackle anyone in the way of you and it.  Bring it home.

Make a Chevron Table from Pallet wood

Cut pallet wood to 45° angles using mitre saw.  Meet wood in center to form 90° angles(I drew a line down center of table with pencil using a yardstick).

Glue and nail down with air nailer or hammer and finishing nails.  This is where I use my Ryobi AirStrike brad nailer.  The thing is amazing.  I can’t believe how powerful, lightweight and inexpensive it is.  I use it in all of my reclaimed pallet wood projects and it makes my life worth living, or at least way easier when building.

How to Resurface a Wood Table

Use the circular saw to cut off excess wood extending over edge of original table top.  This is way easier than cutting each individual plank to size.  Way.  Easier.  And.  Faster.  Trim with 1x2s or rips from 2x8s like i did.  I mitered the edges to 45° for a more finished look.

Ryobi Air Strike Nailer

Again with awesome nailer (this is not a Ryobi sponsored post, btw) – glue and nail the trim in place.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Projects

Orbital sander on wood top

Sand with orbital sander.

Rustoleum Wood Stain

How to apply wood stain

Staining a Wood Table Top

Wipe on Stain per directions, with the wood grain.  This is the first time I have used this Rustoleum stain and I love it.  Gorgeous color, easy to use, what is not to love?

Finishing Wood Table Top

How to Finish Wood Table

How to Make a Wood Pallet Recycle Bin


I am crazy about wood pallet projects.  If you have been here long, you know already know that, and you also know I am equally gaga for creating with recycled aluminum cans.  Today’s project combines those two eco-friendly obsessions into a lovely aluminum can recycle bin made with reclaimed wood pallets!  The piece is topped off with a cool knob and chalkboard sign.  Come see how you can create your own…


table saw

miter saw

Ryobi Air Strike Nailer

tape measure



knob (optional)

2 hinges

broken down shipping pallets or other scrap wood (I use a circular saw to do mine)



I got the idea for this wood pallet recycle bin from this post at My Carpentry:  Wood Waste Basket.  I followed the instructions there, using pallet wood instead of fence board.  You may have to adjust measurements based on the wood you have on hand.


When I got done, I wasn’t in love with it like I should be for a DIY aluminum can recycle bin hand made from discarded shipping pallets… you know?  So I decided to take it up a notch.


That is when I came up with the idea to add a knob, and a framed chalkboard label to seal the deal.


I used these Tim Holtz rub ons to add a vintage grunge number to a white knob I picked up at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

I just drilled a hole and screwed into the knob with a flat top screw just long enough to go through the wood and grab the knob.



For the sign, I spray painted a dollar tree frame and glued chalkboardpaper to the back.  Then I glued jute to the back of that to form a loop for hanging.  LOVE my new storage for cans!

DIY Wood Pallet Dog Feeder

Dog-Feeding-Station-from-Wood-Pallet copy

Today I am sharing with you a quick and easy reclaimed pallet wood dog feeding station.  You can make this piece in an afternoon and for little to no cost.  The only thing I didn’t have on hand and had to purchase were the bowls, which I found for $2 each at WalMart.

DIY Wood Pallet Projects

I started with a piece of wood I got from a friend that was wide enough for the diameter of the bowls.  My bowls are 9 inches in diameter, the wood 11.5.  You see casters pictured, but I decided not to use them.

DIY pet projects

I eyeballed this whole deal by Just placing the bowls upside down, evenly spaced on the board, then tracing them with a pencil.  I drilled a hole inside each circle to insert the jigsaw blade, then cut to the circle outline and all the way around it to create the hole for the bowls.


Using wood from pallets I had broken down previously, I cut the sides and front/back to size.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Project #upcycle

I used a small support as pictured, and attached with wood glue and nails (see below), holding square with corner clamp.

@RYOBIpowertools air nailer

@RYOBIpowertools air nailer

This Ryobi AirStrike has my heart.  Cordless, lightweight, powerful, it really doesn’t get any more convenient.

Sanding distressed piece

After it was all constructed I sanded with 80 then 120 grit paper.

CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint Project

I used CeCe Caldwell Chalk & Clay Paint to finish.  First I painted Vintage White Chalk & Clay Paint then coated Clear Wax followed by Aging Cream Dark.

DIY Dog Feeding Station from #woodpallets #reclaimed #upcycle #chalkboardpaint

Want more DIY pet projects?  Check out our 50+!!

How to Resurface a Table with Reclaimed Wood


Are you tired of your table, but not in a spot to spend money on a new one?  Do what I did and cover your worn out kitchen table with reclaimed wood from pallets, fences and whatever scraps you have on hand.  This project was fast, easy, cheap, and I am in love with the new look.  I used milk paint for the legs, a first for me.  I finished with CeCe Caldwell wax and aging wax.  Read on for the full scoop from planning to finish!

25centChairs11 copy

I told you about this table/chair set I got at Habitat Restore for $6 and revamped a couple of years back.  I spray painted the table top black and the legs silver, the chairs blue and green and this has been our kitchen table since 2010.

Make a table from reclaimed wood #upcycle #woodworking #reclaimedwood

I measured the table’s length and width and cut 1×2 pieces I had on hand to frame the it.

Connect frame with Kreg Jig Pocketholes

I connected the sides to each other with  wood glue, a Kreg pockethole and 1 1/4 inch Kreg screws and held them together with corner clamps while the glue dried..  I glued the frame to the table sides with wood glue and 2 inch brad nails, holding in place with clamps until glue set.

For the boards on the top, I just placed them and marked where I needed to cut the ones that stuck over the edge.  I cut them, glued the boards in place, and used my nailer to nail some down for added security.  I let that dry overnight, planed and sanded the top, stained with weathered wood from Minwax.

How to use milk paint, distressing furniture with milk paint

I used this milk paint, which comes in a powder that you mix with equal parts warm water.


milk paint on table legs

This is after one coat.


This is after the second coat with 1 hour dry time between.


I love where this chippiness happened!  I wanted the look everywhere, but it happend where it wanted.

Reclaimed wood resurfaced kitchen table diy #furnituremakeover #woodworking @savedbyloves

I painted a few of the boards with the leftover milk paint.  I distressed the legs with my hand sander in some spots.  To finish, I sealed with a coat of CeCe Caldwell clear wax, followed by aging wax all over.

Resurface a table with Pallet Wood

50+ Things to Make From Picture Frames


50+ Creative Things to Make From Picture Frames #repurpose #upcycle #diy @savedbyloves[pinit]

Did you know that there are loads of ways to use picture frames other to displaying pictures?  If you love to think outside of the box like I do, you are going to want to check out these projects. Today’s collection is packed with creative ways to repurpose picture frames into storage, home decor, furniture that looks designer, costs way less and puts discarded frames to great use.


Shipping Pallet to Coffee Table and Finishing Tips

[pinit]Repurposed Wood Pallet Furniture; DIY Coffee Table @savedbyloves[pinit]

Today’s project is a fun, quick DIY coffee table from wood pallets.  My building partner in crime and I whipped it up in an afternoon.  The plan we used is this Factory Cart Coffee Table from Ana White.  See how we adjusted the plan to fit the pallet scraps on hand, and how we finished the table to a lovely, united weathered gray look.

Repurposed Wood Pallet Furniture; DIY Coffee Table @savedbyloves


Constructing the table

We followed Ana’s plan linked above with the following adjustments:  Instead of 1×6 boards we used thinner pallet slats across the top and the wider pallet slats for the sides.  We just laid out the top slats until the table was the width we wanted, and measured that width.  It was 42 3/4 instead of Ana’s 44 inches, so we adjusted the rest of the cuts accordingly.  The long side boards we cut to 44 1/4 (42 3/4 + 1.5 inches for the thickness of the short side boards ).  The short side boards  and bottom boards were cut to 23 1/2, per Ana’s plan – the same length as the pallet slats making the top of the table.

We used 5 inch diameter casters that we picked up just for this project at Menards.  Casters are more expensive than I had hoped, but considering the wood for the project was free, we still created this awesome table for less than $50!Repurposed Wood Pallet Furniture; DIY Coffee Table @savedbyloves

Finishing the table

I applied Minwax wood conditioner per instructions on the can.  It went on super easy.  I let it sit for 15 minutes, wiped away the excess then stained with Minwax Classic Grey Wood Finish.  This was my first time using wood conditioner, and it made the stain take beautifully.  I will probably use it every time I stain from now on.  It is quick to apply and makes a huge difference, for me anyway.  I usually have blotchy, uneven outcomes when I stain.

To seal I used Minwax Finishing Wax.

Repurposed Wood Pallet Furniture; DIY Coffee Table @savedbyloves

Not bad for a pallet on it’s way to a landfill!

Check out our Wood Pallet 50+ Roundup for more inspiration:

Build Custom Craft Supply Storage Cubbies


Build a custom storage cubby unit for your craft supplies @savedbyloves


After building my first woodworking project, I knew I wanted to tackle a storage unit of some sort.  I found this 25 Cubby unit plan by Ana White, and tweaked it to make myself a custom Sizzix die storage unit.  I am so very in love with it.  It was easy to make, the only frustrating part being that I had to assemble one shelf at a time and wait for it to dry since I don’t have 4,000 corner clamps!


Instead of using 1×6 boards, I used 1x8s to fit my dies.  I also added an extra column so the unit would be wide enough to fit exactly on top of a mail sorter unit I already had.  Also, what Ana has as the top in her plan, I have as the bottom.  I didn’t shape the extended sides like Ana did.  Instead, I flipped it over and used them as legs.  That way I can store the longer dies and cut plates/platforms in the larger space created underneath the shelf.


Here it is all assembled except for one side.


Here is the assembled piece before finishing.



I sanded and painted with homemade chalky finish paint I talked about here.  I used white as the base coat and reddish-pink as the top layer.  I sanded to distress, and went over the whole piece with valspar antiquing glaze.

A Lamp Transformation; Kelly @ View Along the Way

Rub-N-Buff Lamp Makeover

Hi fellow fans of Saved by Love! I’m Kelly and I blog at View Along the Way about our attempts to fix up our broken-down foreclosure on the tiniest of budgets.

Kelly at View Along the Way
Saved by Love is one of my favorite sources for repurposed-fabulous DIYs, so I thought it’d be appropriate today to tell the story of how my husband and I found a poor, lonely, down-on-his-luck lamp and gave him new life and a hope for the future. When we saw our little rescue lamp, forgotten, abused, marked down to $1 at a yard sale…
Garage Sale Lamp
We knew we had to rescue him and give him a good home.

It appeared Lamp had been abandoned to fend for itself, and there was evidence it had been abused, such as its broken leg:
(It couldnít even stand up straight.)
Plus a few wayward bruisesÖ
Öits skinny appearance and, most of all, its skittish, shamed demeanor:
First, my husband used needlenose pliers and brute strength to mend Lamp’s dents and broken bones so he stood straight, proud and tall. Then, I got to play with his finish.

Lately I’ve found myself being more and more attracted to this weathered bronze/brass/whatever, like here on our DIY office bookshelves:
The trick to fabulous, expensive-looking bronze is avoiding that harsh, shiny finish… you know, like poor little Lamp. So I pulled out my trusty Rub-n-Buff and an old sock, and wiped away the 90s gold to replace it with the look of aged, well-loved bronze. (See how I did that in this post.)

Suddenly, Lamp was standing taller, straighter, prouderÖ
But we weren’t finished yet! We wanted him to live on our desk which is centered in the middle of our office:
And we couldn’t have that happen with his pesky cord needing to be plugged in to the wall. So we hacked little Lamp to run on batteries. (See how we did that here!)
And now? Our little rescue lamp has found home with us here. Sometimes I catch Lamp alone at night, remembering its past life on the streets. Look at it, just sitting there, pondering its past.
Truly a story of how love can transform even the most battered, broken down mutts and make them shine. Have your lamps spayed or neutered.

I have lots more DIY projects like this on my blog. I’d love to connect with you there! You can subscribe to the blog via RSS or email, or follow via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Johnnie, thanks so much for letting me hijack your blog while you’re off having tons of fun at SNAP! Such an honor to be here!


Paint Stick Table Top

How to make a paint stick table top from @savedbyloves #DIY #Tutorial One of my favorite things to do is find curbside “trash” and give it love, transforming it into something unique.  My friend Beckie calls this whole process “Roadkill Rescue” and even has a website devoted to showcasing the web’s best of such transformations; Today’s project is my latest rescue.  See how I took a discarded side table and turned into a fun and colorful accent with chalk paint and paint sticks!


Roadkill rescue project

Here she is before.  Pretty beat up, but with tons of potential!


I sanded her down with medium grit sandpaper and wiped away the debris with a damp cloth.  Then I painted 3 coats of Martha Stewart Chalk Paint in green.  (Make sure you let the paint dry an hour or so between coats).

I had several leftover paint stirrers, which I cut to various lengths with my scroll saw.  I arranged the “tiles” on the table top, keeping them flush on the left side.  I marked where the end sticks on the right started to go over the edge of the table, and cut them to size with my saw.  The width of the paint sticks just happened to fit perfectly on the table, so I only had to adjust the length of the right edge pieces.

Paint stick crafts

I glued my paint sticks in place with Crafter’s Pick glue.  I put some heavy books on top of the table to weigh the sticks down for good adhesion and let dry overnight.

Seal with Mod Podge Matte.  The End!

Furniture transformation

Speaking of trash to treasure, my friend Kelly of Eclectically Vintage shared some seriously helpful tips for getting the most out of dumpster diving:

Speaking of Paint Stirrer Crafts, there is a 50+ for that!

50+ Projects to Make From Old Crates


50+ Ways to #Repurpose #Upcycle Old Crates @savedbyloves


This week’s 50+ brings you inspiration for putting old wooden crates to use.  It reminds me a lot of the 50+ wood pallet round-up, which isn’t surprising.  The major difference I see between the pallets and crates is that vintage crates can be pretty expensive, at least the ones I have seen.  Wood pallets, on the other hand, are abundant and usually free in these parts.  Lots of unique shelving and storage projects are included, along with some seriously outside of the box ideas.

Here are some of my favorites…

Much like the pallet round-up, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors dominates the vintage crate projects.  If you know Donna, you know that these wooden crate stairs scream Funky Junk Interiors.  While we are on the topic of FJI, lets get straight to my next favorite project from this list…

It is a super cool wooden crate toilet paper storage unit.  The rusty license plate tops it off perfectly.  What I wouldn’t give to let that girl loose in my house for a week of revamping, funky junk style.

Why not dispose of your empty wine crates by turning them into eco-chic, one of a kind flooring?  I would love this in my home!

3r_kitchen_cabinets from Apartment Therapy

Keep green living going in the kitchen with these repurposed wine crate cabinets spotted at Apartment Therapy.  There you will find the step by step how to!

This upcycled wooden crate coffee table on Etsy is making me drool.  At $200, I think it is time to hack, but if you can afford it, go for it.

On to the full roundup!

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