Make a Burlap Spring Wreath

Hi everyone! It’s Laura again from Inspiration for Moms.
Today is a beautiful day in Colorado.
The sun is out, the windows are open and the birds are chirping.
Spring is in the air!
So I though it would be the perfect time to make a Spring wreath for my front door.


DIY Spring Wreath with Burlap @savedbyloves


First you will need your choice of burlap and a floral wire wreath.
I was going to pick a green color but my son suggested the teal blue.
I think he has a good eye! 🙂
DIY Spring Wreath - Supplies
If you are intimated by those fancy looking burlap wreaths, don’t be!
I’m hear to tell you there as easy as a simple tuck and fluff!
The first step is to tie your burlap around a middle cross wire.
Then it’s time for step two, gently tuck the burlap
from behind the wreath and push it through the wire spacing to make a loop shape.
Work your way through all three rows.
DIY Spring Wreath - Step-by-Step
Now it’s time for step number three, fluff those loops.
Sounds really technical right?! 🙂
Once you have fluffed, continue on until you get to the next middle wire.
I try to pack as many loops in between the middle dividers
to make the burlap really secure which is step number four.
Continue your way around the wreath until completely covered.
Now it’s time to make the Spring banner.
I already had six burlap triangles but these can be found at most craft stores.
I wanted to add some chalkboard triangles for a little contrast.
I took some chalkboard tags from a previous craft project and cut them into triangles.
DIY Spring Wreath - Chalkboard Tags
I then hot glued my chalkboard cut outs onto the burlap triangles.
I added some white stickers to spell “Spring” and then hot glued
the banner together on some twine.
I had a burlap flower leftover from a previous project and thought
it would be a perfect accessory for this wreath.
You can never have too much burlap! 🙂
Now that my door is ready for Spring maybe the weather will cooperate too.
Hey there is only 9 more days until it’s officially Spring. Then it has to get warmer, right?!
Thanks for hanging out with me today and I can’t wait to see you again next month!
  Until then we can stay in touch by visiting Inspiration for Moms,

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Burlap DIY Decor

Make a Cool Wreath From Fabric Scraps

Hi everyone! It’s Vidya from Whats Ur Home Story. Great to back here sharing an exciting project!

Don’t know about y’all but after all the cold and snow this winter I’m so ready for Spring! I know we have got over a month to go but no harm in pretending that it is already Spring around here especially when you have this bright and cheery wreath made out of fabric scraps and felt flowers hanging on your front door.


fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath


Other than buying a fake fern sprig from Micheals I didn’t spend a penny to make this beauty. The chevron fabric scraps are from a chair makeover while the vintage lace I salvaged from a neighbor’s trash. The yellow felt strips for the flowers are leftovers from my felt circles pillow, †the other pieces of felt from my handmade Christmas ornament project. The wreath frame is the same one I used to make my Magnolia wreath.


Foam Wreath form
Fake Greenery
Fabric Scraps
Felt flowers (I made them using this tutorial.)
Hot Glue Gun
A small pieces of poster board
2 Pipe cleaners



fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath


  • Before you start try wrapping the fabric scraps around the wreath form to see if you have the required length to cover the form. Nothing fancy just some slopping wrapping would do. All you are trying to gauge is how much fabric you need. Also place your flowers on the wreath to get an idea of their layout.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Now that you have your pattern figured out start by hot gluing one end of your fabric scrap to the underside of the foam and wrap tightly as you go. If your scrap is not long enough just end it on the back of the foam and start with a new piece. Hot glue the other end. Start with the next scrap in this case, the vintage lace.†I liked the look of the lace over the chevron fabric so I made sure that I started the 2nd chevron wrapping before I hot glued the other end of the lace.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • For the flowers, trace the wreath form (where the flowers are supposed to go) onto a piece of poster board, cut out, and glue the flowers in the layout that you liked from Step 1.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Hot glue the pipe cleaners to the back of the poster board at places where the weight of the flowers would be the most. Ideally you should use pipe cleaners that would match your fabric but black is all I had on hand.

fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath

  • Glue the fake leaves to your poster board too. Now attach the poster board ‘flower piece’ to the wreath by tightening the pipe cleaners. And there you have it, your fabric scraps Spring wreath.


fabric scraps wreath, spring wreath, felt flower wreath


Are you ready for Spring too? do you usually make Spring Wreaths?

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Washi Tape Neon Flower Wreath DIY

Neon Fabric Flower Washi Tape Wreath Tutorial at

Washi tape + flowers die cut from burlap, a neon t-shirt, neon posterboard and socks… now that is one super trendy wreath!  I found a pack of neon washi tape rolls at Target and snatched them up right away.  This project is super easy and cheap.  I love it on my front door, especially with the neon planters.  So cute.  Grab some Goodwill t-shirts and do what I did.


Washi tape

Beacon Fabri-Tac glue

Pearlized ball pins (optional)

Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine

Die cut or hand cut flowers from burlap and old t-shirts

Sizzix 3-D Flower Wrapped Die

Sizzix 3D Wrapped Flower Layers Die


To see how I put the die cut layers together to form the finished 3-D flower, see my quick video:

Video: Paper Flowers and Flower Light Strings

Paper Flower Light Strings

I found this great EK Tools 3D flower paper punch at Michael’s and just had to feed my paper flower addiction.  The punch is super easy and fun to use.  You will see in the video tutorial below, straight out of the package, you will be making gorgeous flowers.  This is a great alternative to investing in a die cut machine, if you just want to get a taste.

All you need is the punch, a bamboo skewer, scrapbook paper 12×12 sheets and glue. When you are finished with the flowers, you can use them several different ways.  I dipped my flowers in Outdoor Mod Podge, then used an LED battery operated string of lights to make flower string lights.  The Mod Podge step is not necessary unless you need them sealed.  My next plan is to use coordinating papers and make a bouquet.

What do you do with your paper flowers?



5 Minute DIY Leather Rose Ring

Sizzix Die Cut Rose Ring

Need a gorgeous, last minute gift that you can easily and quickly hand make?  Maybe your are looking for an alternative to candy for a girl’s Easter basket.  Look no further.  This leather rose ring takes less than 5 minutes with a die cutter such as Sizzix Big Shot,  used in this tutorial.  If you don’t have a die cut machine, there are a truckload of fabric rose tutorials that will help you find a template you can cut by hand.   Now on to the tutorial.

Leather Rose Tutorial

Supplies I used:

Sizzix Machine

 3D Rose Die

Leather Scrap (from old purse)

Crafter’s Pick Glue (or other glue for metal)

Plaid Ring Bling or other Ring Blank

Flower ring tutorial

It is pretty simple.  Just die cut your flower, roll into rose shape and glue onto ring blank.  Let dry per package instructions.  Tah dah.  5 minute sweet ring!

Sizzix Jewelry

Fabric Flower Tutorial Round-Up

I am pretending it is spring, now.  In March, we will gain 1 hour and 18 minutes of daylight.  Yay!!!  On vacation, I took several pictures of all the flower accessories displayed in various boutiques.  My DIY hack brain was going crazy with ideas.  Here are some pics I took, followed by a list of great tutorials on crafting the flowers you could use to make your own accessories.


Aren’t these so fun?!  I love the idea of displaying a gorgeous flower on a thin headband, and the monograms at the center in the bottom pic are adorable.  Lets pretend winter is over, and flower things up a bit.

Now for the tutorials:

*I couldn’t do this without thinking of the recent lotus flower tutorial guest post by Hani.  Perfect for accessorizing!
*Tip Junkie has a wonderful gathering of fabric flower tutorials, here.
*Another round up of fabric flower tutorials, plus on of their own at Little Birdie Secrets, here.
*Made has a host of beautiful tutorials in this round up post.

That ought to keep us busy while we wait for the weather to catch up!  If you have a favorite fabric flower tutorial, let me know and I will add it to the list!

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