50 Plus Christmas Kid’s Crafts to Make

DIY Starburst Dollar Store Pencil Wreath With @Floracraft

[pinit]DIY Starburst Christmas Wreath with Dollar store supplies and @FloraCraft @savedbyloves[pinit]

I am a member of the Make It: Fun® Team. This DIY Starburst Christmas Wreath is sponsored FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam. All opinions are honest and mine, like always.

Incorporate the chalkboard craze into a fun starburst Christmas wreath made with dollar store Christmas patterned pencils and a FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam wreath form!  This project is easy, quick and cheap.  Use it for gift lists, holiday greetings or a letter for santa!


Flora Craft Dollar Store Christmas Wreath DIY


FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam wreath form

Dollar Tree Christmas Pencils

Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Cardboard cut in a circle the size you want your chalkboard

Burlap Wire Ribbon

Black chalkboard paint

one inch foam or paint brush


How to make a Christmas Wreath

 Put a dab of hot glue on the end of the pencils and shove them into wreath at varying depths.  It doesn’t matter if the eraser comes through to the center of the wreath because you are covering the hole with your chalkboard later.

Make a starburst wreath

Continue all the way around the wreath.

Make a Chalkboard Wreath

Paint your cardboard with chalkboard paint and let dry.  I did 2 coats, sanding lightly between.

How to make a chalkboard Christmas Wreath

Tie your burlap ribbon in place, then hot glue your chalkboard circle.  Hang and enjoy!

Dollar Store @FloraCraft Starburst Wreath DIY

For more inspiration on creating with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam, please also check out Crafts n’ Coffee or follow the hashtag #MakeitFunCrafts.

DIY Hand Painted Christmas Sign with Printable

Merry and Bright DIY Sign with printable template and video[pinit]

These hand painted rustic signs are a little addictive, and pretty easy to make.  Pam from Little Red Porch came over and showed us her technique in this  DIY Rustic Wood Sign .  I made a video showing you how to use Photoshop to print your text in sections so you can tape them together for transferring large art to wood in this Americana Chalky Finish Paint Sign Tutorial.  Today I am sharing this Merry and Bright sign, as well as the text file for you to print off to create your own like I showed you in the links above mentioned.

Merry And Bright Handpainted Christmas Sign


To download the printable, right click the thumbnail and the full resolution file will pop up for you to print.

 Merry and Bright Printable Template


Holiday Topiary from Thrift Store Finds

#holiday centerpiece topiary from thrift store finds


#holiday centerpiece topiary from thrift store finds

Today I want to share with you this festive “Let it Snow” topiary that I created in a few simple steps with some thrift store finds.  I love how it turned out, and for under $4 at that.  There is so much potential at garage sales and Goodwill with some spray paint and creativity.  I rarely buy anything new because of it.  It feels good to reuse what has already had a life, and to transform the discarded into the beautiful!


How to make a centerpiece

I found this topiary for $1, and some nested planters (5 for $2).  One of the planters was the perfect size for the topiary, so I spray painted it red with Krylon Dual, painted the rim with black acrylic paint and stamped “Let in Snow” on the front.  That was it.  Topiary placed in updated planter and adorned with lights.  Magic.

Christmas Decor DIY

DIY Felt Wreath for $1

Make a Felt Poinsettia wreath from @DollarTree stocking and cardboard @savedbyloves


When I saw the huge red and green felt stockings at the Dollar Tree, I just knew I had to make another poinsettia wreath.   This wreath was made with one stocking and a wreath form which I cut from a leftover box.  So yes, it cost $1!  Felt can be expensive, and this is a fantastic way to get a lot of it, in Christmas colors, for next to nothing.  This particular felt makes a gorgeous flower.  I bought three of the stockings and am busy making more of these gorgeous wreaths for Christmas gifts.


Dollar Tree Stocking

Sizzix and Poinsettia Die


Poinsettia template to cut felt by hand, like this free one from Eri Doodle

Straight pins

Wire Cutter

Cardboard box

2 circular items to trace onto cardboard to cut out a donut for your wreath form


Pen or marker for tracing onto cardboard



Trace plate or whatever circular items you have onto cardboard and cut out wreath form like I showed you previously:

Wrap your cardboard donut with tape to reinforce and protect.

Cut your poinsettia petals and leaves with your die or template.  Assemble flower and use straight pin to stick onto wreath form.  For detailed flower assembly, see my paper poinsettia wreath post.  The process for felt is the same, but you don’t fold and shape the leaves like you do with paper.

Make a Felt Poinsettia wreath from @DollarTree stocking and cardboard @savedbyloves

You will likely have excess straight pin sticking through the back of your wreath.  Carefully trim flush with wreath form using wire cutters.  Wear eye protection for this part!

Make a Felt Poinsettia wreath from @DollarTree stocking and cardboard @savedbyloves

Make a Felt Poinsettia wreath from @DollarTree stocking and cardboard @savedbyloves


Make a Winter Tree



Today, Amy from Plucking Daises is back to share with you this technique packed tutorial for a lovely, glittery winter tree decoration.  You will learn several ways to create fun wintery decorations for little to no cost using recycled items and dollar store supplies.  Warning:  you will be headed to the dollar store after reading this post.  I know I am.

Hi there! so happy to be back at Saved By Love Creations! Last time I was here I showed you how to make a mosaic flower-pot. Today I’m going to show you how to use that pot to create a festive holiday display. You can make this winter tree with some spray paint and a few items from the dollar store!

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

All you need is a tree branch from your back yard and some spray paint (Krylon Brilliant Silver)…or you can skip the paint and leave your branch au naturale!

*Be sure to pick a sturdy branch…brittle branches will break under the weight of the ornaments. (Gently pull down on the branches to test their durability.)

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

Now all you have to do is decorate! Creating a branch tree is a great way to use up those mismatched ornaments from your collection, vintage finds or other pretties you may discover in your travels that may not fit the decor of your big tree. Like these craft birds for example.

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

I can’t resist a craft bird, much less a pack of 2 craft birds for a buck! You can find cute clip on craft birds like these in the dollar section at Michael’s. If you have some vintage birds that aren’t looking their best check out this tutorial for re-feathering old birds. These tiny birds would get lost on a large tree but perching them on a nearly naked silver branch allows them to sparkle and shine!

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

I have a “Mieneke” approach when it comes to decking the halls. I wouldn’t “pay a lot for a muffler” and I certainly won’t pay a lot for ornaments. A quick trip to the dollar store does it for me!

I found these sparkling snowflakes in a pack of 6 for just a buck! Six seems to be the magic number with dollar store finds. Notice the silver blossoms, also found in a package of 6 in the bridal section at Dollar Tree.

Altering Dollar Store Snowflakes

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

The snowflakes were a bit too plain for my tree and most of the glitter fell off when I pulled them out of the package. Not to fear Ranger Ink is here! By using a wintery blend of alcohol inks, Elmers spray glue, and Martha Stewart glitter my snowflakes are new, improved and far from plain. Plus, I still have a bunch left over for other projects. Tie your snowflakes to your branches with Tinsel ribbon for an extra pop of holiday flare.

Create Floating Stars

To fill in the gaps among the branches I created floating stars strung on monofilament. These are easy to create with paper punches and mounting squares.

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

  • Punch stars from sheet music and card stock using a Marvy Star punch. *I used Core’dinations Couture Glitter and Shimmer card stock
  • Adhere monofilament to back of card stock star with a mounting square.
  • Add Distress Ink (Tumbled Glass) to edges of sheet music star and adhere to top of mounting square.
  • Embelish with rhinestones, snowflake punches, and crystals with Glossy Accents.
  • Attach monofilament to branch with a drop of hot glue

Creating Faux Snow

To “plant” your tree simply stuff your pot with floral foam (also available at the dollar store). Create snow by filling the top of the pot with cotton batting. In a pinch you can use bubble wrap painted white.

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

Give your batting or bubble wrap the look of freshly fallen snow by misting it with spray glue and sprinkling it with a variety of glitter. I used a variety pack of Martha Stewart Glitter for a range of sparkle and shine.

Make a Winter Tree | @PluckingDaisy #Holiday #Decor #DIY #Tutorial

A tree like this can be displayed all winter long even after the holidays have come and gone. The mosaic pot (made with dollar store glass gems) can be used as a planter when warmer weather arrives. This particular pot is used to grow Sunflowers in spring time .

By using smaller pots and branches you can create a festive tree to give as a gift for Teachers, neighbors, and friends. No time to wait for mosaic adhesive to dry? No problem! Try Mod Podgeing wrapping paper to your pot and tie a ribbon around it. I’ve made many of these trees for teachers, family and friends. They make lovely gifts that won’t break the bank!

I hope you all have a warm and wonderful holiday season!


Find me at Pluckingdaisies.com | Pinterest | Facebook | and Twitter for more creative ideas and tutorials.

DIY Paper Star Garland

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


What is more beautiful than glittery, 3D paper star garland?  I strung this above my fireplace, and it is mesmerizing.  This is easy to create, especially with a die cutter, but can be done by hand with a template in no time too.

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


Cardstock in white, glittery white and glittery silver

Tim Holtz Star Die

Sizzix Bigz Large Die By Tim Holtz-3-D Star Bright


This 3D Paper Star Template to cut by hand

Baker’s twine or other string

Embroidery needle

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


Cut out stars and fold creases to create the 3D form

There are tabs on the back of the stars in the template above and in the die cut by Tim Holtz.  You can make your star double sided by gluing 2 stars back to back at the tabs.  I chose not to do this since my garland would be against a wall and you would only see one side.

String the needle with your thread and sew through the top point of each star (in one side of it and out the other.  Continue until your garland is the length you want and hang with excess string at each end.

Make #DIY Paper Star #Garland for your #Holiday Decor @savedbyloves


Z Gallerie Inspired Dollar Store Winter Wreath


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


This wreath was inspired by the Z. Gallerie silver magnolia leaf wreath that I fell in love with, but not $70 in love with.  More like “make my own version for $10” love, is what it was.  I had the spray paint, primer, wreath form and ribbon on hand.  I just needed leaves.  Hmmm.  I scoured my city for some magnolia trees, to no avail.  I did find some leaves in my neighborhood with the same basic shape.  I gathered up a pile, dipped them in beeswax and spray painted them silver.  They look stunning, but I wanted a big wreath, and was not about to dip and spray that many leaves.  You will see that technique in an upcoming post.  For today’s tutorial, see how I primered and sprayed dollar store leaves to create my own Z. Gallerie inspired silver magnolia leaf wreath!

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


16 inch Styrofoam wreath form

10 bundles (5 leaves each) of big oblong leaves from Dollar Tree

White Primer

Silver Spray Paint

Wire Ribbon

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves

I left my leaves on the stem and splayed them out to spray them.  Protect your work surface for over spray first!

Primer, let dry overnight, then spray with silver.

When that dries, cut leaves from bunch, leaving 1.5-2 inch stem to insert into wreath form.

I made 3 concentric rows of leaves around my wreath form.  I stuck the leaf in perpendicular to the form, then bent it at 90°.


Add a bow and hang.

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Here is the Z Gallerie inspiration:

Z Gallerie magnolia leaf wreath knock-off

I love my $10 version.  What do you think?  What is on your door this year?

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves

Make Birchwood Candle Holders

How to Make Candle Holders from Branch #DIY #Handmade #Christmas #Gifts

Need an inexpensive, quick handmade gift or home decor accessory?  This birch wood candle holder DIY from Oleander and Palm is the answer.  Bring the outdoors in for eco-chic decorating for little to no cost.

Want more craft ideas from things you find outside?  Visit our 50+ nature craft collection:

Cutest Snowmen Ever


Lightly Felted Knit Snowman

I showed you these little guys 2 years ago, and just couldn’t resist bringing them back.  The pattern works up quickly, and involves light felting, for a tight knit look.  I used seed beads for the eyes, and a simple crochet hat and scarf on the bigger one.  I opted for earmuffs on the lumpy small one.  I can’t take it, they are so adorable.  I just stare at them.  Grab the free knitting pattern over at knit picks.  Warning:  making these things can be addictive.

knitted toys

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