Photoshop Tutorial and Free Printable Spring Subway Art

Head over to Printable Decor for this spring subway art printable and Photoshop tutorial detailing how you can easily change the color scheme and size to fit right in with your spring decor.

I cover using crop to quickly resize, as well as altering the hue of the entire photo, of just the blue, and turning the image into a monochrome.

Exciting stuff, I know!  You can use what you learn to alter freebie printables and your own images to complement your style.

Spring Chevron Subway art printable

Spring Chevron Subway art printable

If you like subway art and Photoshop tutorials, check out this detailed post on how to make your

own subway art.

Valentine’s Day Kisses Bag Topper

Valentine's Day gift printable

Here is a great last minute Valentine’s Day gift you can put together in minutes, with a sandwich bag, some kisses, tape and a printer.  Who doesn’t love chocolate kisses?  There is a sweet poem too accompany the chocolate on this 2 sided bag topper.  Here is the free printable, sized to fit a ziploc sandwich bag.

Just print it on 8.5×11 inch white cardstock or photo paper, fold in half and adhere to kiss filled baggie using double sided tape.

Valentine's Day gift printable

Valentine's Day gift printable

Valentine's Day gift printable

Quatrefoil “Love is” Printable

Love free printableWe made this free printable in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, but isn’t it a great reminder to keep up all year long?  The print is 8×10.  To download,  just click the thumbnail above and the full resolution version will appear.  Save to your computer and print or use as wallpaper.

Dry Erase Love Note DIY With Printable

Love note DIY

I have wanted to do this project since I first saw this framed “p.s. I love you” on Pinterest.  It is uploaded by user, so I don’t know who made it.  If it was you, let me know so I can send you some link love.  Anyway… my guy and I are big note writers, and I thought making a dry erase love not would be a greener way to carry out our lovey dovey correspondence.

Valentine's Day Crafts
Here is the printable I used, which you are free to download…

Free love note printable

I printed out the 8×10, stuck it in the frame, used a paper punch to make little hearts, glued them to twine, placed the garland and that was that.  If you don’t want to use the printable above, you could just use an actual piece of notebook paper, doodle a cute message, and frame it.

Now we have a cute way to leave notes that doesn’t take up precious paper that I could otherwise roll into a lovely bead.  Win win.

DiY framed Dry erase love note

Valentine's Day free printable

Valentine's Day free printable

Valentine’s Day Quilled Heart Keychain

Paper quilling gift

This is my first non-magazine page quilling attempt, and I am loving it.  Paper quilling is great because you can be a novice and still create some really gorgeous pieces.  If you need a meaningful, unique gift for your sweetheart that is fast and easy, you have arrived.  Today’s post is a tutorial, and free printable for the houndstooth background with “You hold the key to my heart”.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea


easy paper quilling project

  • Print off the background image linked above and cut to fit your fragment.
  • Drill hole in fragment for jump ring (I use Dremel for this)
  • Adhere image to fragment (fragment goes on top) using Glossy Accents or other clear drying, archival glue.  I am a die hard Glossy Accents fan, but Diamond Glaze and Mod Podge dimensional magic are often used to adhere paper to clear embellishments.
  • Make quilled paper heart (there are several tutorials on this… it is very simple)
  • Adhere key and paper heart to top of fragment with Glossy Accents by putting a pea sized glue dab on the fragment, then placing the embellishments.
  • I applied glossy accents liberally to the heart since it is paper and this is a piece that will be handled.
  • Let dry for 30 minutes and finish by adding keychain findings – I used a chain of 3 jump rings and a clip to make mine.

I would absolutely love to recieve a gift like this.   Are you making a gift for a love this year?Valentine's Day Gift Idea


Knitted Hat With Garter Stitch Brim and Flower

knit hat pattern with brim

I am crushing on this cute hat with flower embellishment, big time.  It is so fun to wear and simple to knit.  I knitted the hat last year, then crocheted the flower recently to jazz things up a bit.  It is the perfect addition and I am excited to share how I did it with you.  If you make your own, come share pictures with me, please!

how to knit a hat


Worsted or aran weight yarns may be used, but please check gauge.
Gauge 17sts x 26 rows in stockinette stitch = 4 inches or 10cm
Gauge does not have to be exact, as the hat is stretchy.  This pattern makes a hat to fit most teens and adult females.

5.5mm (US #9) dpns or circular needles

If using circular needles, a length of 40 inches is recommended for magic looping throughout.

Garter Brim Hat

free winter hat knit pattern

Cast on  72 sts.  Join in the round, place marker for end of round.


Rows 1-8:  Begin working in stockinette stitch; knit one row, purl one row – for the brim of the hat.


Rows 9-40:  Change to stockinette stitch (knit every row) and continue until the hat measures 6.5 inches from the cast-on edge (about 40 rows).


Decreasing for crown:  (switch to DP needles when necessary)
Row 1:   *K6, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 2:    Knit (on this and all even numbered rows)
Row 3:   *K5, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 5:   Knit across all stitches
Row 7:  *K4, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 9:  *K3, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 11: *K2, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 13: *K1, K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 15:  *K2tog*  repeat to end of row
Row 16:  Knit across.  Break yarn leaving a tail for securing.

Run yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight to secure.   Weave in ends.


free knitting patterns

Using Crochet hook size H, and the same yarn used for the hat:
ch 5. Join ch with a sl st
forming a ring.
Round 1 (right side) Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc), work 21
dc in ring, join round with a sl st in 3rd ch of begin-
ning ch-3—22 dc.
Round 2 Ch 6 (counts as 1 dc and ch 3), skip next
st, *dc in next dc, ch 3, skip next dc; repeat from * 9
times more, join round with a sl st in 3rd ch of
beginning ch-6—11 ch-3 lps.
Back row of petals
Round 3 *Work (sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in next ch-3
lp; repeat from * around, join round with a sl st in
first sc. Fasten off.
Front row of petals
Round 4 With right side facing, join CC with a sl st
in any skipped dc of round 2, ch 3, *sl st in next
skipped dc, ch 3; repeat from * 9 times more, join
round with a sl st in first sl st—11 ch-3 lps.
Round 5 *Work (sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in next ch-3
lp; repeat from * around, join round with a sl st in
first sc. Fasten off.
Front row of petals
Round 6 With right side facing, join CC with a sl st
around post of any dc of round 1, ch 2, sk next 3 dc,
*sl st around post of next dc, ch 2, sk next 3 dc, sl st
around post of next dc, ch 2, skip next 4 dc; repeat
from * once more, join round with a sl st in last
dc—5 ch-2 lps.
Round 7 *Work (sc, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sc) in next ch-2
lp; repeat from * around, join round with a sl st in
first sc. Fasten off

Weave in all loose ends and sew to hat.

Paper Tealight Candle Village

papercraft template house

Paper tealight village

I picked up a papercrafting book recently called Papercrafting in No Time by Clare Youngs.  As soon as I saw her paper houses used as tealight “holders”, I knew I had to make something similar.  The book is full of paper projects that I am excited to try.  The author is far more patient than I.  She cut out her houses by hand.  Using her template as my inspiration, I created a cut file for my cricut in Photoshop, and cut mine out of watercolor paper.  It is so stinking cute, and only took about 10 minutes once I had the cut file ready to go.  I love this project!

papercraft ideas

You are free to use the .jpg file I created to cut your own village.  Then just fold between the houses, and the doors, windows and roof details as shown. To download the template, click the thumbnail below and save the full res file that appears to your computer.  For my Cricut, I just open Sure Cuts A Lot and click the image icon, then choose the jpg below, and cut.

Paper VillageTemplatePut a tea light candle behind each house for a charming, warm glow.


Papercraft village

Valentine’s Day Printable Wall Art

Valentine's Day Printables

It is time to clear out the Christmas decor and what better to replace it than love themed prints?  These three 11×14 inch frames stay up year round, and I change the prints with the seasons.  I stick to black and white, which I have printed at Office Max for $0.20 per 11×14.  I spent a whopping $0.64 on these three.  I have provided them for you to download over at printable decor.  Get your free Valentine’s Day printables now.

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Diy Puzzle With Free Printable

Custom puzzle printable

Need a unique, custom gift for young kiddos?  I did, which is how this project came about.  I still needed a gift for my 3 year old niece, and I just couldn’t land on anything.  Enter Pinterest, where I saw an adorable jigsaw puzzle idea by Lisa Spangler posted at Hero Arts.

Here is the  inspiration puzzle…

Handmade puzzle tutorial

Here is how I made mine.

  • Using their stamped image as inspiration, I designed both sides of the puzzle in Photoshop and printed them on 8.5×11 inch white cardstock.  I have provided the three images I made for this project, which you are free to use.  I left the  thought bubble shown on the second image blank for you to insert your own text.  You can find them here:  1-Free puzzle printable side 1  2- Free puzzle printable side 2   3-Jigsaw tempate lines printable.printable puzzle
  • .Using my cricut and the Jigsaw template (free download #3 above), I cut out the puzzle pieces from each image.  I then cut a piece of cardboard (actually the flap on a 12×12 pad of scrapbook paper – a piece of cardstock or cereal box would work too) with the same cut file.  This is to sandwich between each side of the puzzle for increase durability.  You could adhere each image to a side of the cardstock, then cut the entire sandwich together if your die cut machine cuts deeply.  I wasn’t sure if my cricut would cut it all the way through, plus I didn’t want to get the adhesive used to adhere the pages to get all over my cricut, so I cut all three individually.
  • Next I ran each piece of puzzle cut from the images through my xyron machine to make a sticker, then adhered them each to the corresponding shape of cardstock inner layer.  Keep the pieces from both sides of the puzzle in a separate stack and be aware of the orientation when you are adhering them to the cardstock so that everything matches up on the correct sides when you are finished.  on line jigsaw puzzle
  • Finally, I coated each puzzle piece with Mod Podge, twice.  Turn over and repeat for the other side once the first side is dry.
  • Finally, I decorated a paper mache box to keep the puzzle in, with an image of each puzzle side on the lid to give the recipient a reference.  This is a great time to bust out the glitter paint and go to town.  build a puzzle
    how to make puzzles
    puzzle download
    free puzzle download

That is it!  Cute cute cute custom handmade puzzle.  I can’t wait to give this to my niece.  Have you ever made a jigsaw puzzle?  Other kid’s games by hand?

Quick Knitted Hat With Brim Pattern

Knit Hat Pattern from @savedbyloves

Get those needles flying and have a warm, cozy, beautiful handmade hat in no time, using this pattern  with super bulky yarn.  I whipped up several of these for gift giving this Christmas.  Who doesn’t love a brimmed hat with tassels in the winter?

Free knit hat pattern



  • Long circular needles size 13 and 11 (you can use DPN’s too, I prefer circulars)
  • Super bulky yarn
  • 3 x 3 inch piece of cardboard
  • stitch marker
  • crochet hook to weave in ends


9 sts x 12 r = 4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) in Stockinette Stitch on US 13.

PATTERN:      Fits most adults (stretchy)

CO 36 stitches onto your size 11 circular needles and join for working in the round; place marker at beginning of rounds

Row 1-3:  K2P2 around for ribbing then switch to size 13 needles

Row 4-12: Knit around

Begin decrease rounds:

Row 13:  *Knit 7, K2tog* around (32 stitches at end)

Row 14: Knit around

Row 15: *Knit 6, K2tog* around (28 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 16: knit around

Row 17: *Knit 5, K2tog* around (24 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 18: knit around

Row 19: *Knit 4, K2tog* around (20stitches remaining on needles)

Row 20: knit around

Row 21: *Knit 3, K2tog* around (16 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 22: knit around

Row 23: *Knit 2, K2tog* around (12 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 24: knit around

Row 25: *Knit, K2tog* around (8 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 26: knit around

Row 27: K2tog around (4 stitches remaining on needles)

Row 28: knit around

Leaving a 5-inch tail, break yarn.  With crochet hook, pull tail through the loops.
Pull tightly.

Pom Pom:

Wrap yarn around a 3 x 3 piece of cardboard around 100 times. Run a 20” piece of yarn through one folded edge of the pom pom. Tie the yarn tightly into a bundle. Cut the other folded edge, remove the cardboard, and stitch the pom pom to the top of the hat.

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