Upcycle Leather Jean Tag Bracelet

Upcycled Jean Label Bracelet

An eco-friendly, way cheap, super easy and quick, gorgeous  leather bracelet is what you will find in this tutorial.  I originally shared this project at Carolyn’s Homework.  Maybe you noticed the bracelet mania going on here and everywhere.  They are so cute for summer, and can be made from recycled materials to look stunning for little cost.  Time to rip the label off your jeans and transform it into beautiful wrist decor.

   Although I do use my Sizzix to emboss the leather, you can absolutely do this project without it.


Label from jeans

Hole punch and eyelet setter (I use Crop-a-dile in this tutorial)

Metal chain long enough for the bracelet to fit wrist

Jewelry Pliers to open and close jumprings

Jewelry clasp for closure

Sizzix and embossing folder of you choice (optional)

Crafter’s Pick Glue

Paper Rose

Krylon Clear Coat (to seal paper rose)

Upcycled bracelet tutorial


Make a bracelet from Jean Labels

Once the glue is dry, you are ready to wear your new upcycled jeans label bracelet!

Jean Label Bracelet

upcycled jewelry tutorial

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Shirts to Bracelets

T-shirt Bracelets

Summer is the perfect time for these upcycled shirt bracelets I spied at Lana Red.  You may have noticed there is a lot of DIY bracelet and T-shirt love going on here at SBLC.  That is because these are quick, eco friendly crafts, and I am scouring for inspiration to come up with a craft project for upcoming girls night.  These braided bracelets are top in the running.  Go see the detailed tutorial at Lana Red, at the above link.

In case you missed it:

Aluminum Can Flower Bracelets

How to Make Jewelry From Aluminum Cans

A few weeks back, I mentioned a book I had ordered on Amazon called Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry.  There is a simple flower bracelet project inside that inspired me to create my own versions.  This project is inexpensive, green, quick, easy, and you will love the outcome!

Aluminum Can Jewelry Tutorial

You will need:

  • metal shears
  • Aluminum cans in desired colors, empty, washed with soapy warm water, rinsed and dried
  • E6000
  • Small Craft Punches in flower shapes
  • Metal hole punch, or hammer with nail and small scrap of wood
  • 5 or 6 mm jump rings, flat or chain nose pliers, 2 pairs
  • Clasp for closure
  • Sizzix and embossing folder, or embosser of your choice

Here is what to do:

  • Carefully cut a flat sheet to fit emboss folder from can.  You may want to wear gloves for this part as the shear cut edges of the aluminum can may be sharp (I have yet to cut myself, but it does look scary)
  • Run flat sheet through embossing machine
  • Use paper punch to punch out shapes from desired areas of can.  You will have to cut away the negative area as you go to get to un-punched, colored areas of the can on occasion



Recycled can flowers

  • I like my bracelets to be double sided, so I punch out double the amount I need for desired bracelet length, and glue shapes back to back with E6000.  Use the same can or an entirely different can to have a reversible bracelet (the purple and yellow bracelets pictured are one reversible bracelet)
  • When double sided pieces are dry, you are ready to punch holes for jumprings.  I use a hand held metal punch, but you can use a simple hammer and nail on a block of scrap wood to create the hole as well
  • Attach jump rings and closure and you are finished

Upcycled jewelry

***For the orange one, I attached 2 jump rings to each flower

Aluminum Can Jewelry

What do you think?  Are you using your cans in creative ways?  In case you missed it:

60+ Recycled Can Projects

Upcycled: Magazine Page Rose Ring

Magazine Page Jewelry

It was only a matter of time before I combined my Sizzix obsession with magazine pages.  I was hesitant because the pages are so easily torn and flimsy if not coated with decoupage medium.  I didn’t really want to run that through my machine.  It hit me that I could laminate the pages with clear contact paper to give strength and durability.  Yay!  Now I can fold, twist and rough up magazine pages about as well as I can heavy cardstock.   This would work well for fragile old book pages and sheet music too.

Recycled Magazine Crafts

Recycled Paper Jewerly

I formed the 3 D rose by coiling the cut strip around a toothpick like the Sizziz 3 D Rose die insert instructs, then I added a jewel to the center of the rose with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  I cut some leaf shapes from an old yellow leather purse, and used E6000 to adhere the rose and leaves to the Plaid Ring Bling ring blank.

Recycled Paper Crafts

How to Make Magazine Page Jewelry

Sizzix jewelry tutorial

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial With Tips and Images

Glass Tile Pendant Tutorial

Today, I am happy to share with you a glass tile pendant tutorial from Irina at Irina’s Cute Box.  These tutorials are abundant in the creative blog world.  Irina shares her version incorporating a bezel setting.  She uses the same jewelry component supplier as I do, Sun and Moon Kits on Etsy.  Wonderful prices and service make this my go to shop for all of my wholesale needs.  In addtion, Irina has available some free printable images you can use for the tiles, and digital collage sheets available for purchase in her Etsy store (see examples and links below).

Digital collage sheets for glass tile pendants


You will need –

  • Images
  • Diamond Glaze or other glaze if you prefer
  • Bezel is used in this tutorial – You could also just leave the glass tile as is, seal the back (with Mod Podge or resin) and glue on a bail for attaching to chain.
  • E6000 or superglue

Free digital collage

The collage sheet is 4×6 inches,  containing twelve 1 inch square images perfect for glass tile pendants,  at resolution of 300 dpi.   Print on heavy (80-100 lb) using laser printer.  Laser images are more vivid and less likely to smear than ink jet.
How to make glass tile pendant
Supplies shown are from  SunAndMoonKits shop on Etsy.

To make the pendant

  • First, cut out image with scissors

How to make glass tile pendant

  • Apply small amount of glaze on the back side of the glass tile.

How to make glass tile pendant

  • Spread glaze evenly and pull out any air bubbles with fingertip or toothpick.
  • Place the image with face down on the glaze and gently press it from center to the edges, ensuring no air bubbles remain.   The paper should slide on the glaze when you touch it. This tells you that the right amount of glaze was applied.
  • Let glaze harden for a couple of hours and trim extra paper on the sides.   Use water and a lint free cloth to wipe away any excess glaze on the glass.

How to make glass tile pendant

  • Put a little bit of super glue in the setting.

How to make glass tile pendant

  • Place the glass tile with paper side down.

How to make glass tile pendant

  • Let dry, add chain and you are finished.

Visit Irina’s  blog for other free graphics and her GraphicLand shop on Etsy for  more beautiful and affordable digital collage sheets in a variety of shapes and sizes!

Graphic Land on Etsy

Digital Collage Sheets for Dominoes

Sizzix Die Cut Can Bracelet

Aluminum Can JewelryThe research put into my recent 60+ Recycled Can Craft Roundup left me collecting all the pretty cans I could find.  Here, I used the well known Arizona Tea can for the flower shape and a garage sale tin for the pink circle.  Making jewelry with Sizzix is so fun.  I am completely obsesses.  No material is safe from being die cut around me. These pieces cost next to nothing, so keep your eyes peeled for interesting cans and old tins while you are out thrifting.

Here is how I cut my shapes:

Die cut jewelry

I used the same process for the arizona tea can, and a layered flower Sizzix die.  Then I marked the center of each of the 3 layers (silver retangular blank, Arizona can flower and pink tin) with a black sharpie, to know where to punch a hole for my rivet.  Using a nail and hammer on a piece of scrap board, I hammered a hole in each piece where the mark was.  No pics of this, but I will get some shots of the process next time. 

I riveted the pieces together and glued on the pink pearl embellishment using E6000. 

I hole punched the bracelet with my crop-a-dile at each end to add the chain for the bracelet.  That is that.  Upcycled aluminum can jewelry

Recycled can jewelry

I am excited about this book I just ordered on Amazon; Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry.  Looks like I am not the only one obsessed with this concept!

50+ Stunning Paper Jewelry Ideas You Can Make

50+ Paper Jewelry Projects

This week’s 50+ is all about paper jewelry. It is amazing what you can do with some paper and creativity. These projects are fantastic for Mother’s Day gifts, or any occasion where custom handmade jewelry is in order. Enjoy!

Sizzix Cut & Embossed Painted Can Flower

Upcycled Can PendantHere is a cool Mother’s Day gift idea.  This gorgeous flower pendant is made from an aluminum can and a copper rivet joining the 3 layers.  It really couldn’t be simpler or less expensive.  Mom will love it’s uniqueness.  You can paint it to suit her tastes and she will have a heartfelt, handmade gift on her day.

Handmade Mother's Day gift idea


Rinse and cut your aluminum can to a sheet that fits your die.  Cut two flower shapes and a circle.  Emboss the flower shapes and hammer the circle into a dome shape.  Paint petals as desired with acrylic paint.  If you like the colors on the can, no need to paint.   I used Lumiere and sealed with Krylon Clear Coat.

When that dries, connect layers with rivet or eyelet.  Punch hole in back most flower petal in for a jump ring and add your choice of chain or cord.  That is it.

Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial

DIY Mother's Day gift

Needle Felt Jewelry

Needle felt pendant tutorial

Inspired by this week’s felt project round-up, I gave needle felt jewelry a go.  I played with this briefly to add dots to this felt mushroom a couple of years back, so am a novice to this technique.  It is very easy to pick up, and pretty quick for small jewelry projects like this.

Needle Felt Jewelry

As with most things I create lately, I used my sizzix to cut shapes for these pieces.  For example, for the ring, I die cut 2 small orange circles from a sheet of wool felt and needle punched them together to form the disk shape.  I hand  cut a white felt triange and punched it to the top of the disk.  The blue outline is needle punched wool yarn.  I used a darning needle to create a hole in the disk and thread my wire through it to make a wire wrap ring.Needle felt wire wrap ring

For the pendant, I used 2 larger die cut circles for the base, then needle felted the inner and outer circle shapes and triangle on top of that.  The finished piece is glued to a button using E6000.

Needle felt pendant tutorial

I will definitely be doing more of this.  I wish there was a way I could needle felt without poking my fingers, but what is a little blood for the sake of crafting?

Upcycled Can & Leather Pendant

Upcycled Jewelry Tutorial

If you have been around here lately, you have seen the die cut jewelry phase I have been in since getting my Sizzix machine.  Last week, I shared this round-up of 60 recycled can projects, which is where I got the inspiration for this pendant.  There are several projects I found that use aluminum cans to create stunning jewelry.

Recycled Can Jewelry

This pendant is made of several layers.  From top to bottom they are:  Decorative pearl brad, leather cut from goodwill purse, metal cut from good will tin, 2 more leather layers, and a recycled starbucks Double Shot can, embossed and cut with sizzix.  I spent the last couple of days cutting tin cans into flowers.  Now that I have a huge stack, I will be creating lots of pieces.  I found several more leather purses in my junking this weekend, as well as some more cool tins, so stay tuned for more die cut, recycled jewelry fun!

Upcycled Leather

This purse was $1.50!!!  Metal tin… $0.50, aluminum cans… free.  My sizzix was well worth the cost!!

DIY Leather flower pendant