Bee Lucia Wellness Candles Our New Favorite

I had the fortune of receiving a set of these amazingly aromatic wellness candles by Bee Lucia, and am thrilled to share them with you all!

I got the whole line and started with the lavender since it is my absolute favorite scent. The gemstones are a beautiful touch. I have never seen that in a candle. 

At first I couldn’t really catch the aroma, but after about an hour of burning, and now every time I light that candle, there is a lovely lavender scent that fills the space. It just seems clean, and you will see why when you read from the makers how these  candles are different.

You can even reuse the glass when the candle has burned down. There is none of the nasty soot that other candles leave behind on their containers. Here are some cool ideas for upcycling the glass…

Drink wine from your candle glass!

I’m always out of vases. Here is another great way to reuse your glass once the candle is burnt down.

I am hooked, and I know you will be too. Read on for the story of these outstanding candles and get a 35% discount!

From the makers


We found ourselves inspired to create these Wellness Candles out of frustration with seeing soy candles claim to be a healthy alternative to paraffin wax (while most are blended with paraffin anyways, or using GMO soy). We’ve always believed that candles should hold a much higher purpose in life, and be just as healthy as they are aesthetically pleasing. Have you ever noticed the glass around your average store-bought candles turning black? That’s remnants of the actual soot which it is introducing into your environment as it burns.

Luckily, you won’t find any soy or soot producing paraffin in a Wellness Candle
 😉 Not only are these candles 100% clean burning –– they also emit negative ions that eliminates toxins, helping purify the air around you. All of our Bee Lucia™ candles are hand-poured with a unique blend of organic coconut oil, white (naturally refined) beeswax, pure essential oils and sprinkled with crushed natural gemstone crystals. 

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