How to Maintain Your Home for a Happy 2017


For many of us, the New Year is a perfect time for a reevaluating and refreshing our homes. A huge part of that is aesthetically changing our environments to maintain a feeling of peaceful rejuvenation – maybe painting the walls a new color and adding new accents to change the ambiance. Other ways to maintain a healthy living space are less… photogenic and stylish maybe, but are equally or more essential to the health of our homes and their inhabitants.

LiquidPlumber3It is something we don’t think about until it becomes a clear and present issue, but we should never underestimate the importance of keeping our drains clear! Fortunately, clogs don’t stand a chance against Liquid-Plumr

, which destroys tough clogs, helps prevent new clogs, and keeps pipes smelling fresh!


Many of us don’t know that the most common causes of clogs are soap scum, grease, and hair (including pet hair)!
We all get household clogs, and you should feel empowered to do it yourself. All you need to skip calling the plumber is proper
maintenance and the right products and tools on hand. You can learn to keep your drains running at their full capacity, saving time and money, and feeling pretty awesome about your abilities!
Did you know that Liquid-Plumr has been keeping pipes clear and clean for more than 35 years?
Their products are safe for all septic systems and pipes types, including PVC, plastic,
copper, and old pipes. So regardless of your situation, Liquid-Plumr will always be the right choice!

Did you know about Liquid-Plumr Full Clog Destroyer™
With this product, you can feel free to put away the plunger. This thick gel is formulated to cut through
standing water and works double duty to help dissolve tough clogs and prevent new
ones from forming. It is quite effective on low flow drains, and with regular monthly use can keep your plumbing flowing freely!


Other ways we plan to maintain our home and costs this year are to cut down on the heat bill by using the fireplace more. It is cozy, and makes for a great beagle photo backdrop, don’t you think?

We also plan to replace shower curtains with the prior year’s buildup of soap scum, go through our closets and donate things we haven’t worn for a year, cleaning windows to freshen things up, and maybe even give the front door a makeover with a new paint color.

What are your plans for Refreshing in 2017?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.