Vintage Farmhouse Style Faucet With Moen

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Today I’d like to share with you a little project we did as a part of our vintage farmhouse kitchen makeover. Thanks to Moen, we were able to replace our old, ugly, leaky faucets with some beautiful new ones. The selection of styles and finishes is extensive, the ordering and shipping process a breeze, the packaging and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. All of this together made for a really easy install that anyone with a basic knowledge of home plumbing can pull off, no problem. Here is how we did it!

Moen farmhouse faucet

Here you can see our old original faucet set-up. It was the traditional one handle delta mixing valve faucet that was well past its useful life time. We had a sprayer attachment that would only work if the flow through the faucet head was adjusted way back so as not create a large suction and collapse the line. Our set-up also included an extra Spigot for a RO (reverse osmosis) water system that you will see in later pics.

We picked out the Waterhill oil rubbed bronze one-handle high arc kitchen faucet and a matching reverse osmosis faucet.


Moen farmhouse faucet 2

After picking out the replacements of choice for each of these fixtures we placed the order and within a week the new components arrived.

The box of stuff was well organized and nicely packaged. They supplied we needed to install with the exception of a screw driver and wrench. I also used some Teflon tape on a couple of the fittings that were unique to our existing kitchen plumbing.

The first thing I did using the supplied parts list was to take everything out of the box and lay it out on the floor. This not only helped me make sure I got everything but also let me visualize the tubing connections and the location of each of the fixtures relative to one another. This way I could get a feel for how the whole thing was going to fit-up.

Moen farmhouse faucet 3You can see that one difference the new fixture has over the old is that the mixing valve on the new one (the on-off, hot-cold handle) is a separate fixture from the faucet itself. In the old one they were combined into a one piece unit. This meant that for the new installation I needed to make sure that my existing sink (which I planned on keeping) had holes cut out for that many fixtures. Just looking at the old fixture it appeared that there were only three fixtures. I needed to begin the demo of the old one to confirm.

Moen farmhouse faucet 4

The first thing I did was turn off the water supply to the existing faucet and RO water system and open the faucet handle to relieve any internal pressure and to be sure that the water shutoffs were completely closed. Old valves tend to lime up in our area of the country and sometimes valves don’t seat well.

After the water was turned off it was a simple disconnect of one line for the RO water filter system and removal of one large nut on the bottom of the existing faucet and they both slid out. As you can see from the picture above when I pulled the old faucet fixture away from the sink I was pleased to see that there were in fact 2 additional holes already cut into the sink so I would actually have one more than I needed for all of the new fixtures to fit.


From this point forward I simply followed the supplied Instruction Guide. The Guide is very complete and descriptive of each step along the way. The drawings were accurate and easy to follow. It truly was a very simple installation. The design of the supply line quick-connect fittings made the hook up super simple and leak free. Not to mention the ease with which you can disconnect and reconnect if you need to without any problems.

Moen farmhouse faucet 5

Here you sees the new lines and fixtures in place ready turn on. The RO system is connected and is also ready for operation.


Finally, the install is complete. A cover plug was purchased at the big box store for a couple bucks to plug the open hole in the sink that we didn’t need.

Moen Kitchen Waterhill Faucet

In total the demolition and installation took a little over 2 hours. It was really simple and the Moen fixtures are an amazing addition to our kitchen. We couldn’t be happier with our choice of the finish and the style choice.

You can see more on our kitchen renovation, which has been a long process!  Just click the photos below for detailed tutorials:


Thanks to Moen for sending us these great faucets!  Stay tuned for install of the matching cabinet hardware they sent.  Be sure to follow them for new products and updates:

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