UltraDome Epoxy Review

UltraDome UV epoxy resinI had the opportunity to try out UltraDome, a UV curing epoxy resin that can be used to create a gorgeous domed glass-like finish on your handmade jewelry creations.  It is no secret that I use the heck out of resin around here, and I am excited to share with you what I found in this gem of a product, and how it compares to the other UV curing resin I have used in several projects posted here, Lisa Pavelka’s Magic Glos.

I received this 2 ounce bottle with a separate applicator bottle and applicator tips.

UV jewelry resin epoxy

Owner of the UltraDome resin company, Terry Morris, let me know that this is the pro version of the dispensing bottle.  They were low on the normal glaze bottle so what I got is not standard.  I did notice the applicator bottle is available on UltraDome’s sister site, EpoxyJewelry.com, for $4.99.  Here is the standard bottle you get, which is $12.50 for 2 ounces (compared to $9.99 for 1 ounce of magic glos).

UV jewelry resinFor my pendant image, I stamped all over a piece of white card stock using chalk, pigment and solvent inks in various layers.  Then I printed various words on the sheet using my inkjet printer.  I cut out the image area I liked to fit the pendant bezel and glued it to the bezel using Glossy Accents.  I also covered the top of the image with a layer of Glossy Accents, which is what I do when using any resin over paper.  I then applied Distress Stickles in wild honey around the perimeter of the image.

Here it is before I applied the UltraDome.  The blob of orange play-dough is how I keep the bezel level and stationary when I know I will be moving it (i.e. outside to cure in the sunlight).

Ultradome resin

Using the applicator bottle/tip I applied the resin like Terry shows in this instructional video…

I found the resin to be thinner than magic glos, and I was a little worried that it wouldn’t dome, a fear that was eliminated once I saw the finished result.  I did have an air bubble issue, which you can see here.

Resin jewelry tipsNormally, I just run my heat tool over the piece to get rid of air bubbles, no problem.  I tried that will little luck, and I was afraid the epoxy was going to blow out of the bezel since it is thinner than what I am use to.  The above video shows a torch, which I didn’t have, so i pulled each bubble out with a toothpick.

After 2 layers of the epoxy, curing in the sunlight for about 15 minutes each time, I love the finished piece – air bubble free, beautifully domed and crystal clear.

Resin jewelry tips


  • Considerably less expensive than Magic Glos
  • Easy to use
  • Does not shrink and pull away from the edges while curing like Magic Glos
  • One part, so no mixing
  • No toxic fumes
  • Works great over sealed stamped and inkjet images
  • Easily domes and fills in gaps in coverage on its own (this is in sharp contrast to Magic Glos, which stays where you  put it for the most part)


  • Stubborn air bubbles
  • Needs stronger lamp to cure than Magic Glos

All that said, I am sold.  I will be using this product as my UV resin from now on.  I wanted to test it before investing in a stronger lamp, which I will be looking into now that I know I love the resin. I have my eye on this 36 Watt curing oven for $69.99.  It has a removable tray so you can place it over your piece so that you don’t have to move it around with the uncured resin (bye bye play dough)!  Be sure and look around for the ever expanding line of bezels and jewelry supplies at EpoxyJewelry.com while you are there.

I can’t wait to use this on polymer clay!  Cindy Lietz did so, and her review can be found here.  Sounds promising.

***Disclaimer:  I received a 2 ounce bottle of UltraDome, an applicator bottle and pendant bezel to test out this product.  My review is 100% what I believe.   You will love this epoxy.