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Lime Green Ribbed Knit Wrist Warmers

Here is what I have been working on… I can’t stop knitting!This is the first time I have ever knitted two items at once on the same circular needle. I feel like a real knitter now. These are a simple k2 p2 ribbed pattern knit with peruvian wool and lightly machine felted. I will from this point on, work both pieces in paired knits simultaneously. It just works for me. I know they will be the same size, and I love that when I finish, both are done!!

Indescribable Love…

This time of year forces into the forefront of my mind what should be there always. He made us to bring Himself glory. That is why we exist. The rest of it is just details. If you haven’t seen this, treat yourself. He is so very BIG.

Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop Week 3

Week three already… wow. Join Thrifty Thursdays and showcase your frugal recipes, projects or ideas. Or just join and enjoy!

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Feature Lovely Bloggers

1. Kelly at My Simple Walk:

Tons of craft videos and inspiration for living simply! I love that Kelly is documenting her journey towards living with 100 things. That is awesome. Check out her most recent post, a video on making Christmas tree ornaments!

Heather has compiled some wonderful DIY home decor tutorials. If you are looking for some inspiration, skip google, and go here. She has already done the work, and has wonderful taste! Thanks Heather!

Post It Note Tuesday!

Only Parent Chronicles

DIY Yarn Scrap Christmas Trees!

I saw these little beauties at my local yarn shop (knitting Christmas presents like nobody’s business). What a great project for scrap yarn. Had to share!!And here is the rest of it

Lightly Felted Men’s Fingerless Gloves With Pattern

It is crunch time folks, and I am knitting myself right into an arthritis diagnosis. I do this every Christmas. Handmade mania with an emphasis on wooly treasures to temper the winter freezes.My nephew wanted fingerless mitts and here is what I came up with (after making 3 oddly shaped gloves I would rather forget). I used Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller called “Full o’ Sheep”, 100% peruvian wool.

Here is the pattern I used, which I found at Piece By Piece. I used size 5 circular needles and the magic loop method. This pattern called for size 6 needles, but i knit BIG, so I dropped down a size. I also decided to machine wash felt the finished mitts for 10 minutes. It makes a fuzzier, tighter, neater knit, smaller mitt. Taylor will love. I am considering some button embellishments or maybe some embroidery. Off to knit more…

Last Name Wall Art DIY


I saw these 6 rounded corner square pics at Goodwill and picked them up for a total of $3. It occurred to me in the store that my last name has 6 letters… perfect. I have been wanting to create thrifty last name wall art for awhile now. Check out the steps I took…”1. I lightly sanded the pics and cleaned away debris with a damp towel.
2. Cut scrapbook paper to size and adhere to surface using matte gel medium, mod podge or decoupage medium of your choice
3. Smooth paper to remove any air bubbles using brayer (This step is quite effective in getting rid of bumps).
4. To create the backgrounds: I did an acrylic wash using a dab of red “Golden” brand acrylic with water; let dry completely. I then stamped on the papers randomly with texture patterns in bright orange, painted white acrylic dots of varying sizes randomly, painted a white border with graphite pencil drop shadow, sprayed with shimmer mist and doodled starbursts and scratches…
5. The Name: Draw letters onto boards; I used vinyl stencils I cut out with my cricut and white acrylic paint to do mine. I outlined and blended with graphite pencil to make the letters stand out.
6. Seal with acrylic fixative
7. I adhered to wall using Command picture hanging strips…


That is all. Fun customized thrifty last name wall art! You can create some amazing effects with layering stamps, acrylic washes, doodles, textures, fibers, fabrics, tissue paper. My favorite thing about layering is you can feel free to try whatever you want, and if the outcome is not quite what you had hoped, just cover over the top with something different. This takes off the pressure I place on myself to make it perfect, and frees me to be spontaneous. You can do this on any surface. You may need to prime with Gesso first. I didn’t since I was using cardstock.Total cost: $3 + materials I had on hand. SCORE.

Krome Photo Site Review and Their Nikon D7000 Contest



If you didn’t read my post about Krome Photos, now is your chance. Go there now and submit a photo. Nikon D7000 contest ends tonight at 11:59 pm. Here is the photo I am entering, before Krome treatment, and after. World of difference! And your first 25 photo edits are FREE. Read on. This is a great find.

I found this website, Krome, that offers professional photo editing services and must share the treasure with you. With the amount of time I spend photo editing in photoshop, this is very appealing. The results are wonderful, and you get 25 free “Krome Treatments” just for signing up for the free account. I Love it!! I was excited at the prospect of 25 photo edits for free, and the low rates even after the freebies ran out, so I uploaded some pics that I knew needed some major editing. Uploading was easy with the software made available on the site (here), much like uploading to photobucket or facebook. I was notified that my photos would be edited and I would be notified when they were finished, within 24-48 hours. That was yesterday. Today, I went to the site to find my photos had been edited. Lets check them out a couple out:

So, the picture of my sweetie and I was taken on our wedding day by a cheap disposable camera. It has always been one of my favorites, except for its poor image quality. You can our faces are red and lacking in detail because of poor exposure. The sky and background are dull in color. The Krome treated photo is much improved. Our faces are clearer, our skin no longer looks burnt, the sky is a more vibrant blue, the green greener, and the contrast way better. They even cropped out the random tree on the far right, and some extraneous sky off of the top. I consider myself quite the little photoshop photo editor, and I have to admit that my attempts to beautify this picture did not quite measure up to the Krome treatment.

Take a look at my beagle before and after pics. Again, the contrast is adjusted such that more detail is visible, the major “red eye” in his left eye is eliminated, colors are more vibrant, the photo is cropped and there is an artistic touch with a photo vignette. Pretty cool. I appreciate it because I have not been formally trained, and while I know what I think looks good, I don’t always know where to crop for good photo composition.
What would take me an hour, and likely not turn out as good, is handled by Krome Photos. It is a good place to backup and organize picture files as well. The website allows you to tag photos much like facebook (and even recognizes the people you tag in their other pics), and allows easy photo sharing across several social media sites. If I could change anything about the site, I would give it functionality to keep me logged in (“remember me”) so I wouldn’t have to put in my username and password each time, but that is pretty minor. Also, it would be nice if you could request specific artistic touches and edits, but for this price, the service is amazing. Go get your 25 free Krome treatments, and see what you think. I am hooked.

Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop Week 2

Back for week 2 of Thrifty Thursdays blog hop. The idea is to link to your frugal post, whether it be a DIY, recipe, tip, coupon… if you like it, link it. If you don’t have a thrifty post to link to, feel welcome to join the hop anyway, and link to your main blog.

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Feature Lovely Bloggers:
1. Vintage Wanna Be
I just recently found this blog and love it. I don’t know how this girl maintains her site while doing the college student deal, but she is fabulous! At 21 years of age, she has endured some major challenges (oh yeah, she has a personal blog too) and has shone brightly, loves life, and is brilliantly creative. I can’t wait to try out Nichelle’s satin flower tutorial, here. She has wonderful ideas for hair accessories. Show her some lovin. You will be impressed too!

Angela at Green Submarine has a host of inspirational DIY projects. Just go there. When I need project ideas, I can pop over to GS and my “to do” list grows exponentially. Go say hi to her, and be ready to get creative.

Post It Note Tuesday!

This hop is wonderfully therapeutic. Thanks for enduring my unloading. You should totally join this. Here is the link…

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