Washi Tape Wine Cork Keychain DIY

Carry your keys in eco-friendly style with this washi covered wine cork keychain.  This project is simple and quick, and makes a great handmade last minute gift or party favor.  Decorate with ribbon, paint, stickers and stamps as a variation! MATERIALS   -Cork -Eye screw -washi … [Read more...]

DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Stay organized, eco-chic style with this cork board made from… corks!  This project is simple, functional, stylish and can be super inexpensive with a thrifted frame.  Start saving those wine corks, ask your friends to save them, and hit your local recycle center to see if they can hook you up with … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Cork Monogram Earrings

[pinit][pinit]  Did you know that wine corks can be sliced into disks, painted, inked and stamped to create beautiful custom jewelry.  Not only are these monogram stamped earrings stylish and eco friendly, but they are light as a feather.  The customization possibilities are infinite!  Follow the … [Read more...]

50+ Things to Make From Wine Corks

[pinit] [pinit] This week's 50+ is all about wine bottle corks.  Did you know there are a ton of ways to repurpose corks?  I was surprised at all the different projects I encountered while compiling this round-up.  Between this and the wine bottle repurpose round-up from awhile back, no part of … [Read more...]