“What’s Your Story?” Featuring Lisa Guckelberg

We are back with "What's Your Story?", Featuring artist and teacher Lisa Guckelberg.  I am blessed to know Lisa personally, as a friend and running partner, and am plain giddy to have her here at SBLC.  Lisa gifted me with the above work when I moved an hour away and we were no longer going to be … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story? Featuring Artist Sara of "Spareflair"

I ran across these adorable, one of a kind embroidered pendants, and I just couldn't wait to share them with you.  Visit Spareflair on Etsy, here to see more cuteness.  Thanks for the great interview, Sara!Where are you located?I was born, raised, and still live in Chicago, Illinois. … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story? Featuring Artist Deborah Fagan "The Painted Thingamajig

So excited to bring you the unique mixed media artist I stumbled upon at The Painted Thingamajig!!  On with it...The Painted Thingamajig at EtsyThe Painted Thingamajig Studio at ArtfireFacebook Fan PageMySpace/Previous workAbout your work:I've been creating as far as my memeory goes back.  … [Read more...]

What’s Your Story? Featuring Artist "Remember Me Emily"

Visit Emily's Etsy Shop: http://RememberMeEmily.etsy.comVisit Emily's ArtFire shop: http://RememberMeEmily.ArtFire.comRead Emily's Blog: http://RememberMeEmily.blogspot.com … [Read more...]

"What’s Your Story", Featuring Artist Ashley Connelly

This week I bring you Ashley from The Creative Place.  This website is full of wonderful, budget friendly tutorials using vintage supplies and paper.  I ran across Ashley's work when I very first began blogging and have followed along every since.  Graphic designer with a love for … [Read more...]

"What’s Your Story?" Featuring Artist Jill Brown and Things With Wings

When I first ran across the "Things with Wings" blog, it was hands down love at first sight.  This mixed media group - composed of a mother and her two daughters - create whimsical, inspiring pieces emphasizing faith and family, that are irresistable - BEAUTIFUL work amongst my very favorite. … [Read more...]

"What’s Your Story?" Featuring Artist Parker Lanier

Today's featured artist is a cherished part of my family by marriage as well as my recovery family.  I love Parker's work because it is totally unique, insane, chaotic and makes complete sense to me.  He reminds me of where I have been, and is an living example of how God can turn a mess … [Read more...]

"What’s Your Story?" Featuring Artist Jo Morphett

I ran into Jo's work while browsing Artfire, and had to find out more about her! Vintage, comics, collage, birds, monograms... all unique with a pop that leaves you wanting to snatch them all up. Here are some of my very favorites, you can find in Jo's Artfire store, Peaceofpi Studio. Time to hear … [Read more...]

"What’s Your Story?" Featuring Artist Nancy Fallon

I am thrilled to bring you Nancy Fallon as the debut artist in SBLC's new segment "What's Your Story". It won't be hard to see why I had to know more about this artist. Her versatility and style hooked me. From mixed media pieces to knit coin purses to pendants and beautiful note cards... here are … [Read more...]