Upcycle Coffee Sleeves into Gorgeous Jewelry

Today I am sharing with you this great coffee sleeve upcycle. With the amount of coffee I drink, the sleeves were starting to pile up. I saved them, knowing one day, inspiration would strike and I would repurpose them. The idea to create jewelry from them came to me over the weekend as I was sorting … [Read more...]

DIY Alcohol Ink Aluminum Can Christmas Wreath

If you are anything like me, you love Ranger Ink products.  I am particularly obsessed with alcohol inks, which paint vivid color on non-porous surfaces such as aluminum and glass.  How excited was I to be invited to share a Christmas project on the Ranger Ink Blgo?! Very. Come see how I created … [Read more...]

DIY Patriotic Paint Chip Paper Hydrangeas

[pinit][pinit] Show your American, upcycling spirit with this patriotic paint chip hydrangea craft!  These make a lovely centerpiece for your summer festivities and Fourth of July party tablescape.  This is a craft the kids can help with for some creative family time during school break. CLICK … [Read more...]

Make Roses From Leaves

This project was awhile in the making, as there was some trial and error involved.  I have been dying to cut leaves with my Sizzix since they started changing into the warm autumn hues.  The part I couldn't figure out about how to do this was preserving the leaves.  If I pressed them, they would be … [Read more...]