Whimsical Bunting Subway Art Printable

Target knock off subway art with printable and display DIY from Printable Decor

Today at Printable Decor, I shared this Target knock off subway art printable and the display DIY.  The Target original cost $24.99.  Go see how I created the finished piece for under $2!  Submit a printable while you are there, and be sure to follow along on FB and Twitter for daily freebie prints to decorate your surroundings without emptying your wallet.

Valentine’s Day Printable Wall Art

Valentine's Day Printables It is time to clear out the Christmas decor and what better to replace it than love themed prints?  These three 11x14 inch frames stay up year round, and I change the prints with the seasons.  I stick to black and white, which I have printed at Office Max for $0.20 per 11x14.  I spent a whopping $0.64 on these three.  I have provided them for you to download over at printable decor.  Get your free Valentine's Day printables now. Free Valentine's Day Printable Free Valentine's Day Printable Free Valentine's Day Printable

Free Easter Printable Round 2

The cross... the single greatest act of love in history.  Click here to download the full resolution 5x7.  Glory to God.

Free Easter Printable

This is my absolute favorite time of year... Easter.  I made this watercolor from a photo in photoshop and put it with the beautiful verse, Hebrews 11:1.  You can download the full resolution file by clicking here.  

Short Run Posters; My Source For Quality Large Format Prints at Truly Low Prices

Here is my latest art print set; 3 prints 24'x24' which I mounted on MDF like before in this tutorial.  I love the technique because it looks like prints on canvas, or oil paintings if I use a brushstroke medium.  I have always enjoyed the canvas look, but I am not a painter, and having my artwork printed on canvas -yeah,  not frugal.   These  three prints would have cost me about $300 on canvas.  No thank you.

I am writing this review in response to multiple requests for my printing source after I published this post.  Large format printing in general is costly.  It is just a fact.  That is why I was skeptical when I first found Short Run Posters and saw their prices.  They offer 18x24 prints for $2.97 branded, $4.97 unbranded.  The branding is a small logo on the bottom back of the poster, which is completely unnoticeable for my purposes.  I guess if you are selling the prints, you may not want the logo.  They recently added 24x36 size priced at $15.97.  Unbelievable, right?

Despite my skepticism, I placed my first order in 2009 and was quite impressed.  The prints looked exactly like the image on my computer screen.  I have place several orders since that time, all with great results and customer service.  I had an issue with shipping on one of my first orders that was due to UPS delivering to the wrong center.  Before I had figured out what the problem was, I contacted Short Run about the my order, and they immediately resent the prints without question.  I ended up getting the second batch, then several days later the first batch!  Estimated delivery times vary depending on location (see shipping policies here), anywhere from 1 to 6 days in the US.  There is a $10 flat rate for shipping, regardless of the number of prints you order, so I always wait to place an order until I have several files I want printed.  There is also express shipping available for fees for 1, 2, or 3 day express, which I have never used.  My prints have always come within 7-10 business days (this is 5 day production time + shipping), packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube.

For both sizes, there is a 1/2 inch white border on all sides, so the actual print area is 17x23 and 23x35 inch.  The paper for the 18x24 size is #80 coated cover stock, acid free (archival) with a matte finish.  For an additional fee, you can chose lamination for a glossy effect.  I like the matte finish just fine, and find the paper to be similar to photo paper in heaviness.  The 24x36 size is printed on #46 Bond matte paper.  I just ordered this size for the first time recently.  The paper is not quite as thick as the smaller size print, but it is still heavy.  It is uncoated, and I learned the hard way that you must seal the print with acrylic sealant before coating with Mod Podge brushstroke.  The colors are vibrant and appear just as the file on my monitor.

The Short Run Posters website is full of instructions, tips, FAQ's, tutorials, useful design links and resources to get you going.  I highly recommend this company.  Using SRP, this project cost around $65 total.  A far cry from $300, and  with the satisfaction of having done it myself.  I am amazed at their prices, and still find it hard to believe.  When asked how they can offer such affordable prints, SRP replied "Our philosophy for nearly 4 years has been simple: high quality posters sold at razor thin margins with large volumes overall. "  Seems to good to be true.  It is not.  Do yourself a favor, go there.  

I am making the digital files for the above prints as well as these bird prints available for just $5 each.  You can then upload them to SRP and order super affordable prints! Contact me for these, or any of my prints that peak your interest.  See examples of my work here.

Bird Faux Oil Painting Frugal Wall Art DIY With Tutorial

I am obsessed with Mod Podge Brushstrokes these days.  My walls are slowly but surely filling up with what appear to be oil paints on canvas, but are actually art prints on MDF, painted over with the Mod Podge.  These are 12'x34' and cost me about $10 each total.  I love how they turned out and especially the blue against the wheat colored walls!  You may have seen my earlier post featuring this technique using some Valentine's Day prints I made in photoshop.  This is a great way to have awesome art for cheap.  You can use old photos, posters, thrifty store finds or any image to create a canvas painting.
I made these prints in photoshop, giving them a painterly effect since I knew I was going to use them in this project.
At Lowes, I picked up a discounted 1x12x72' board and had them cut my 2 pieces of backing board from it.  The total cost was $8.47.  I even have a little piece of board left over, which I am sure will be used for something!
I sprayed both the board and the back of the print with Super 77, lined up the print with the board and pressed them together, using my hand to flatten the print down and make sure there were no air bubbles.  This stuff is crazy sticky, so make sure you are lined up before laying the print on the board.  No redo is going to happen without ripping the print.
Next, I flipped it over and cut off any excess print with an exact knife.
I lightly sanded the edges to blend and make the print flush with the board.
This is what it looked like after sanding.  Now I put on the Mod Podge Brushstroke.
After this was dry, I primered and painted the edges of the board white to give the canvas look to it.  I attache a wire for hanging on the back, as detailed in my previous post, here.  SImple and lovely!

DIY Fabulous Frugal Faux Canvas Painting Tutorial

Create an oil paint effect on prints, using Mod Podge Brushstrokes.
These prints were mounted on plywood and painted with Mod Podge to create beautiful faux oil paintings! Read on for full tutorial...
tut12I am so excited about the way this project went! As mentioned in the prior post, here, I created these prints in Photoshop with the idea in mind that I would try something similar to the project over at Infarrantly Creative (see this post).
I had the images printed at 12x12' on glossy stock. At Michael's, I picked up 1/2x12x12' birch plywood squares. Since I wanted the pictures mounted on 1' backing, I used Gorilla Glue to adhere 2 pieces of birch plywood together for each of the 3 prints. You could also use MDF in for the backing, cut to the size of your prints. I used the plywood because it was already cut to the size I wanted, and it was cheap.
Once the gorilla glue was dry, I was ready to adhere the prints to the wood. Super 77 has minimal overspray, but make sure you cover your work surface, cause this stuff is sti-iii-cky, for real. Spray a thin coat on both the back of the print and on the wood surface and lay the print in place, smoothing flat with your hand. This holds big time and bonds immediately, so make sure you have the pic lined up before placing it. I turned the piece over on a flat surface and applied pressure to the back to ensure I hadn't missed any air bubbles. This part was really much easier than I thought it would be. I had no problem with air bubbles. Next, the fun step using Mod Podge Brushstrokes. I just recently ran across a post using this medium and I am in love. I used a 1 inch foam bruse and small texturizing brush. I read that if you are painting the Mod Podge onto photo paper, you should use an acrylic sealer before applying. This was just glossy stock, and I had no problem with ink bleeding. You may want to test a small area before painting your entire work. I just applied strokes randomly. There wasn't a lot of strategy. The prints themselves I made with a painted effect in photoshop, so I kinda followed along the strokes in the images, but mostly it was just random. Look how cool they are. They look like for real oil paintings! After the Mod Podge dried for about 30 mintues, I applied gesso to the sides of the wood (you could also use primer), then painted with white acrylic over that.
I used thick tacks (U-shaped) and wire for the hanging mechanism.
Here they are on the wall...
You can do this with your own images, posters or garage sale finds. The Mod Podge brushstroke effect looks particularly impressive with photos that have been digitally altered using paint effects. That is a photoshop lesson for another day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Free SBL Prints

It has been a rewarding first year of blogging. I have been exposed to such talented and generous fellow artsy bloggers. It would take me two lifetimes to do all the wonderful projects I have bookmarked. I love how supportive the blogosphere can be. As a thank you to all I have met, and all of my loyal followers, I have provided these prints I created for Valentine's day.
Full resolution downloads:
"Love" (top pic)
"Home"(bottom pic)
Very soon, you will see a detailed post on a project I have in mind for these guys. They are 1212 inch squares, resolution 300 ppi.
You can do whatever you want with them. I would appreciate all who download to sign up to as an email subscriber to SBLC. Have a happy day!

Inspired Saved By Love Art Print!!!!

This is a print I created in Photoshop from a picture I took last June of the Swiss Alps.
Romans 1:18-21 states, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.” What I hear from this is that we cannot claim there is no God. The evidence to the contrary surrounds us, and it is our responsibility to see it. God's power was impossible not to see in this place, but it is everywhere in my day to day life when I consciously see the beauty that is to be found.