DIY Recycled Can & Plastic Bag Flower Pendant

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  Recycled crafts are a favorite of mine, especially upcycled jewelry.  Today's project brings these together in flower pendant made from recycled aluminum cans and plastic bags.  It's true.  I used a combination of techniques I have shown you in the past; dissecting aluminum cans and fusing … [Read more...]

DIY Upcycled Pop Can & Resin Heart Pendant

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Do you have a pile of aluminum cans in recycling bin purgatory?  Well, if you have been around here long, you know I love to cut my cans and form them into various upcycled jewelry pieces.  Today, I am going to show you how I used a coke can, a bezel and some resin to create this fun, one of a kind … [Read more...]

Aluminum Can Flower Bracelets

How to Make Jewelry From Aluminum Cans

A few weeks back, I mentioned a book I had ordered on Amazon called .  There is a simple flower bracelet project inside that inspired me to create my own versions.  This project is inexpensive, green, quick, easy, and you will love the outcome! You will need: Aluminum cans in desired … [Read more...]