Wood Pallet Mixed Media Art


Matt210CollageDIY mixed medial collage tutorial @savedbyloves[pinit]

This mixed media Christmas verse piece is made from recycled pallet wood, crepe paper circles, old sheet music, a wood tree, and upcycled soda can star.  It is so fun and challenging to see what you  can come up with from what you have in your stash.  With creative layering of paint, paper and ink, the possibilities are endless.


Here is how it went…


Acrylic paint in red, aqua, white

Paint brushes


3D aluminum can or other star

White Gesso

Old sheet music

Matte gel medium or mod podge


Pitt pen or other permanent black pen

Wooden tree silhouette

Adhesive dots

The “canvas” for my background came from this chevron pumpkin piece I showed you in the fall.  It is composed of pallet wood.


I wanted to update it to Christmas, and decided to cover the chevron with a festive, snowy background for my tree.  The inspiration for this piece came from Claudine Hellmuth’s holiday layers card over at Ranger.com.

To start, I painted on a layer of Gesso.  I didn’t really care if the chevron peaked through, so I just did one layer.  Wben that dried, I used red fluid acrylic paint to lightly cover the gesso.  It is ok to leave parts white.  Not going for perfect here.


When the red paint was dry, I added pieces of torn sheet music to the bottom to form a hill shape.  Apply matte gel (or Mod Podge) to paper and adhere to canvas.  Once in place, cover with layer of matte gel.


I stamped aqua acrylic paint randomly.


Once I was happy with the background, I painted on a thin layer of matte gel and let dry.  I used my sizzix Assymetric rings die to cut rings and circles from white crepe paper and adhered them onto the layered background to create snow.



When I had all the rings I wanted, I touched them up here and there with white acrylic paint, then coated the entire piece with matte gel and let dry.


When that dried, I painted a blue scalloped edge at the bottom, outlined it with black Pitt artist pen and covered the entire piece with one more layer of matte medium.


To create the tree, I painted green acrylic paint and doodled the verse with pencil  first.  I  went over the text with Pitt artist pen.  There will be a tutorial on how to do this in the future.  I adhered the completed tree with permanent glue dots.

The star was made with Sizzix 3D star die from a coke can.  I dipped it in Mod Podge and sprinkled glitter on and let dry.  Adhered it to tree with permanent glue dot.


I am a little bit in love with it.  It may be the last transformation of the pallet canvas.  It is ok.  There are more pallet pieces in my garage just waiting to be pieced together for the next piece.

Holiday Topiary from Thrift Store Finds

#holiday centerpiece topiary from thrift store finds


#holiday centerpiece topiary from thrift store finds

Today I want to share with you this festive “Let it Snow” topiary that I created in a few simple steps with some thrift store finds.  I love how it turned out, and for under $4 at that.  There is so much potential at garage sales and Goodwill with some spray paint and creativity.  I rarely buy anything new because of it.  It feels good to reuse what has already had a life, and to transform the discarded into the beautiful!


How to make a centerpiece

I found this topiary for $1, and some nested planters (5 for $2).  One of the planters was the perfect size for the topiary, so I spray painted it red with Krylon Dual, painted the rim with black acrylic paint and stamped “Let in Snow” on the front.  That was it.  Topiary placed in updated planter and adorned with lights.  Magic.

Christmas Decor DIY

Holiday Mason Jar Chandelier

Holiday Mason Jar Decor Chandelier


Mason jar crafts have stolen hearts everywhere.  It is an epidemic.   That is why when I saw this wrought iron chandelier at a garage sale for $2, I immediately pictured mason jars where the hurricane glass would be.  I  showed you how I attached the removable jars in this mason jar repurpose chandelier tutorial.   The fact that the jars are easily unscrewed from the base makes it simple for me to change the color theme with the seasons.  I went at them with red glitter glass paint from DecoArt, and I loves loves loves them.

Remember the fall and rainbow versions?




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Have the merriest of Christmases, my awesome readers!

DIY Holly Jolly Christmas Decor

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves


This fun project only cost a few dollars, and is the perfect piece to top off our Christmas mantel.  I have been wanting to do something with a sign I grabbed from a garage sale for $1 over the summer.  With some spray paint, a stencil I made in Photoshop, and a holly/berry paper die cut, I was able to make this festive Christmas sign.


Krylon Banner Red

Krylon White

Gesso or primer

Paint Brush

Holly Jolly Stencil

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

Holly Berry die cut – I used this holly berry file from Eri Doodle Designs to cut the holly berry from card stock using cricut

Photo source: Eri Doodle Designs

 3D Foam mounting adhesive

Medium Grit sandpaper

Towel for cleaning and for drying


Masking tape

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves


Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

Lightly sand your sign and wipe away debris with soapy water.  Dry with towel.

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

Apply gesso or primer.  I did 2 coats of gesso, drying completely between.  Let dry.

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

Spray with red paint and let dry.  While that is drying, cut out your stencil from clear contact paper or vinyl.  Contact paper is way cheaper.  It doesn’t have to be clear, I just prefer that so I can see where I am placing it better.  Any contact paper will do.  I used my cricut to cut out the letters, but you can print the text (file available for free download under supplies, above) and trace the letters onto your contact paper.

Place your stencil on the dry red sign and spray white.  Make sure the area you don’t want white is all blocked off with newspaper or tape.

Adhere your holly berry die cut cardstock and you are all done!

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

Make a Holly Jolly #ChristmasDecor Sign #repurpose #Upcycle #papercraft @savedbyloves

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Z Gallerie Inspired Dollar Store Winter Wreath


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


This wreath was inspired by the Z. Gallerie silver magnolia leaf wreath that I fell in love with, but not $70 in love with.  More like “make my own version for $10” love, is what it was.  I had the spray paint, primer, wreath form and ribbon on hand.  I just needed leaves.  Hmmm.  I scoured my city for some magnolia trees, to no avail.  I did find some leaves in my neighborhood with the same basic shape.  I gathered up a pile, dipped them in beeswax and spray painted them silver.  They look stunning, but I wanted a big wreath, and was not about to dip and spray that many leaves.  You will see that technique in an upcoming post.  For today’s tutorial, see how I primered and sprayed dollar store leaves to create my own Z. Gallerie inspired silver magnolia leaf wreath!

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


16 inch Styrofoam wreath form

10 bundles (5 leaves each) of big oblong leaves from Dollar Tree

White Primer

Silver Spray Paint

Wire Ribbon

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves

I left my leaves on the stem and splayed them out to spray them.  Protect your work surface for over spray first!

Primer, let dry overnight, then spray with silver.

When that dries, cut leaves from bunch, leaving 1.5-2 inch stem to insert into wreath form.

I made 3 concentric rows of leaves around my wreath form.  I stuck the leaf in perpendicular to the form, then bent it at 90°.


Add a bow and hang.

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves


Here is the Z Gallerie inspiration:

Z Gallerie magnolia leaf wreath knock-off

I love my $10 version.  What do you think?  What is on your door this year?

Make a Dollar Tree Silver #Christmas #Wreath @savedbyloves

Make Wood Pallet Wall Art

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves


Do you love the wood shipping pallet signs infiltrating home decor lately?  Learn how to make your very own aged pallet art.  The quote from Moulin Rouge is provided for you to use in your die cut machine, or as a tracing template.  You will also see how to age your sign with Cece Caldwell wax!  This project is easy and can be completed in an afternoon.

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves




STENCIL TEMPLATE – for mine, just click thumbnail below and save full res version that appears

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

DIE CUT MACHINE – to create stencil from vinyl or contact paper


TRANSFER PAPER – to outline letters onto pallet






Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves


Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

That is it!  I love my new sign.  It is proudly displayed in our guest room, which is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

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Be an #OlympicColor Genius

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor

Do you wish you could see how your room would look painted a certain color, before actually painting it?  Let’s face it, paint swatches are nice in theory, but they don’t tell the whole story when it comes down to it.  Now you can remove the guesswork from choosing the perfect color to fit your space, using the Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool.  Become a color genius!

This tool is fantastic.  You can take a photo of the room you want to paint, upload it, and easily choose from Olympic Paints hundreds of colors to virtually paint your ceilings, walls and trim.  With the click of your mouse, you become a color genius!  I went for the Designer Collections, then “Latest paint color trends” to find a color scheme for my living room in this example…

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor

You simply choose the colors you want to try, upload the photo of your room, select walls and trim, and paint by dragging the color to the area!  There is a 2 minute video tutorial that explains the simple process.

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor

This makes planning room painting a cinch.  I just find a few inspiration rooms for color ideas, upload my pic and paint the room virtually until I find what works for me.  Pinterest is my go to spot for room inspiration (See my Room Color Inspiration board), and the Olympic Paint site has a ton of room and color inspiration.  You can even download a mobile and desktop app for picking color with confidence.  This is the perfect place to start for whatever the makeover.

Olympic Paint Color Visualizer Tool #olympiccolor #colorgenius

Join me in liking Olympic on Facebook for even more color inspiration and to keep up with the latest trends.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Olympic.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Guest Post: Jewelry Box Makeover


Today Barbara from Chase the star stopped by to share with us a cute jewelry box makeover.  I am a fan of trinket box updates, and this one is no exception.   It never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference can be made with a little paint!  See how Barbara took hers from drab to fab.  Take it away, Barbara!

Hello everyone, I’m Barbara from Chase the Star, where I write about my adventures in crafting, furniture makeovers, recipes, and more!  I’m thrilled to share my latest project, a jewelry box transformation, here at Saved by Love!

{Updating a Jewelry Box}

I found this old and slightly beat-up jewelry box at my local thrift store, it was on sale (oh yeah…second hand and on sale) so I just had to take it home and give it some much needed love.

I had so much fun making this little box over!  All sorts of ideas came to mind.  I envisioned it in a little girl’s room, or perhaps it would live with a sophisticated teen, or even a sit in a family room or entry way.  So many possibilities!  I decided in order to accommodate all of those scenarios, I’d paint it a pretty blue and white.

{Making It Pretty}

The jewelry box had lots of potential.  Although the stain was fading, and it had a few scratches and small chips, the inside lining was in tact, and the bones were great!  This made things easy because repairing and re-lining can take some time.  
Makeover a Jewelry Box @savedbyloves #upcycle

With a small Phillip’s screw driver, I removed the hinges, and the mini drawer pulls.  

The pulls and tiny screws with were sprayed a glossy white. In the meantime making sure to cover the inside lining (I used foil and painter’s tape to protect it), I sprayed primer over the entire piece.

Later, I added a coat of white spray (satin finish) to everything but the drawers. 
Then with a small foam brush I painted the drawers and rims of the top and bottom in a shade of blue I’d mixed together to paint a stool a few weeks back.

I added a light coat of polyurethane to seal my work. Once everything was dry I screwed the hinges and pulls back on to the piece. 

I’m loving the way this piece turned out!  It’s amazing how a little paint can make a world of difference!  
I’d love to see you over at Chase the Star!  Stop by and say ‘hello’, and check out some of my other projects such as my fabric lined mason jars, and metal file cabinet makeover!

You can also visit me here:


Thank you so much Johnnie for letting me share my fun Jewelry Box Transformation with your readers!   

Barbara @ Chase the Star

Make a Mosaic Flower Pot



My talented friend Amy of Plucking Daisies is back with a wonderful, whimsical flower pot upcycle.  I love everything about it, but especially the hammer smashing of china plates.  How fun does that sound?!  See how she did it…

Hi there! So happy to be back at Saved by Love Creations! The last few times I was here I showed you how to make flowers. Today I’m going to show you how to make a fun container to put them in. The possibilities are endless with this project and it’s completely up to you how big you want to go with it. Do you have a bunch of mismatched dishes you don’t know what to do with? Well I have a solution for that! Get out your WORST China folks because we are about to break stuff! Opa!


How to Make a Broken China Flower Pot

First you are going to need a terra-cotta pot. Now is a great time to find them cheap. I got mine for a couple of bucks at Ocean State Job Lot. Spray paint your pot any color you like. Keep in mind that whatever color you choose is going to show through in spots after you add the broken china. I chose silver because I didn’t want the china pieces to get lost against a bold color.

Broken China Flower Pot | @PluckingDaisy #Planter #DIY #upcycle #tutorial

You will also need to grab some Mosaic Tile Adhesive (Mercantile) and some cheap plastic palette knives. Both of these items can be found at Michael’s and most craft stores.

Broken China Flower Pot | @PluckingDaisy #Planter #DIY #upcycle #tutorial

If you don’t have any spare china to break you will need to take a trip to the thrift store. Keep an eye out for bright-colored plates with bold and busy patterns. Stay away from dishes that have high ridges and deep curves these are much harder to adhere. The flatter the better!

*You can also use tile cutters to snip more even pieces if you like.

Breaking China:

To break your china simply place it in a towel and hit it with a rubber mallet or hammer a couple of times. *Don’t go crazy, china especially will break pretty easily and you don’t want your pieces to be too small.

Broken China Flower Pot | @PluckingDaisy #Planter #DIY #upcycle #tutorial

As you break your plates make sure you have some containers handy so you can arrange your broken china pieces by color. This will save you tons of time once you start adhering pieces to your flower-pot. I used a variety of plastic containers from my recycling bin.

Broken China Flower Pot | @PluckingDaisy #Planter #DIY #upcycle #tutorial

When working with the adhesive you will need to apply it to the back of your broken china and the spot on your flower-pot where you want it to go. Apply the adhesive like you would apply spreadable cheese to a cracker. You don’t want too much but you want enough to cover and form a strong bond.

*Keep some baby wipes handy to clean any wayward adhesive off of china pieces and fingers.

Lay your pot on its side and cover as much surface area as you can. Arranging the broken china pieces is a lot like putting together a puzzle. Experiment with different pieces before applying the adhesive to ensure a good fit! *You will need to let the adhesive dry overnight before moving on to the next section.

*Some of the sharp edges will stick out so just be careful when you pick up your pot.

Broken China Flower Pot | @PluckingDaisy #Planter #DIY #upcycle #tutorial

Once you have all of your broken china pieces adhered to your pot you can embellish the uncovered areas with paints, gems, or whatever you like! I used Martha Stewart Acrylic paints to create a checkered pattern on the top and bottom of my pot. I also used glossy accents to add tiny silver stars in between the black squares.

The fun doesn’t stop with flower pots for this technique. You can use broken china to make a mosaic on pretty much anything. Maybe around a mirror, or to upgrade the inside panel of a cabinet door. You can also use other materials for your mosaic like glass gems, stones, beads, or found objects. Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoy making a broken china mosaic of your own….breaking plates and putting them back together in this way is quite enjoyable if I do say so myself 🙂

If you enjoyed this tutorial you can find more inspiring ideas and creative tutorials at Plucking Daisies!

You can also find me on Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Have a colorful day!


Make a Vase From a Pumpkin

Make a vase from a pumpkin for your #FallDecor #centerpiece by 52 Weeks project, featured @savedbyloves

How fun is this pumpkin vase spied over at 52 Weeks Project?  According to the creator Rachel, the project can be done in an hour, dry time and all.  Head over to see how she created this gorgeous fall centerpiece.  I just so happened to have picked up a white pumpkin yesterday.  It is going to be upgraded from the porch to the kitchen table soon thanks to this inspiration!